Addicted To You In Every Sense – Part 3

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Time for the next update

So I want to wrap this up and so this is shot 3

It’s a 5 shot and I’ll try to take it to five or the fifth might me the epilogue.

Here we go now

Pragya arrived at her house and rushed inside. The hall was empty. She went upstairs and found Arjun playing PS4.

“Hey there, you’re back earlier than usual,” he spoke, paused the game and looking at her.

“You continue,” she said and sat beside him, he un-paused the game and continued to play.

“This is the cricket game right?” asked Pragya

“Yeah cricket 2k 15, it’s an amazing game and currently I am playing from the Sydney Sixers because one of India’s most talented player is the part of the team,” he said while praising the game.

“Why play such an old version, you could play the latest version of 2017,” said pragya

“But he is only in this version and not in the latest,” he spoke hitting a six out of the park.

“Who is he?” asked Pragya

The camera zoomed in on the batsmen who had hit reached fifty. He lifted his bat towards the crowd.

“Abhishekh Prem Mehra,” said Arjun shocking Pragya.

She focused at the screen and saw him, well his game version and was utterly shocked with her mouth wide open. The features in the game weren’t as good looking as he actually was but he looked really hot and happening, even in the game.

“You know him,” Pragya stuttered out.

“well he was an amazing player of the India cricket team, young blood with loads of talent but don’t know what happened and he stopped playing 3 years back,” said Arjun

“Anything in more detail,” she said

“Well Miss Pragya we are living in the 21st century with an application called Google, so Google him,” he said and turned back to his game.

“How can I be so stupid, of course the internet would have it all,” she thought.

She spoke, “You’re a genius,” and kissed him on the cheek and left hurriedly.

“Well she has gone mad,” he said and continued playing.

Pragya entered her room and quickly Google-ed him.

“Abhi, the young sensation,” she read out with his picture.

After sometime

Pragya was sitting lost in thought, her phone in hand.

“So he was selected in the international team at the age of 18 only, being a brilliant batsmen and exceptional leg spinner, taking 6 wickets in his debut and scoring a 50. Being an amazing played abhi rose the ranks and at only 19, became the vice-captain of the team and shortly the captain at 20. He then was suspended with the accusation of using drugs and after that had never been seen, until now,” thought Pragya

“it says that he did enter therapy but escaped after 2 weeks, something is fishy, let me check the records because at that time I had gone abroad to attend a seminar,” she thought and with those thoughts headed out bidding bye to her brother.

As soon as she reached the Sunshine Therapy Centre, she went to the storage room where the data of all the patients was stored. After searching for hours and hours Pragya found his box. She carried the box to her cabin and found his file inside.

He had been bought here, didn’t came himself and his records had been tampered. Things had been done which weren’t but Pragya was unable to find any, she needed to do something and so she decided to take those steps.

In the afternoon, abhi was sitting on his couch wondering..

“How did I end up at my house in the past 4 days,” he thought

“The past is history, the future is a mystery and what’s now is present,” she said

“You and your dialogues, but really how?” he asked.

“I don’t know if you don’t,” she spoke.

“acha sorry,” he said

“Have you bathed yet,” she asked

“No,” he said like a kid caught in his act.

“You stink,” she shouted and vanished

Abhi then took another syringe and injected it. His eyes were red shot, his hair devilish. He got and took a few tablets and after a while slept again.

The next morning he woke up and found his room to be cleaned. He got up and ran his gaze around the room. Everything was in its place, and even more cleaner than he ever had. He found a note on the table.

“You need to take care of yourself!”

“Who is this?” he spoke

“A mysterious person, like me,” she said

“You need to stop appearing like this and scaring the crap out of me, and you’re not mysterious to me,” he said with an innocent smile.

Abhi smiled and talked to her like his own. But with outsiders he was rude, he had learned the harsh truth about life that no one cares about you once you lose your fame and that everyone wants to make you fall down and be better than you. He despised the word “humanity” as it didn’t exist. It was just a word.

“How do you know me,” she said

“Well you were with me from the past 3 years and know me and so I don’t think of you as mysterious but still you’re a nameless creature,” he said.

“Who said I’m nameless, haven’t you named me, kishmish jaisy chashmish,” she said with a smile.

He wore his hoodie and walked out, hands in his pockets as he moved ahead. He was walking down when a bike started to move beside him. He looked up to find a girl, having veiled her face, wearing a helmet driving. Abhi just increased his pace and kept walking.

“Hey wait,” she said and raced the bike to him.

“Want to hear a joke?” she asked

“well once there was a thief who entered the house and found a safe he was about to break it when he found a note stating that enter 123 and the safe will open up itself he did it and at once the police arrived and arrested him you know what he said to them? He said that I don’t believe in humanity anymore,” she said while chuckling. Abhi looked up at her, expressionless.

“Isn’t your face just like a villain,” she said.

He just started to jog.

The girl shouted out

“ABHI” he turned around while she snapped a picture of him.

“Well isn’t that rude,” she said and drove away. The next day abhi woke up and was shocked to find himself in bed again.

Yesterday he had been arrested for pissing on the side of the road. Who bailed him out? With those thoughts he got up. That’s is when his eyes widened on seeing her bringing a tray of food.

“you again, and how do you have food,” he said.

“me, again, what is wrong with you, my name is Pragya arora, and I know you’re abhi the star and yes I bailed you out and brought you home,” she said in a single breath.

“how did you enter my house,” he exclaimed,

“well you always keep a key under your mat,” she said placing the coffee on the side table.

“do i?” he thought and shrugged i

“it stinks in here, but I cleaned the room,” she said. She sniffed it out and spoke.

“from how many days you haven’t bathed,” she said with her arms on her hips.

“well 2 weeks,” said abhi by looking down.

“what!!! How are you even here. Go bath this instant,” she commanded.

“who are you too command me, stay in your limits, you’re my imagination,” he said

“what?” said pragya

“I said go and bath,” she shouted.

Abhi got up and pinned her to the walls of the closet.

“I won’t” he said.

Pragya just looked at him and got lost in those hazel eyes. Abhi too was unable to take off his eyes from her. His arm on his own went up and caressed her cheeks.

“you’re real,” he said in a dreamy tone.

“YOU’RE REAL,” he exclaimed as reality struck him and he jumped back.

“what was I fake before,” she said

“no!” he said

“then?” she questioned

“nothing, I can’t bath,” he said changing the topic.

“why can’t you huh?” she asked.

“in my house you’re ordering me,” he said

“oye I can order anyone, and you need to bath,” she said.

“I don’t like going into the water,” he said innocently.

“well I can give you a sponge bath,” said Pragya

“meri izzat lootna chati ho,” he said

“No, you’ll be in your boxers,” she said defensibly,

After a lot of struggle pragma made him to agree and while making him bath, abhi kept on making strange noises, wriggling his body and playing with the foam and bubbles. When he undressed Pragya couldn’t take her eyes of his abs and toned musclular body. But then she noticed scars, cuts, healing wounds and marks on his wrist. She focused back on her task of making him bath.

After bathing

“it feels a lot better,” said abhi as he wore his shirt. That’s when the seizure took over him again. his eyes went white while his whole body started to tremble. He lounged for his drawer.

Pragya who had been spying on him the whole day yesterday and earlier in the morning had checked everything knew what was in that draw.

He grabbed three syringes while pragya moved in and tried to take them away.

“No abhi!” she said but abhi over powered her pushing her, and snatching them and injecting them all at once.

“Pragya just stared at him while he moved up and had his breakfast. After sometime she left after making abhi sleep by giving him sleeping pills.

“He needs to be treated,” she thought and moved around the house. She was about to leave when her eyes fell on a picture.

“Purab…” she said as she saw him and Purab standing side by side.

“I need to start the therapy here, until I convince him to come with me to the Centre,” she thought and moved towards her house.

To be continued…

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