Addicted to you – epilogue

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So this is the epilogue. Don’t know if it will be short or long. Let’s leave it to mind
After 3 years

The door opened and a man came out. He grabbed the newspaper from the floor. The front page had a big picture, headlined “the great abhishek Prem Mehra achieves yet another milestone.”
The man just smiled and went inside. He then received a call. “yes Purab,” he said. “hey Abhi did you see the headlines,” said Purab. “yes I did,” said Abhi.
Abhi now had turned out to be one of the most successful businessmen in the industry and had just bagged an international deal raising up their stock value in the international market, achieving yet another milestone after rising up in the bars of national stock exchange.
Abhi sipped his coffee and asked “well you called, anything else to say?” asked Abhi
“yeah to remind you to put your files in order,” said Purab.

“I’ll do that, bubye,” he said and ended the call.
He then went to his room. Upon entering he took out his files from the closet and started to sort them out on the bed.
He was about to be done. “so this one here, and that one here,” he said by placing the documents in the categorized area.
That’s when someone crept behind him. The person moved both his hands (like in a strangling motion). That’s when Abhi caught the hand a flipped her over the shoulder onto the bed and held her by the waist.

“nice try fuggy but i didn’t get a black belt in taekwondo for nothing,” he said.
Yes that is Pragya. She is now a housewife cum assistant of Abhi at home. Helps him out and gives him advices. She wasn’t a don now although people still considered her one.
“well mr. Mehra you have improved although the last time things were completely opposite if u remember,” said Pragya
“well I know that things are very different,” he said and nuzzled her neck. He then kissed the crook and spoke in a husky voice “they are very different,” he said and gave her a love bite on her collarbone. Pragya on the other hand moaned in pleasure.

“Raaaa,” said a voice from behind alerting Abhi as he got up and saw his little devil running towards him.
She came running and punched him.
“ouch,” said Abhi by holding his stomach and falling on the bed, pretending to be in pain.
“well done Ayesha,” said Pragya and hi fied her.
“haha dad is down, I am the winner,” said Ayesha by showing her muscles and sitting on top of Abhi.

“yeah yeah u beat me but..” he said and turned around. now Ayesha was under him. “now the claw is coming,” he said by motioning his hand as a claw.
“no no not the claw,” said Ayesha and Abhi started to tickle her. Ayesha was laughing loudly. “stop stop papa,” she kept on pleading, Pragya on the other hand was admiring them when a small boy about the same age came on the door.
“you know that fighting and tickling someone is wrong,” he said by folding his arms and staring at them.

Both Ayesha and Abhi stopped and sat up. “yes sir you are right,” they said with their heads down.
“and mamma why are you not stopping them,” he said as he walked forward.
“Aarav they were just playing,” said Pragya
“no we need to play games which are safe,” said aarav.
“stop being such a sissy,” said Ayesha and threw the pillow at him.
“hey you hit me,” said aarav
“yes I hit you,” said Ayesha

“ayeshu u are…” said aarav and leaped on her. Both of them started to fight pulling each tohers hair, landing fists on each other.
Aarav and Ayesha were their children, Ayesha was the carbon copy of the rowdy, strong and got everything she wanted, pampered by her father. like father like son suited aarav as he was just like his father. couldn’t stand wrong but was a scared cat at times
Once aarav was about to be bullied when Ayesha came in and beat the bullies up landing them in the hospital and her in the principal’s office. They even called abhigya.
“you need to control your daughter,” were the parting words by the principal.
“Ayesha you need to be calm,” said Abhi

“hey she protected her bro but still Ayesha you shouldn’t take things in you own hand,” said Pragya
“I know but they were about to beat him and I couldn’t stand it,” said Ayesha.
“thank you ayeshu. Stop scolding her pops and mom, she saved me,” said aaarav
They just smiled at them.
Back to the present
“your daughter has your genes,” said Abhi as abhigya witnessed the scene form the side.
“oh and your son is just like you,” said Pragya
“Although they are cute,” said Abhi

“even we had a funny fight remember, the washroom one” said Abhi
“that wasn’t a fight, call it nok jhok,” said Pragya as the remembered the the incident.
FB start
(this is before union)
Pragya woke up in the morning to find the bed by her side empty. Abhi was nowhere to be seen.
She had slept in the same clothes from the party last night so decided to change them and went towards the washroom.

She opened the door to find Abhi inside. She just jumped and turned around
“what are you doing here?” asked Pragya.
“taking a shower,or I say was” said Abhi in confusion
“Naked?” said Pragya
“do you take a shower with your clothes on outside, oh and by the way I have a towel on my waist,” said Abhi

“actually I forgot my clothes outside and so was about to come and get them but then you came,” he said
“you are unbelievable,” she said and walked out of the washroom HANDING OVER THE CLOTHES TO HIM.
After a while Abhi walked out dressed up to find Pragya standing in front with a belt in her hand.
*like whipping motion*

Abhi’s pov

Is she gonna beat me, hit me?
Please forgive me don’t beat me please don’t hit me oh god save me
“what are you doing with that belt?” he said and Pragya was about to whip him and Abhi closed his eyes but when he opened them he found Pragya standing there innocently forwarding the belt
“giving it to u as u forgot it,” she said
Pragya’s pov a few seconds ago
Wish I could beat him, whip him but sadly he is so cute and my husband soo I didn’t hit him.
Fb end

“Yes so let’s stop them in our own style,” said Pragya
“you called my son wrong,” shouted Abhi
“yes and how dare you call my daughter wrong,” said Pragya
This caught the attention of aarav and Ayesha who stopped fighting and looked at them.
“aye girl,” said Pragya
“aye you don,” said Abhi as both of their heads were against each other.
“mamma and papa why are u fighting,” said ayesha
“we can ask u the same question,” said Abhi.

“wooo,” said aarav and both of them were silent.
“my cutie pattuties you shouldn’t fight so bad,” said Abhi
“as he is you bro,” said Pragya “and u are her sister,” said Abhi.
“but still at time when you want to have some fun, you can,” said Pragya as her hand reached a pillow.
“you can have a PILLOW FIGHT,” she said and hit Abhi with a pillow.
“you hit me,’ said Abhi and grabbed a pillow to hit Pragya but Pragya bent down and Ayesha became the end of the hit.
“papa,” she said and was hit him but the blow landed on Adi.
They started the pillow fight

After a while.
Both aarav and Abhi were one the bed while Pragya and Ayesha were on top of them.
“peace pleace.. please peace,” said Abhi while aarav made the peace sign And held up a white cloth.
“that’s better,” said prasha in unison.
“you hit so hard,” said Abhi
“dad you are so weak, you need to drink bournvitta,” said aarav
All of them burst into laughter.

“well I do,” said Abhi in between


So guys here is the epilogue showing abhigya and their afterlife. So the end of a story leads to a new beginning for another. Yes another two or 3 shots. A new story is coming. Once I end man mayal it will be up. Until next time
Adios amigos

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