Addicted to you – shot 2

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So you people like the plot. The first one was short because I was so tired but now you shall get updates of all my works so without any wait lets go. Well I realized that showing a girl don ain’t that easy, hope you like this shot.
Pragya was sitting beneath the tree listening to songs in her ipod. That is when a girl approached her from the behind trying to scare her.
“come out bulbul I know you’re there,” said Pragya by changing the song.
A girl wearing spectacles came out of the back. “how do you know its me,” she said.
“I am a gangster, my ears are very sharp,” replied pragya.
Bulbul sat down with her. “you know there is a rumor in college,” said bulbul. Bulbul and Pragya were friends with benefits. Bulbul told Pragya about the talks and happening in college while Pragya kept her save and close to her. Bulbul had met Pragya the first day when……….
FB shown
Bulbul was in the washroom getting when a group of boys came in and surrounded her. They started to touch her. Pragya who was passing by saw this and told her guards to wait. She went inside. After a while she came out holding bulbul and cleaning of her blo*dy fists.
Inside the washroom the boys lay with blood coming out from their mouth. One’s arm broken and the others legs.
“hey it’s alright, I am Pragya arora,” she said by giving her a bottle of water.
Bulbul drank it and looked at Pragya. “the don’s daughter cum gangster,” said bulbul by gulping down in fear.
“well yes that’s me,” she said. “I ….. I am bulbul,” stammered bulbul.
“don’t fear my friend I won’t bite,” said Pragya by showing a bite. Bulbul laughed. “but they say you are very arrogant and rude,” she said.
“well that I am but I have my reasons but not with some like you currently,” said Pragya.
Both of them chatted for a while and then left for their classes.
FB end
“well there is a guy named rohan claims that he can put you down a make you fall in love with him,” said bulbul.
“oh really then tell him that I have invited him on a date,” said Pragya and smirked.
Bulbul in her mind thought dead that guy is history.
The following night at the restaurant the guy came. Pragya was already seated. He didn’t budge and acted confident.
“So you are the lucky guy,” said Pragya by getting up.
He nodded his head.
“Well I would ask how old are you, but I know you can’t count that high.” She said.
The man looked at her shocked.
The waiter came up.
“Would you like a table,” he said while shivering.
“No b*t*h we’ll eat on the floor,” said Pragya rudely and the waiter scared ran away. Rohan was astonished.
“shall we,” she said.
“ see I could say nice things about you but I don’t give a damn and so I’ll say the truth,” she said.
“f**king back off cause you and impressing me,” she said by pointing towards herself. “In your dreams, and I love what you’ve done with your hair! How did you get it to come out of one nostril like that?” she said.
“do you know who I am,” she said. The guy said no. “Oh so you are in luck to know who I am,” she said and grabbed the gun from the bodyguards holster.
“do you know the last guy who tried to date me ended up in a bag, deep underwater,” she said. The guy, rohan freaked out and ran away.
Everyone had been watching this and were damn scared. Purab was also shivering. At that moment Abhi came out of his room. He saw a crowd outside the restaurant and Purab was also there. He approached them.
“what happened?” he asked.
“Pragya just scared a guy away,” said Purab.
“why are you so scared of her?” asked Abhi.
“come with me I’ll tell,” said Purab by taking Abhi with him.
“Pragya arora aka the gangster of this college or so called don, daughter of ram the biggest don of the city,” he said.
“so she is his daughter what is the big deal,” said Abhi.
“well she is just like her father, story behind it I don’t know,” said Purab.
“okay,” said Abhi.
“her father is a trustee of this college and if anyone comes in her way or she doesn’t like someone well you’re gonna see yourself out of here the next day,” said Purab.
“she is the most rowdy girl, once she even made a boy cry not once but many times,” said Purab.
FB shown
“hey Pragya,” said raj.
“oh my god,” thought Pragya.
“hey there is something on your mouth,” said Pragya.
“where?” asked raj
“oh sorry that is your face,” said Pragya and laughed. “lunatic you freak how dare you even call me ,guards” she shouted. “don’t ever cross me or else I shall reveal your petty secret,” said Pragya. Raj who was remembered it started to cry saying “I will never ever cross you,” he said while crying.
“bye olive lips,” said Pragya
FB end.
“well that guy has a weak heart,” said Abhi.
“well you shall get to know tomorrow be there at the class dorm by about 9 and see for yourself,” said Purab. They reached their room and slept.
The next day
Abhi arrived at the class dorm 5 minutes before time and saw Arista standing there. He leaned against the pillar and looked around. that’s when Purab came. “its show time,” he said. He then turned around to see Pragya coming.
“hey fugly, how do people like you even enter the college, middle class and where did you get that shirt from haha cause you wear it everyday,” she said by laughing while tears were brimming in arista’s eyes.
“hey butter job,” said arista which angered Pragya. “how dare you?” said Pragya. “how dare me what about you, you skank,” she said.
Arista held her cheek. Pragya had slapped her and everyone around was shocked and a few laughing.
(the mean ones)
Arista just ran away.
“this was the trailer Abhi picture baaki hai meray dost,” said Purab. Abhi was shocked.
“this is wrong,” he said and was about to go talk to her. “ hey man stay back,” Purab said.
They left for class.

After college
Abhi came out of the class when he heard gunshots. He followed them to the ground where a boy was standing with an apple on his head. Pragya was aiming at it with a gun. The boy was praying that he survives.
“oh I can’t see lets fire it right there,” she said by firing which missed the boys cheek by inches.
“why is she doing this?” asked Abhi to one of the guys standing in the crowd.
“shooting practice and the poor boy is her prey today,” he said.
This is wrong that’s it thought Abhi and approached her.
He came forward and snatched the gun away from her. “who the hell are you to fire at that poor guy aiming practice for god sake it’s a life not a dummy to play with, and you also watching this what are you doing staying silent what’s the use of it,” he said and walked away.
“him again,” she said while smiling.

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