Addicted to you – shot 5-part 1

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Guys I am really sorry for the irregular updates but I was cracking up my head for a good update. So this shot is divided into 2 parts. Let’s get into Shot 5 part 1
The next morning Abhi woke up to find the room empty. He got up with quite difficulty as his back ached because he was forced to sleep on the couch.
Last night
Abhi was lying on the bed when Pragya came up and lay beside him.
“Hey why are you here?” asked Abhi.

“Because this is my bed and I have to sleep,” answered Pragya.
“Caution I don’t guarantee what might happen at night,” said Pragya and lay down facing the other side
Well she can sleep beside me, what’s the big deal
That’s when Abhi felt something on his feet and jerked aside. He then again shut his eyes. Pragya on the other hand again touched his foot by her foot. Abhi just jerked up and went to the couch, taking the duvet with him.
Pragya just smiled seeing him as he slept. She too then went to sleep.
Back to the morning
Abhi got up and looked around to find no one. He then went inside the closet and came out freshened up and dressed in a white tee with black track pants. He moved out of the room downstairs into the hall.
He was looking around when he heard a voice from his back “oh you’re awake beta come have breakfast,” said a woman standing by the dining table.

Abhi walked towards her. “You must be alka,” said Abhi as he took his seat.
“Well yes I am alka, the caretaker of this house and Pragya, but how do you know?” asked alka
“Pragya talked about you last night so only, from when are with her?” said Abhi as he poured some milk for himself.
“I have been the care taker of this house for about 30 years, when Pragya was born even before that, I’ve been with her, seen her take her first steps, her first day to school. Her mother passed away when she was only 2, after that I was the one who brought her up, she was really attached with her father what about you son?” said alka
“Well my mother died as soon as I was born and my dad is out for a business trip. I live with my dadi and taiyji,” said Abhi.

“Oh, you young lady need to be present on the table now,” shouted alka
“acha alka!” shouted Pragya.
“This girl na, doesn’t even take care of herself or her health,” said alka frustrated.
“Aunty, I’ll go and give her something,” said Abhi. He took a slice of bread and a boiled egg with him. He moved towards the room where Pragya was busy in a call. She turned around a saw him come inside.
She was still on her phone. “Yes, perfectly alright,” she said as Abhi walked towards her. He made a bite of some egg with the bread and forwarded it to her, to feed her. Pragya just took in the bite and kept on talking. She turned around and so Abhi too followed behind and again forwarded a bite, which pragya gobbled in. but the third time when Abhi brought his hand forward Pragya realized that he was feeding her and she looked at him, giving his THE STARE. Abhi just gave the expression *you have too* and continued. Pragya too was hungry so didn’t argue further. Once Abhi was done feeding her he left and Pragya had ended the by call then. She just smiled looking in the direction Abhi went.

Later that day
Two people walked inside Arora mansion, hand in hand. Abhi was busy in reading his novel when he looked up and his lips curved into a smile.
“You peeps here?” said Abhi as he got up and walked to them.
‘We can ask you the same question,” said one of them.
“Well Purab and bubble I got married to Pragya,” said Abhi by rubbing his hair from the back.
Purab and bulbul gave no reaction. “Aren’t you shocked,” said Abhi surprised.
“What’s the big deal, it was obvious,” said bulbul and bulbul moved forward.
“It’s a talk for later my man,” said Purab and moved behind bulbul.
“wow much has happened, they’re a couple,” said Abhi when he received a call.
Pragya came down and greeted both of them.
“pragz you got married I see,” said bulbul
“And didn’t even invite us,” said Purab.
“wo you both finishing each other sentences stop right there, and it was a ofrced marriage,” said pragya
Rabul who saw Abhi was behind didn’t ask further and thought to discuss this matter later.
“pragya I want to visit my dadi,” said Abhi
“what!” said pragya
“dadi,” said Abhi
“Abhi I think we have guests here don’t we,” she said in a stern voice and giving Abhi THE STARE
Abhi again was frightened and bent down and started to whimper and cry like a kid.
“me wanna go to dadi……dadi, auratein hoti hi zalim hein,” he said and kept crying.
“you’re such a cry baby,” said pragya.

“I am the one who left my house and it’s my right to visit dadi,” he said and again started to cry.
Rabul who were watching this spoke
“pragz,” said Purab.
“let him go na, you can go with him as it’s a custom too,” said alka walking in from behind
“yeah me and Purab can stay here until you return,” said Bulbul.
“go na please for bulls sake,” said Purab.
“ok okay we will go, now get up u girl lets go,” said Pragya and walked out.
Abhi on the other hand quickly got up and happy like a kid jumped around and hugged rabul.
“are you even coming,” shouted Pragya from outside.
Abhi bid adieu to both of them and ran outside.
In the car
Pragya was busy texting someone while Abhi was really excited about going to his dadi
“will you stop screaming<” said Pragya as she looked up at Abhi in irritation.
Abhi on the other hand was busy in singing
?Kyunki! ?
?Main tera boyfriend…?
?Main tera boyfriend…?
?Main tera boyfriend?
?Tu meri girlfriend?
?Oh mainu kehndi na na na na?
“you can’t control me, I’ll sing as loud as I can,” said Abhi but before he could continue Pragya spoke “ then I think we should turn around, right driver..”

“hey, ok I will stop,” said Abhi and sat quietly.
They then arrived at the Mehra mansion
Abhigya walked inside to find dadi praying. They moved forward. As soon as dadi finished and turned around her face brightened with a smile.
“Namaste,” said Pragya.
Pragya bent sown and got dadi’s blessings. “khush raho beta,”
Abhi on the other hand just jumped on his dadi.
“so eager,” said dadi.
“I missed you sooo much bhudiya,” he said.
Pragya just looked at them and smiled at their bonding,
“uhmm can’t you see that we are having a private moment here,” said Abhi while Pragya sighed.
“Come dadi, I have so many things and questions to ask you about. He said by taking dadi away leaving Pragya alone. She looked around and sat in the hall. Her eyes fell on the family picture of Abhi. She just smiled looking at them but a glint of sadness could be seen in pragya’s eyes as the camera focused on a man standing beside Abhi.
With dadi and Abhi
After chatting for a while Abhi decides to come to the point.
“dadi do you know her already?” asked Abhi.
“who?” asked dadi
“Pragya dadi and please don’t lie to me,” said Abhi
Dadi sighed.

“well beta, I do know her. A year back I met her at the temple. That day I went there for the pooja when gunfire was heard. Everyone ran away but due to my age and fear I wasn’t able to move and those men came at me with a gun, that’s when I saw Pragya for the first time. She was the one who saved me from those goons. She was the one who brought me home took care of me. When you were busy with on dates with Anaya she was the one who visited me and took care of me. Such a nice girl, very sanskari, if it wasn’t for Anaya I would love to have her as my bahu and look god listened to me and gave her to me. Abhi she is a really nice girl, if not for her I would be dead,” said dadi
Abhi after hearing dadi was lost in thinking.
She saved dadi. She isn’t the way I thought of her. But then why did she marry me? Pragya arora you are a book that needs to be opened by me
“dadi……” Abhi was about to speak when he heard Pragya shouting for him. They went downstairs.
“dadi I am really sorry but I need to go now, there is a problem I need to handle,” said Pragya. Worry could be clearly seen on her face.
“okay Pragya beta but take Abhi with you,” said dadi. Abhi wanted to protest but Pragya was clearly in a hurry. They left for the destination.
“There is an issue at the orphanage,” said Pragya as the reached their destination, the NGO.
They had stopped at a pharmacy to get the meds. Upon arriving at the NGO Pragya had rushed inside and given the meds that were needed.
After a while
“is he alright?” asked Pragya as the doctor came out.
“he’s fine,” she said. Pragya just waited as I boy was wheel chaired out of the room. Pragya had tears in her eyes and she bent down. The boy came forward and hugged her.
“hey chutku you scared the crap out of me huh,” said pragya as the broke off the hug.
The boy just smiled, that’s when a number of children rushed in from the door and surrounded pragya.
“di we missed you so much,” said one of them and kissed pragya on the cheek.
“I too missed you all,” she said.

On the back Abhi was busy in admiring the scene in front of him. The words ringing in his mind
She is a really nice Abhi, such a sweet heart
Although she was a don Abhi was now seeing another side of her. That’s when one of the employees came to him.
“I am with her,” he said when the guy enquired why he was here.
The wind blew while Abhi was still lost in her.
Am I falling for her? he thought don’t know but do care
after getting done abhigya were in the car.
“well I’m sorry, I was wrong about you,” said Abhi.
“that was out of nowhere but apology excepted,” said pragya
Abhi asked the driver to stop at a restaurant on their way.
“Why?” asked pragya
“Well I haven’t had food since morning and neither have you,” he said.
They stopped picked up food for themselves.
As soon as the reached home they came to know that rabul had slept in their room
(guys they have a room in arora mansion)
After a few days
Abhi was sitting in the hall reading his novel “how to save yourself”
(I made it up ok)
“Silence is the best policy to adopt, okay,” said Abhi when Pragya walked in and jumped on the sofa beside him and switched on the t.v
“did an earthquake just occur?” asked Abhi after recovering as he had fallen down.
Pragya again gave him the stare.

“ok ok I take my words back,” he said and sat beside her. That’s when Purab came inside after his daily workout.

Alka too came in from the back holding something.
She came in front of them and handed it over.
“we…..” said Pragya
“are going to Shimla,” completed Abhi.
“for what?” asked Pragya.
Alka and Purab in unison “HONEYMOON!!!”

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