Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 30

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Purab and Bulbul are happy with Pragya’s decision but Purab stays stubborn on forgiving Akira for her mistake.
Dev : Come on Purab, she is our sister, at least give her chance
Purab : Bro please don’t spoil my mood by mentioning her name

Bulbul : Bro is right, Purab she is your sister
Purab : look at this girl bro, I don’t understand what she is made up of
Abhi arranges for the party when Naina comes to help him for the event.
Naina : why, can I not help you
Abhi : of course you can, why don’t you handle the decoration, I organized this party only for Pragya, there should be no mistake

Naina crushes the flower hardly hearing Abhi’s statement. Anjali finds out about Aditya’s bad circumstances about his mom losing the job.
Aditya : Anjali, you?
Anjali : So much happened you didn’t even bother to tell me anything, your mom lost job and this house?
Aditya : I have to vacant this house, I did not wanted to tell you all because I know you will get worried unnecessarily
Anjali : you know that I don’t care about anybody when it comes to you then why
Both Purab and Bulbul sit on the car at night on the hilltop. Bulbul wraps her arm around Purab from his back.
Bulbul ; Purab, why are you so upset?

Purab : Nothing at all (hides his tears)
Bulbul : I know you are hiding something, please tell me Purab
Purab : In sometime we will get married but on this happy occasion my brother will not be with me, by holding his hand I walked my first step and he will not be with me
Bulbul starts feeling guilty but assures Purab she will convince his father to bring to Dev on their marriage.
Purab : are you sure Bulbul

Bulbul ; Even I want him to come at our wedding but this time your dad will willingly bring him and thats my promise, not only that he will be present in all our ceremonies (Says with determination)
Purab finds himself lucky enough to have girl like Bulbul as he never expected from his fate.
Bulbul : Oh my god (Says looking at her watch), its 11 pm, sis will kill me if I am so late
Purab and Bulbul reaches home where Pragya waits for them.
Pragya : Look both of you, I agreed for your marriage but that does not mean you can hang out late at night, Purab there is limit to every relationship, I trust both of you will never never cross that limit

Purab : don’t worry sis, it will never happen again, good night
Pragya : go and change quickly
Next day everybody gets ready to go at Abhi’s party. Pragya keeps looking for a perfect dress when Bulbul makes fun of her.

Pragya : if you cannot help then go from here (says innocently)
Bulbul : my dear sis, you are going to your would be husband’s party (wraps her around) you should look perfect
Pragya : Bulbul, something is bothering me that what if Abhi’s family does accept me
Bulbul senses seriousness in her sister’s voice.

Pragya : I know Abhi will always be with me but there is always a fear inside me
Bulbul : you are worrying for no reason, is there anybody in this world who would reject my sister, if they did then they would be idiots.
Pragya : stop is Bulbul, now hurry up we are getting late for the party

Both girls reaches the party soon after. Abhi and Purab keep staring at the mesmerizing beauties. Pragya wears sleeveless red salwar while Bulbul wears the long purple maxi.
Abhi : Purab, at least now stop eyeing on other girls (makes fun of him)
Purab : I am not raised in foreign like you

Abhi : Shut up Purab, I only flirted with one girl in my whole life
Ria : what are you both talking about
Abhi : its boys talk, girls not allowed (teases)

Ria : very funny, but you are being rude to me
Bulbul : Hi Ria, how is it going, did you have talk with your Mr right hand
Ria : Shut up, and stop teasing me Bulbul
Anjali : Hey Abhi its time for the announcement

Abhi holds the mike and makes the special announcement. Everybody starts clapping for his achievement .
Abhi ; I know I made this announcement earlier about my promotion but this time it is for somebody very special who came into my life like a bright sunshine.
The friends group look at Pragya who starts feeling embarrassed seeing Abhi’s romantic gestures. The lights turns off on the venue when the spotlight hits Pragya’s face. Everybody hears the beautiful guitar tune played by Abhi.

Aa Aa..Aa Aa…Aa Aa..Aa Aa.. Aa..

Na Hai Yeh Pana
Na Khona He Hai
Tera Na Hona, Jaane
Kuyn Hona He Hai

Tum Se Hi Din Hota Hai
Surmayi Shaam Aati Hai
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi
Har Ghadi Saans Aati Hai
Zindagi Kehlati Hai
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi

Na Hai Yeh Pana
Na Khona Hi Hai
Tera Na Hona, Jaane
Kuyn Hona Hi Hai

Aa Aa..Aa Aa…Aa Aa..Aa Aa.. Aa..

Aankho Mein Aankhe Teri
Bahoo Mein Bahe Teri
Mera Na Mujh Mein Kuch Raha
Hua Kya
Bathon Mein Bathein Teri
Rathe Saogathe Meri
Kuyn Tera Sab Yeh Ho Gaya
Hua Kya
Mein Kahin Bhi Jaata Hun
Tum Se Hi Mil Jatha Hun
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi
Shor Mein Khamoshi Hai
Thodi Si Behoshi Hai
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi

Abhi brings Pragya to the dance floor much to the irk of Naina who leaves the venue angrily.

Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa…

Aadha Sa Vaada Kabhi
Aadhe Se Zyada Kabhi
Jee Chahe Karlu Is Tarah
Wafa Ka
Chode Na Chute Kabhi
Tode Na Toote Kabhi
Jo Daaga Tum Se Jud Gaya
Wafa Ka
Mein Tera Sarmaya Hun
Jo Bhi Mein Ban Paya Hun
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi
Raaste Mil Jate Hai
Manzile Mil Jati Hai
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi

Na Hai Yeh Pana
Na Khona He Hai
Tera Na Hona, Jaane
Kuyn Hona He Hai

Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa …

Bulbul gets overwhelmed seeing Abhi’s love towards Pragya. To everybody’s surprise Abhi bents on hie knees in front of Pragya.
Abhi (forwarding his hand with ring) : Pragya, will you be Ms Right and give this stupid a chance
Even though her heart wants to agree with the emotional but somewhere her mind is not willing to agree. Pragya runs away from the stage leaving everybody surprised especially Abhi and Bulbul.
Bulbul : Abhi, please don’t mind but sis is quite disturbed right now
Abhi : but why
Bulbul : actually she is not ready for all this, she is worried if your parents will accept her
Abhi (shakes his hand) : Oh my god, Bulbul she knows until I am here nothing will go wrong with her

Pragya goes running to another room. A hand falls on her shoulder none other than Karan.
Pragya ; I am fine (wipes her tears)
Karan : I know you from many years, you know you can share your feelings with me
Pragya : for first time I am feeling ashamed to be an orphan, I wish my parents were with me
Karan : you know my mom is like yours, but I understand your pain (slowly consoles her by wiping her tears with his thumb)

Naina looks at the moment between them and goes to bring Abhi. She smartly turns off the light as Pragya and Karan were near the electricity box.
Abhi : what happened to this lights

After fixing the light Pragya is about to leave when she is about to fall when she trips on the carpet. Karan catches her in nick of time when Abhi and everybody comes at the place looking for Pragya. People starts gossiping about Karan and Pragya’s relationship seeing the scene. Everybody hears recording the confession of Karan telling his love for Pragya.
Abhi : what nonsense is this
Naina : Abhi, why would somebody play a bad joke like this
Bulbul starts raging at Naina’s words
Naina : I told you Abhi the other day in headquarters that there is something brewing between this two
Abhi : Enough Naina, (points finger at her)

Ria who could not control her anger when Naina starts badmouthing on Pragya and her brother’s sacred relationship lands hard slap on Naina’s face.
Ria : if you say anything bad against my brother then I will forget you are my friends’ sister
Karan get eyes teary hearing the word he craved to listen from his sister’s words.
Naina : you slapped me? you will pay for this
Akira takes Naina away from the place before the situation goes out of hand.

Naina ; Akira leave me
Akira ; what the hell do you think of yourself, before doing all this you did not bother to know that the guy you are maligning is your best friends love
Naina (widens her face) : what?
Akira : yes, I don’t care what you were trying to do but I will not tolerate anybody disgracing Karan’s character

Naina : Akira, listen to me
Akira leaves after warning Naina to drag Karan in their plan. Bulbul overhears their conversation
Naina : oh you?
Bulbul : I knew it, girls like you never change their nature but unfortunately my sister cannot see that
Naina : actually you are right, your sister is too blind, she does not even know that Abhi’s parents will never approve her
Bulbul : listen, you did what you wanted to but till I am alive nobody can harm my sister, and you love challenges right then today I am giving you one challenge, if you really have guts then break Abhi and sis’s relationship

Naina laughs at her statement
Bulbul : I am sure after today no matter what Abhi will never trust anything over Pragya sis, and I will not let you come between them
Naina ; Fine then its my challenge that till your marriage day with Purab, I will separate your dear sister from Abhi and not only that I will destroy both of your sister’s relationship
Bulbul : We will see (leaves)

Pragya goes out near the waterfall looking at the sky when Abhi consoles her
Abhi : I am sorry for everything (slowly makes her look at him)
Pragya : you won’t understand that I cannot forget all this, I am getting bad in front of people
Abhi (puts finger on her lips) : I won’t let that happen
Pragya : would you have believe that tape

Abhi : do you really think I would believe some nonsense
Pragya holds his collar tightly telling him to not leave her alone
Pragya : I don’t want to be alone again
Ria sees her brother standing on the bridges and musters the courage to talk with him.
Karan : Ria?
Ria could not look onto his eyes and instead look down

Karan : you have done nothing wrong that you cannot look into your brothers’ eyes
Ria : I don’t know how should I apologize (folds her hand)
Karan does not let her fold her hand : Ria please don’t do that, I am the one who should be saying sorry, you took my place after dad

Ria : I hated you so much, did you never felt hatred for your sister
Karan : because I know my sister is very emotional, nobody can be good daughter and sister like her, won’t you tie that rakhee you have being hiding
Ria tearfully ties the rakhee and hugs him. Next day Purab goes to his dad’s room to talk with him about Bulbul.
Veer : Purab, what is the matter
Purab : dad I want to talk something important with you
Veer : yes sure go ahead

Purab : Actually from many days I wanted to tell you this but never got chance
Veer : Purab, say clearly what you want to
Purab : you wanted me to get married right but I told you I want a girl of my choice, I found her dad
Veer (shocked) : what? who is she

Purab : you might not know her, she is Bulbul Arora, dad she is very nice girl, from good family, well educated, I want you to meet her
Veer : fine whenever you want I am ready to meet her
Purab calls Bulbul to meet his dad to which she agrees. Akira keeps asking forgiveness from Purab.
Akira : Purab, please I am changed give me one more chance
Purab : Alright, if you want then I will forgive you but remember if you repeat that mistake I won’t be able to forgive you

Akira : I won’t give you chance to complain, I heard you called Bulbul
Purab : yea she should be here soon
After a while Bulbul reaches Purab’s house to meet his dad.
Purab : dad she is here
He brings Bulbul inside the room who is slightly nervous and greets Veer
Veer : Purab, go out for sometime, I want to talk her alone
Purab : sure dad, all the best (leaves)
Veer : why don’t your come inside

Bulbul : thank you
Veer : So Purab was saying you are raised by your sister
Bulbul (says with terrified) : yes, our parents died when sis was like 7 years and I was 3 years old
Veer : Purab was telling me that you convinced him to talk with Akira and also mended their relationship, something I could not in years
Bulbul : I always believe in joining relationship and moving on from past rather than sticking to same point

Veer : Impressive
Bulbul : Uncle I might not have my own family but I value every relation, I know whatever happened in this family was nobody’s fault, circumstances make people take wrong decision at wrong time
Veer is completely impressed with Bulbul’s thinking and values.
Veer : You know I am very proud of my son today that he found you
Bulbul : sorry?
Veer : So Bulbul Arora, I think its high time I should officially make you member of this house before you change your decision
Bulbul : I didn’t …(Stammers)

Veer : at such small age you teach big lesson and cannot understand that simple thing that I want to meet your sister so we can officially fix yours and my Purab’s engagement
Bulbul controls her excitement and touches his feet.
Veer : one rule in this house, daughter in law are treated equal as daughters, so don’t touch my feet
Bulbul : Uncle now that you have officially accepted me can I ask you something
Veer: sure what can I give you
Bulbul : this family is incomplete without one person

Veer’s happiness disappears quickly hearing Bulbul’s words
Bulbul : just imagine uncle, if today your wife would be alive would she have let Dev bro leave this house, wherever she would be right now she might be so sad to see her house break
Veer : Bulbul, you don’t know what happened
Bulbul : Of course I don’t know, but one thing is for sure that this family is not completed without, if children makes mistake isn’t it parents duty to forgive them, I know I should not be interfering too much right now

Precap : Wedding preparation for Purab and Bulbul’s wedding, Naina tries to instigate Akira against Bulbul for taking her place in her (Akira’s house)

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