Addicted to you – shot 5-part 2

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So the last part it is, if you want I can give an epilogue but that on you all
Recap: Abhi’s feeling for Pragya get sparked. Abhigya nok jhok.
Alka too came in from the back holding something.
She came in front of them and handed it over.
“we…..” said Pragya
“are going to Shimla,” completed Abhi.
“for what?” asked Pragya.
Alka and Purab in unison “HONEYMOON!!!”
“Alka we can’t go to Shimla,” said Pragya.
An idea had popped up inside her cracked mind to stop the honeymoon.
“And why is that so?” asked alka.

Abhi who just recovered from the trauma at once shouted out loud “NOOO!!!”
Everyone was stunned, staring him. Abhi on the other felt embarrassed and quite awkward as Pragya to was glaring at him.
“No we can’t go,” said Abhi in a low tone.
Pragya looked at him and kept her hand on his assuring him that she had everything under control.
“Alka we can’t go because I always wanted to go to Prague, it’s my dream to go there,” said Pragya with a smirk but changing it into a smile.
Abhi took a sigh of relief.
“well give me those,” said Purab by indicating the tickets. Both of them handed them over and they were replaced by another pair of tickets.
“WHAT!!” shouted Abhi
“you had the tickets for Prague already booked,” said Pragya in disbelief
She could see both alka and Purab smirking.
“nice way to run away from this but you both are leaving and that to tomorrow,” said alka by holding pragya’s ears.
“Aye alka stop ok ok I surrender,” said Pragya sighing in defeat.
Alka turned towards Abhi. Abhi was getting ready for his dose, he closed his eyes but felt a hand caressing his head. He opened his eyes and saw alka caressing him and Purab chuckling.
“beta you go pack up and sleep well,” she said and abhigya moved to their rooms.
The next morning
Abhigya were done with their packing after a long hustle.
Now Pragya was trying to zip up the bag.

“I am going to fit y’all in,” said Pragya and jumped over the luggage pushing it down, trying to zip it up.
Same was the case with Abhi. He too on the other side of the bed was jumping on his luggage squishing it.
That’s when Pragya jumped with her full might making Abhi to fall down again.
“do frequent earthquakes come here?” said Abhi sarcastically getting up. Pragya again gave him THE STARE.
Abhi again started to jump on the bag and this time he was successful in zipping up.
“haha did it before you,” he said in triumph.
“so why are you standing there, come here and help me ,” ordered pragya
Abhi being an obedient boy obliged and walked across the bed and started to push the luggage.
“Have you packed your entire wardrobe,” said Abhi sarcastically.
“You need to work on your sense of humor,” said Pragya by giving him THE STARE.
Abhi just started to man handle the bag looking around trying to avoid her eyes.
10 minutes later
Still no success!
That’s when Pragya decided to intervene and also started to jump with him. Both of them didn’t realize their closeness as they were busy in closing the luggage.
“yes yes done,” shouted Abhi
“Hurray!!” said Pragya
That’s when both of them realized their close proximity. Both of them were lost in each other’s eyes. They came out of the trance by Purab’s shout.
“Come down already,” he shouted
Both of them moved back and got their luggage’s and moved downstairs to find Purab leaning against the wall smiling at them.

They got their blessing from alka and left with Purab to the airport.
They greeted Purab adieu after reaching the airport and boarded their flight.
In the flight
“I want the seat by the window,” whimpered Abhi.
Pragya on the other hand was busy in scolding and talking to the air hostess.
“I had asked for two seats by the window and we get seats right in the middle<” said pragya
“I need to call your employers,” she said.
“ma’am don’t worry,” said the hostess and convinced the two seating on the window seat to switch which they agreed readily to.
“Although you are a girl in the skin of a boy,” said Pragya as they took their places.
Abhi on the other hand was busy admiring the view from the window. That’s when the announcement was made for the takeoff.
Fright took over both of their faces but Pragya tried to hide it and acted tough but inside she too needed someone that’s when Abhi spoke “can I hold your hand?” he asked innocently to which Pragya gave in and both of them entwined their hands with each other and closed their eyes as the plane took off .
Few hours later
Abhigya had safety landed in Prague. They moved towards the ride that had been allocated for them. They reached hotel Malibu. They checked in and were moving towards their room.
While entering the Elevator both of them walked in together and got stuck.
“Me first,” said Abhi
“Ladies first,” said Pragya.
Both of them then again tried to go in together and after lots of struggle both of them got in together.
In the room
“a honeymoon suite,” said Abhi as he looked around in disbelief .
“we came here on one you idiot although we aren’t considering it as one,” said Pragya
After putting their stuff in place Abhi was sitting in the bed reading his novels. Pragya walked out of the wardrobe dressed up in a white tee and brown pants.
“Abhi we need to talk,” said Pragya which caught Abhi’s attention
“yes Don,” he said
“well Abhi it was my dream to visit Prague alone or with my partner that is you by pointing at him) so I want to spend this vacation cum honeymoon in all spirits and without us fighting so let’s be friends shall we/” asked Pragya by forwarding her hand
Although Abhi was stunned just shook her hand and both of them after settling in slept due to jet lag.
The next day both of them got ready to roam around the dreamy Prague.
Both of them moved through the streets of Prague. They had breakfast at the café by the river. Pragya who was eager to roam around was stopped. Abhi was looking at the map checking for the way.
“ok damn this lets just move,” said Abhi and threw the map behind.
When walking hand in hand, which was sending electric shocks through Abhi’s body they walked when a group was playing music and people were singing voluntarily on the roadside. She asked Abhi “hey don’t you sing, come on lets sing,”
Pragya started to dance and sung by holding the mike
?mil gaya humko sathi mil gaya?
?humse agar koi jal gaya?
?wu wu jalne de wu wu jalne de?
And threw the mike to Abhi
?chal gaya pyar ka jadu chal gaya?
?humse agar koi jal gaya ?
?wu wu jalne de wu wu jalne de?
They danced and had a lot of fun. Then Abhi got Pragya some cotton candy. Both of them shared it together.
“Its so much fun,” shouted Pragya
“Yeah it is,” said Abhi

He was seeing a completely different side of her, the fun side of her.
After that both of them walked towards the ice cream stand. They stood in the queue waiting for their turn. Pragya was behind Abhi. The man in front was now buying the ice cream. He was dressed up in the rowdy gangster attire, probably a gangster. Pragya from the behind squeezed his *** and backed off while Abhi looked at her giving the *why did you do that* look. The man turned around while Abhi looked up at him. Abhi gestured as in *your *** is too good*. The man on the other hand smiled at him and gave him a card and gestured *call me*. He even handed over his ice cream to Abhi and Abhi with a goofy smile walked off leaving a stunned Pragya with a hilarious expression.
They then again resumed their walking through the streets of Prague Hand in hand when they found a statue standing in their way.
“How did this come here,” said Abhi. The statue moved.
“it moves,” said Abhi and jumped n Pragya. The statue then started to do the robot dance.
“It’s a human Abhi just disguised as a statue come on let’s dance,” said Pragya and both of them mimicked him. While trying to sit like him in a sofa position both of them fell down. Pragya then posed with it while Abhi took their picture.

The next day Abhigya were again on the streets roaming around. Pragya saw a few girls skating and wanted to do so, so she went and rented a pair of skates and started to skate. Abhi on the other hand didn’t know how too so went and rented a bicycle. Both of them laughed and pushed each other side by side through the various locations of Prague. They then even played volleyball and Abhi while hitting the ball smacked it right on pragya’s head causing her to fall. She then got up and chased him around and once caught hit him with the ball. They then after a tiresome day retired to their room.
IN the room
Abhi was busy on the PS4 playing GTA 5. Pragya walked in the room with some popcorn. They had decided to watch “DDLJ.” Pragya started to hit Abhi with popcorn who was engrossed in his game. Abhi just opened his mouth and ate the popcorn while Pragya dabbed. He then left to change. That’s when Pragya received a call from someone.
“you know you’re in danger,” said the man on the line.
“I do and I will…” said Pragya but stopped as Abhi came out of the closet. Pragya then decided to change the topic.
“you know I am in the mood of eating someone,” she said and turned around which couaght Abhi’s attention
Eat someone that means me

Pragya then bit in the air while Abhi looked on scared.
“yes I really need someone,” said Pragya and winked at him. She then even sent a flying kiss to him.
Abhi was scared and stunned. He just walked out of the room. Pragya on the other hand ended the call and burst in to laughter.
After a while Abhi peeped inside the room and saw her sleeping. He moved forwards and sat beside her. He caressed her forehead removing the stress marks. He couldn’t resist himself and gave her a peck on the forehead. He too slept.
The next day when Abhi woke up he found the room complexly upside down. Clothes scattered everywhere, luggage open, drawers opened and all. He got up from the bed and found Pragya in the closet searching. She then got up and moved out, walking past Abhi murmuring “where did it go?”
“What did go where?” asked Abhi.
“My ring,” said Pragya
“But I never gave you a ring,” said Abhi
Hey I didn’t even give her a ring, should gift her one
Pragya just gave him THE STARE
“that ring is quite precious to me,” said Pragya
“is it Koh-e-Noor,” said Abhi
“We need to go search for it,” said Pragya.
“Are you mad? I thought I was the one out of my mind but you are talking of searching the ring in the whole of Prague,” said Abhi
“move there is a chance me might find it,” said Pragya and moved out of the room.
She is mad thought Abhi and followed behind.
“the musem,” said pragya.
“aapko lagta hai k app ki ring poor eek din tak ek hi jaga pary rahe gi?” asked Abhi
“tou mein kyun jarahi hun,” asked Pragya.
“Mein nahi bolon ga, aap ko acha nahi lage ga (I won’t speak as you won’t like it)” said Abhi.
They kept on searching for the ring. On their way pragya felt that someone was following them. Pragya decided to confirm her doubt and turned to a secluded alleyway. She moved at a fast pace and they hid behind the dumpster.
“Why are we here?” asked Abhi but was hushed by pragya. They then saw a group of men dressed in black pass them. “we are being followed I guess,” whispered pragya.
“don’t shout,” said pragya.

Abhi tried his best to stay silent when the leader of them came up behind and shouted “aaaaaah” which scared the hell out of Abhi and he freaked out and shouted
(like a girl)
Pragya just put her head down in disbelief. The man then called out his henchmen and Abhigya ran from there.
“you little girl now run,” said pragya. They were being chased by the goons. A very heated chase. Pragya kept on throwing stuff to slow them down like she threw a banana peel which caused one of the goons to slip and hit face first into the wall. They headed back into the crowd.
“we lost them but only for a while,” said pragya
That’s when one of the goons in their search got dangerously close to them. Abhi who had even seen in the movies reacted as the hero would.
He pushed pragya against the wall and caged her between his arms. Their hot breaths were mingling with each other. Abhi’s desire of kissing those puffy lips turned into reality as he caught her lips. They kiss was slow and southing. Pragya to responded back. As soon as the man had left the moved apart.
“Im sorry,” said Abhi as he moved back
Pragya realized what he had sone was to save them and so didn’t say anything
“it’s alright,” said pragya.
Although they had a little awkwardness they moved ahead. That’s when one of the goons saw them and alerted everyone.

They kept on running until they reached the theater. They got into the backstage area as the goons started to search for them.
‘they are searching for a guy and a girl so if they don’t see us then it will be good for us” said pragya.
A dress for a dancer was kept there.
“go change, I’ll also do that,” said pragya
“no way am I getting dressed as a girl,” said Abhi
Pragya gave him THE STARE
“I hate you!” said Abhi as he grabbed the clothes and walked towards the changing area
“I love you too,” said pragya with her elegant smile.
After sometime
Pragya was out touching up.
“I am out,” said Abhi
Pragya was about to turn around “no don’t I feel shy,” said Abhi
Pragya still turned around and her jaw was left open.
Abhi stood there looking so hot.
“you look really s*xy,” said pragya
“shut up,” said Abhi
They then walked around and were trying their best to stay away from the goons. They reached the harbor. End of line. There was no way out. The sea on one side while the goons on the other. Abhi had already changed back into his casuals.
“you’re dead,” said one of them and came forward. He was sent flying into the ocean. Pragya had maneuvered him and punched him making him fall.
That’s when all of them stepped forward and the real rumble began. Pragya punched every single guy and beat the hell out of him. Abhi on the other hand grabbed a rod from the side and the victims of pragya were sent by him into the sea.
“You…….piece……. of…… cake” said pragya punching them.
“Mummy I love you,” said Abhi “jai ma kali,” he said and kept hitting them. Once the goons were finished he walked in clapping.
Abhigya turned and found him walking to them
“well down pragya, I have to give this to you for protecting him and keeping the family name but it’s the end of line for you,” he said
“you Bastard Roy,” said pragya
“that ring you were searching for is with me,” he said and showed it to them.
“your father and his father gave their best to keep the Mafia control away from my hands but now I will have everything once I kill you both,” he said and pointed the gun at him.
He shot pragya. “PRAGYAAA!!” Shouted Abhi as she stumbled and fell into the sea.
Abhi was shivering from the gun pointing at him. “ you were so easy to trap, all your properties and th mafia will be mine,” he said and laughed wickedly.
“but how?” asked Abhi
“ chalo as your last wish I shall tell,” said roy
That’s when Anaya walked him from the back giving Abhi the biggest shock.
“Anaya you,” said Abhi

“yes me Abhi,” she said with a smirk
“Remember she got a sign form you on those papers before marriage, those weren’t the papers for the NGO but a contract by which all your properties after death would be transferred to me, if no heir was there. At first I thogut that aftert marriage your properties would come to Anaya but that pragya came in and so I had to take these drastic steps, kill you father then pragya and now you,” said roy and Anaya walked forward.
“you were so easy to trap and now poor girl is going to die,” said Anaya
Abhi closed his eyes, ready to be shot. Gunshots were heard
“Only I can call him that,” said a voice from the back.
Abhi opened his eyes and couldn’t help but smile to see her.
A drenched Pragya stood there with a gun as Anaya was on the ground, probably dead (ok dead).
“bubye you b*t*h,” said pragya and shot Roy multiple times. She walked forward and took the ring and wore it.
Abhi just ran to pragya and hugged her tight.
“you’re alive,” said Abhi
“I am,” said pragya
FB shown
Pragya had purposefully stumbled into the water. She then swum around the harbor.
She being a don always wore a bullet proof vest below
FB end
“this is for nothing huh,” she said and showed her bullet on the vest.
“what is this about the ring and what was he saying?” asked Abhi who had lots of questions he needed answers too.
“calm down Abhi ill tell,” said pragya.
“Abhi where is your father?” asked pragya
“on a business trip,” said Abhi

“no Abhi he is dead, he died on the day of your wedding,” said pragya
“No, no you’re lying this can’t be,” said Abhi
“it is Abhi. Your father was not a business man but a don like my father; both of them lead the leading gangs’ yakuza and mafia. After a violent clash they decided to join hands and yakuza gang was banished and only mafia remained. After my dad was killed the other successor would be me but Ronit uncle you father and ram’s best friend was the one. I too had no issue. He too was like a father to me. Your faher didn’t return home coz he was out fighting for a cause, against Roy, that corrupted politician and leader of another big gang. He wanted to take over but Ronit uncle wouldn’t allow. That black day I still do remember,” she said
FB shown
“pragya come over here,” said ronit
“yes ronit uncle” said pragya
“here take this,” he said and handed over the ring to her.
“uncle how can I..” said pragya
“this is a very rare ring, you father gave it to me, I always wanted my bahu to wear a ring like this one but Abhi is marrying Anaya today and I don’t like her so I am giving it to you,” said ronit
That’s when he received a call.
Roy had arranged a meeting between him and ronit. Ronit with his men and pragya went to the location. Pragya had set out a little late and so ronit’s car had made its distance and arrived at the location first. They had been cheated and were ambushed.
Pragya, when arrived saw the pool of blood. She then saw ronit uncle who was lying there, shot numerous times still breathing.
“ronit uncle,” said pragya as she reached him and took him in her lap.
“nothing will happen to you uncle,” said pragya
“pragya, pragya I don’t have much time, you…you need to save Abhi…… you need to stop the wedding,” said ronit.
“prom…promise me,” said ronit as he breathed his final breaths
“I promise,” said pragya
FB end
Both of them had tears in their eyes.
“ronit uncle must have known Roy’s plan and so he asked me to stop the marriage and so I did,” said pragya
“Abhi you are free to go. If you want you can take you divorce from me too as my job of protecting you is done. You have time until we return back to India to make a final decision.” She said and walked away.
Silence had been observed after that. None of them spoke even a single word to each other on their journey back.
Abhi’s mind was in turmoil
She.. she didn’t ever love me. Was all this for my father’s sake. The fact that I should be angry but my dad had gone so deep into that world and wasn’t able to return. I understand that but what should I do

After returning at Arora mansion
Abhi was busy in playing darts trying to think and come to a decision.
That’s when purbul came.
“you guys here thank god,” said Abhi as he sat down
“I think she confronted you about the truth and all,” said Purab
“she did but I have a question,” said Abhi
“that does she love you?” said bulbul shocking Abhi
“Abhi pragya’s mother died when she was born. She was close to her father, really close. Grew up with him and her father being a don she too followed in, she saw guns at the age of toys. She too grew up to be a gangster. “ ended bulbul
“she had an attraction to you from the college days. She liked you. Fell for you. That room which is kept lock has pictures of you Abhi,” said Purab
“the day your father told her to stop the wedding not to marry you but she chose to marry you,” said bulbul
“she loves you dammit,” said rabul in unison.
“from the past days since you returned she’s been wandering around clearly showing her sadness,” said bulbul
“now go man up and confess your love to her,” said Purab by rounding up his arms.
Abhi turned around again and asked “WILL SHE,” asked Abhi
“She will,” they said in unison

Abhi then ran around the house and found her on the balcony.
“pragya,’ said Abhi and she turned around.
“Pragya I…. I want to grow old with you hand in hand, want to see your wrinkled face across the room when I am old reading a book. I would rather spend one lifetime with you – than face all the ages of this world alone. I love you. I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I can’t imagine my life without you. I love you simply because you are my life.” He said and ended.
Pragya was stunned while Abhi was on his knees.
“so will you be mine again,” he said by forwarding the same ring.
“yes, yes I will be your,” said pragya
And they hugged each other
Guys I will be giving an epilogue for this. Its damn long

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