Addicted to you – shot 4

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Recap: Anaya arrived at the mandap and both stood together. The pandit then started to read the mantras when gun shots were heard.
Everyone turned towards the hall door frightened. A few men, bodyguards entered and made way for the person to come in. A girl entered in wearing a red lehenga and by having a gun in her hand. Everybody looked shocked accept for dadi.
Abhi was also shocked and the only thing that got out of his mouth was ” Pragya.”

” beta you came,” she said by hugging her. The girl hugged her back and then moved towards Abhi.
” welcome ladies and gentleman to the wedding of Mr. abhishek prem mehra to miss Anaya. Sorry to come here and stop this wedding but it has to happen, had to happen and is going to happen. This wedding will happen but abhi won’t marry Anaya,” she said by turning towards Abhi ” but me,” she said by pointing towards herself.

” what is this nonsense Pragya, what are you doing?” Said Abhi in a low yet stern voice.

“What you indirectly started years back?” she said and the fierceness could be seen in her eyes which scared the hell out of abhi.

(guys you are goings to be seeing the most innocent and scared side of abhi in this story)

“Mr. Mehra marry me or else….” she gestured one of the guards and all of them moved towards abhi’s close ones.

Abhi could still have denied marrying her but seeing his dadi at gunpoint, scared and frightened he couldn’t but still wanted to give it a last go.

“Don’t you have any shame, you think by blackmailing me like this you will win?” he said trying to pull of his best brave and confident voice but inside his mind.

god is that a gun. OMG she is a don must have one. please don’t shoot it at my dadi or me god save me. Mummmmmy!!!! where are you?

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“so abhi will you marry me!” she asked playing with her gun.

yeh sawal hai kya? kyunki yeh sawal kam dhamki zyada lag rahi ahi. (is this a question? because it feels like a threat)

“okay! okay! Anaya my Ja…an I am……” he was about o say sorry when he looked at pragya’s face.

(Focus on the eyes and the anger of munni)

“who the hell are you? Do i know you? Go away churail,” he said while anaya looked at him with her mouth wide open
“who the hell are you? Do i know you? Go away churail,” he said while anaya looked at him with her mouth wide open.

“how dare you?” said anaya while abhi tried to apologize by the expressions but she just took her family and left.

“chalo that devil left making this easier for you,” said pragya by moving towards the mandap.

“not devil but…..” said abhi but stopped due to pragya’s intense gaze on him.

“Nothing,” he said and followed her to the mandap. “well before marriage I have a few conditions,” she said.

shaadi hoyi nahi aur conditions ( wedding hasn’t even happened and she started her conditions.

“what kind of conditions?” asked dadi from the side. No one could help to notice that dadi wasn’t afraid but calm and cool.

” Well there is only 1,” she said.

One! she is saying one like it is thousand. God abhi what’s wrong with you, i think its the gun that is making me fuzzy

“well after marriage I won’t be staying at abhi’s house,” she said.

Why? is it less for your luxury? for god”s sake its a mansion . I want to say this to her, Damn but i don’t have the courage to

“No problem, i’ll stay here alone happily,” said abhi but again pragya stared at him in anger for cutting her off.

“but Abhi will come and stay at my house,” she said. Tayji from the side spoke that “the groom going to stay at brides house, like a Jamai, this is against the laws of our society.”

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“Tayji I don’t give a damn about what the society thinks but the society does give a damn about what i think,” said pragya by showing her gun. Tayji didn’t speak more and gulped down in fear.

“Agreed,” said dadi and all looked at her in shock. “dadiii!!” said abhi. “beta we have no other choice, do you want to live or not?” said dadi while everyone nodded their heads.

The marriage was then done.

“Robin bring his stuff already,” shouted pragya. Abhi was whimpering like a baby and hugging his dadi. Once robin brought his luggage down he hugged everyone and bid them bye with tears in his eyes.

In the car

Pragya sat beside abhi who was still crying.

“gosh! Stop crying like a girl,” she said.

“Girl! do only girls have the right to cry, Huh? why not boys. After all its a role switch I an the one leaving my house,” said abhi and again started to cry.

pragya just hit her head on her hand.

They arrived at the Arora Mansion. Pragya was the first to get off the car and went to her room. Abhi on the other hand was escorted in by Ronnie, Pragya’s left hand in her doings.

Abhi moved inside the room which was decorated by flowers.

looks like everything was pre-planned

That’s when Pragya walked out of the closet dressed in a purple gown, adjusting her watch.

“excuse my dear Alka for the decoration in the room, She is very traditional and all so you comfortable,” she said by looking up at him who was standing there with his mouth wide open.

Abhi’s Pov

she looked damn hot in the night gown. I couldn’t take my eyes of her. She was speaking something which for me was like muted. Blah blah blah! *slap* abhi stop it you can’t think like this she is your enemy.IDEA!!!!! Lets try to seduce her mate you’re a genius

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“why are you doing this?” he said by moving forward, decreasing the distance between them. He pinned pragya against the wall. “why?” he said and cupped her face. He then traced his finger along her face to her neck. he then caught hold of her arms and soothingly traced his hands up her shoulders and started to nuzzle her neck. He then looked up at her and leaned forward and stopped as pragya held his arms to stop him.

it works

But all of a sudden pragya held him by the arms and turned things around. Now abhi was against the wall while pragya was up front.

“so Mr. Mehra does know how to pleasure someone,” she said by tracing a finger along the side of his face.

“a….I..I,” abhi was about to speak when pragya put a her index finger on his lips.

“shuuuuh,” she said. “if you want, I can pay you to…” she said while abhi who was damn scared looked at her in horror.

She leaned in close to him while abhi kust closed his eyes. Their hot breaths mingling with each other. “nice try to seduce me Mr. Mehra but it won’t work,” she said and moved away.


So guys this story might not be a five shot but more then that or even five shots. God knows. I was being quite lazy and hadn’t updated in a while ok ok not while but a week.Sorry for not updating. Surely the next shot will be longer. MM is about to be done. Might post it so guys if you haven’t read it then please do as all my favorite authors and friends will be there. You all will be there. I’ll explain more in The MM update.

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