Addicted To You In Every Sense – shot 1

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So an idea for three shot probably just popped up in my head might be five, I really don’t know so let me see to it

Shot 1

Pragya was on her way home on an auto rickshaw. It was quite late and she was in a hurry.

“Uncle please drive faster, my brother would be worried,” said Pragya

“Beta it is night time and due to the darkness and no street lamps it will be dangerous to drive fast, I don’t want anything to happen to my daughter like daily customer” said the driver.

“I know but… pick up the speed,” she murmured.

While they took a turn Pragya saw a man lying unconscious on the footpath. She urged the driver to stop the rickshaw.

“Beta, don’t pay attention to men, lying on the ground, drunk bastards,” said the driver.

“Language!” said Pragya

“My bad,” he said.

“Please…” said pragma with puppy eyes and putting all the emotion in her voice.

He stopped the rickshaw and let Pragya down. He parked his rickshaw and sat in his spot as Pragya went to spectate the lying body. Pragya reached the man and could smell a strong fragrance of alcohol. On moving checking him she found his purse. His purse had his ID.

“Why drink so much if you can’t handle,” she said as she found his phone. “Aha apple SE well let’s just scan his finger as I might get a clue about his house, although this is wrong but godji I am doing this for someone’s wellbeing” said Pragya.

After going through his phone Pragya found his address and jumped in success.

Pragya “uncle please help me to get him in” she said by dragging him from the arms. The driver just shook his head and helped Pragya.

After a few minutes they reached his house which was just around the corner.

“his face looks quite familiar but I can’t remember him,” said the driver.

They then carried him inside the house. Pragya had found the keys on him and unlocked the door. She realized that he lived alone by the look of his house. Everything was on the floor, vessels, glass, table turned, dust and cobwebs around. They placed him on his bed and the driver went out. Pragya looked around and found a few pictures of him standing with some old woman.

“hope he’s fine, shall check on him,” said Pragya and left the house.

Upon arriving at her apartment she found her brother sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed and his stare at the door.

“What?” said Pragya as she tried to be cool.

“You come home at night around 12 and say What!” said the man furiously.

“Sorry bhai but…” she retorted

“No ifs or buts today as a punishment you will make me my favorite chocolate shake,” he said

“Arjun!” she scowled

“hehe Pragya but seriously where were you?” he said with concern.

“Actually Arjun,” and she narrated what had happened on her way.

“Pragya don’t do like this, these men are waiting for chances plus he was drunk by his own will,” said Arjun a little protectively.

“bhai we should help the ones in need and if everyone thinks like that then no angels will be left on the planet,” said Pragya

“Angels?” said Arjun

“You’re a complete fool by angels I mean good people,” said Pragya.
“Whatever now go to sleep,” Said arjun as he left for bed.
The next morning Pragya woke up early and after jogging prepared breakfast. She then woke arjun up and sent him to the compact gym in their apartment.

“No I can’t do it,” he said as he was about to reach the 50 km Mark.
“No pain, no gain,” said Pragya as she said standing beside him.
“ pain ain’t a gain it’s a strain,”Said arjun trying to voice out his voice.
“Well done,” said Pragya as they walked out of the gym, arjun having a towel on his shoulders drying his sweat.
“No I am leaving for the hospital and from there to the therapy centre, I might be late, okay?” She said.
“Ok, let me drop you,” he said and grabbed her car keys.
Screen shifts.
Abhi woke up to find himself in his house, on his bed, in his room. He jerked himself out of bed and called out “Dadi!!”
No reply , he then remembered hat after a fight and looking at his condition dadi had left to Ludhiana leaving him. He was quite upset but had learned to live alone. This wasn’t his life before but he had a beautiful life. His dadi, him and his little sister Disha. But his doings had his whole small happy world splitting into pieces . He looked at the big photo frame. A tear rolled down his cheeks and he wiped it off. Suddenly his hands started to have tremors. It was shaking continuously. Abhi started to feel itchy all over the body. He tried to stop himself from reaching the drawer but helplessly, his hands not obeying him went for the drawer. He opened the drawer and a number of filled syringes and tablets were there. A few small plastic bags containing white powder too. Abhi grabbed the syringe, opened it with his mouth and injected himself on the wrist. The tremors in his hand stopped and he leaned back against the head exhaling a long deep breath, a sigh.
Pragya was a doctor and a therapist. She was the senior neurologist of her department and also specialised in other departments. She was also part of the chaplaincy department which was for the counselling of patients. After time she was a therapist, drugs majorly. She helped people to overcome addiction. She was on her way in the Rickshaw, the same one as yesterday. She was checking her appointments. She was lost thinking about the man she had helped last night. Pragya reaches her destination and got off. She moved up to pay him when the man spoke.
“Remember Pragya I Said that I remember that guy, his face was familiar,matter thinking for a long time I remembered.”
“Who is he kaka?” Asked Pragya
“ he is.. well he was the famous cricketer Abhishek Prem Mehra,” he said.
Too be continued…….

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