ABHIGYA- Wonder Woman episode 2

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Hi my dear sisters and brothers. I know I wrote my last episode very long time ago. I really missed you all so much. Now I don’t want to blabber anything so we can get into stories.

I am going to write in point of view of others.


Abhi’s pov

I slowly got my conscious. I tried to open my eyes but I couldn’t. All i remember was when I was in our boat with my friends trying to save our life. Uh My head is paining like hell. What happened to me? Am i dead? Where is my friends? Where am I? I want to open my eyes but I couldn’t open. It was very painful to open my eyes. Suddenly i heard the sound of door. Wait the sound of door? That means I’m not in my boat anymore right?

Voice – is he and his friends are ok?

Wait my friends? What happened to them? What happened to me?

Voice 2 – yes mam soon he will get conscious.

I got my conscious but I couldn’t open my eyes.

Voice – good i will be back

Voice 2 – yes mam

God who are they? I want to see them. come on abhi you can, you should, come on open your eyes. I try to open my eyes again. I felt more painful. I started to slowly open my eyes. When I started to open little bit of my eye lash bright light attacked my eyes. It felt more painful than before all the rays of light attacked my poor eyes. With a lot of difficulties i opened my eyes. My eye vision was little bit blur. I blinked few time and now I can see it yes I can see that i was on one smooth and soft bed why I didn’t recognize this first itself. Then my eyes started to search for any clues that where I am. Suddenly my attention went to the lady who almost screamed. She looks like she is in middle age of 30 to 35. I don’t know correctly.

Lady – OH MY GOD you got up. Thank god. Are you ok? Are you comfortable? How do you end up in this island? Are you spy or what? Come on tell me.

Is she is mad or something. How can a person ask questions without letting another person to answer. I was about to open my mouth but I was cut off by her again

Lady – OM MY GOSH i completely forgot. I think I have to call pragya mam or confirm mam will get angry on me.

The lady left by locking the door. What is going on here? I am in dream land or what. Uh i think she is mad stupid lady. Now I have to go back to my friends. I tried to get up but I couldn’t. I felt something around my wrist. I looked to find out__ WHAT THE HELL it was handcuff which will police use to lock criminal’s hands but why it is locked on my wrist. One side locked my hand and another side is locked in the bed. Am i looking like criminals for them? Stupids. I tried to take my hand but I couldn’t uh i hate my life. Suddenly the door opened i couldn’t see the face but it was a girl i could tell because of silhouette of the person. I can see her curves by the tight dress of her and something was in her thighs and back of her. I couldn’t see that correctly. She started to walk towards me. Then i saw her. If my guess right her age will be 20 or 21. She wears black sleeveless crop top which is hanging above her waist and jean short which hanging near her mid thighs. She looks amazing. She wears leg holster which had gun and i can see the sword back of her. Wait gun and sword. Omg what is going on? Who is she? And ___

Suddenly she caught my throat making me to barely breath.

Girl – who are you?

I tried to remove her hand with my one hand cause another hand locked. she was stronger that my try become useless. I thought she was weak by seeing her body but I was wrong.

Abhi – l_let me g_go

I wisper barely. She tightened her grip in my neck making me to breath even more hard.

Girl- that is not the answer for my question.

Suddenly the lady who i saw first came by running to this girl.

Lady – mam let him go otherwise he will die mam pls let him go.

She sighed and let my throat by removing her hand. I started to cough. Ok i regret what I meant before that she was amazing. She is dangerous woman. God, she made me to see the death very close. Wait a minute is this lady called her as a mam.that means she is pragya right? Or no? But how can they call this young lady as a mam. Uh who cares? Now I want to go to my fri___

Girl or pragya – who are you? If you’re not answering me i swear I will make your life as a hell.

My thoughts cut off by her voice. I gulp what type of girl is she? If i should tell the answer for her question or not. Suddenly i felt something on my head. I looked to find out__ OH MY GOD IT IS FREAKING GUN. Is she is mad. There is no doubt she is pragya. Without wasting a second

Abhi – ABHISHEK PREM MEHRA pls don’t shoot me.

I shouted my name in fear. Who won’t fear when the gun placed on your head. This is real life not drama if she shoots me i will be in heaven separating from my family and friends

Lady – pragya mam pls leave him. I don’t think they are spies.

But she didn’t take that stupid gun. Still it is on my head. Her eyes were glaring me like she want to kill me. I bet if her eyes are gun then now I will be dead. she slowly took the gun from my head. Thank you god.

Pragya – where are you from? How did you all end up here.

All? Yeah my friends omg where is my friends?

Abhi – we came here for tour. We want to go from here. You all misunderstood us. Let me see my friends.

Suddenly she clapped her hands. All my friends came.

Everyone – ABHI

Oh god my friends. If my hands are unlocked i will go and hug them like there is no tomorrow. Happiness rays coming from inside of me. Confirm i will dance for this moment. Ok i am acting like a child. I was interrupt by pragya.

Pragya – so Abhishek prem mehra____

Abhi – it’s Abhi

Lady – how dare___

Before she could complete pragya stretched her hand that indicates to stop. The lady shuts her mouth.

Pragya – you have to shut your mouth or you will be send to the hell without ticket.

Abhi – no, we want to get out of here. You all understood as wro___

I was interrupt by the loud sound my friends were screamed. What happened? I looked to find out she fired the ceiling. WHAT THE HECK. Who gave a license for gun to her. For a simple matter she is taking her gun and firing.

She turned the gun towards me. Immediately my eyes widen. What is she doing?


Ok guys today i could write this much only tomorrow i will post my other ff. Thank you for accepting me again love you all.

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