Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 29

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Bulbul goes out in garden where Purab is waiting eagerly for her to come out.
Purab : Bulbul whats wrong (says with concern)
Bulbul : Purab, actually (stammers)
Purab : did dad say anything wrong, tell me I am getting worried now
Bulbul : I should be getting sad now that I will have to leave my sister soon to be with you
Purab understands her point and twirls her around not realizing his father’s presence.
Purab : dad
Veer : Purab, what is going on (folds his arms)

Purab : sorry dad, actually but this Bulbul is too excited than me
Veer : well I can see who is more excited, I came here to tell Bulbul that I will come at your house tomorrow to talk with your sister
Bulbul : okay uncle, Purab why were you taking my name
Purab : of course you will have to save me, by the way did you talk with dad
Bulbul : I did but I don’t know if I was able to convince him or not

Purab : its okay, at least you tried it don’t worry
Bulbul : I am sorry Purab
Purab : No don’t be sorry in front of me please, if that is the fate then I will accept it even if dad agrees I know bro will never come
Arora house
Bulbul : Sis, are you going somewhere?

Pragya ; yea, ACP sir wants me and Karan to go to Shimla for some work (packing clothes)
Bulbul : what will I do alone here
Pragya : as if you are staying alone for first time, Bulbul I will be back in few days, you know you can go to Ria’s house if you want
Bulbul : fine I will stay alone
Pragya : And don’t forget to keep your phone on all the time, alright
Bulbul : Okay fine

Abhi looks at his sister’s picture with their mom and dad.
Abhi ; I don’t know where are you but I have hope that someday I will meet you
On the way back to his home Abhi sees Sonia waiting for somebody near the bus stop
Abhi : I don’t know why I always feel strange when I see this girl
Sonia : Hi Abhi
Abhi : what happened, is there any problem
Sonia ; actually today I gave my car in service and Dev picked me up in morning but I don’t know where he is, I am getting late

Abhi : I can drop you if its okay with you, by the way where you stay
Sonia : Palli hill apartment
Abhi : great I live nearby, you know valley hill bungalow I live there
Sonia ; Okay I will text Dev, lets go (gets into car)
Abhi : You live alone in this city

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Sonia : Yea my parents live in foreign so I live here alone, I had to very stubborn to convince them for this profession
Abhi : Same here, Sonia do you have any sibling
Sonia ; Of course I do but I haven’t seen him from 7 years, my main goal to come to India is to find him soon but I cannot

Abhi : very strange, being a cop you are not able to find your brother (teases her)
Sonia : are you trying to tease me?
Abhi : Actually I am, because I always used to tease my sister like this
Sonia : your sister?
Abhi : I too have younger sister like you, I still remember that I used to tease her a lot about her fears with talking with people

Sonia : very bad, you are very bad brother, oh my house is here it was nice meeting you
Abhi : same here, good night
Sonia : thanks (leaves)
Ria talks to her mother about Saurav which she furiously refuses.
Sakshi : Saurav Singhania?

Ria : yes mom
Sakshi : This is not possible, in the whole world you found this guy
Karan : but mom, what is wrong with him, he is from good family, educated
Sakshi : I don’t find it necessary to tell you the reason so do as I say, Ria if you ever loved your mom then you will not against me (leaves)

Ria : bro, what is going on
Karan : don’t worry I will find out, you just relax, go to sleep its quite late
Ria : good night bro

Arora house
Pragya informs about her departure to Shimla next day to Abhi
Abhi : no way, I will be alone here
Pragya : you know what, both you and your dear sister in law should have fun without me for couple days

Abhi : actually you are right, for some days Bulbul and me will get rid of your lawful profession
Pragya : fine, don’t miss me (get angry) I will never talk to you
Abhi : oh my sweet beloved thats so cute
Pragya ; you don’t like me anymore (pouts liked kid)

Abhi : I was just joking but I am sure this time you will return as victory
Pragya takes coffee from chameli while talking to Abhi and asks about Bulbul
Chameli : she is in her room, her lights are on
Pragya : oh my god (looks at clock) this girl never listens to me, she keeps day and then does not sleep at night
Abhi ; watch out, i am sure she might be inventing something new
Pragya : okay I want you to drop me off tomorrow at airport
Abhi : Alright I will

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Pragya goes to Bulbul’s room whose room is unorganized with wires and her computer
Pragya : bulbul what is this (shouts bit loud)
Bulbul : Sis, sis (makes her sit), you won’t believe what I found today
Pragya : Bulbul what is all this
Bulbul : first you listen to me, give me your phone
Pragya : but why

Bulbul : please give me your phone I will tell you
Pragya gives her phone to Bulbul who does something for couple minutes
Bulbul : look at this (shows her something in the phone), now in both of our phones there is a tracking device, it means we will know each other’s location
Pragya : what ?

Bulbul ; and not only that I have a software in our phones, if any of us is in problem then that person can signal the other, like this (shows how to use the software)
Pragya : this is amazing but you fit this in our phone, will you really use this
Bulbul : of course if I miss you a lot then I will tell you (hugs her happily), sis tears in your eyes
Pragya : you don’t know how proud I am today seeing your achievement

Next day Veer goes to Dev’s house which shocks him
Dev : Dad
Veer : the day you left the house I swore to never see your face but you never bothered to turn back
Dev : I am ..sorry (Stammers)
Veer breaks down into tears and hugs Dev
Dev : please forgive me dad, I hurt you a lot
Purab and Akira who comes there get emotional too witnessing the scene
Veer : dev, please come back home
Dev : dad of course I will do everything, after all its my younger brothers wedding
Akira : dad don’t you think before Purab, dev bro should get married
Dev : No I will not settle down till both of you get married
Veer : Akira is right

Dev : dad please I promise I will get married when this two will settle down
Veer : okay this time I will listen to your plea but I will not tolerate your cranky behavior for marriage later
Dev : whatever you say

Purab : dad we are getting late to go at Bulbul’s house, and Pragya sis have to leave for airport later in evening
Dev : I will join too
The Khanna family proceeds to Arora house in a while.
Pragya : hello uncle (greets Veer)

Veer : So you are Pragya, no wonder why your sister has sharp tongue
Pragya : did she say something wrong
Veer : don’t worry I am just joking, I came here to ask hand of your sister, I am very happy you agreed to this relationship

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Pragya : I had to, uncle
Veer : so when can we take our daughter in law at our house
Pragya : Well whenever you want we can fix the engagement
Veer : thats why I brought the priest with me, so panditji tell us the auspicious day
Priest : there seem to be a problem with the horoscopes but the very auspicious day next week
Pragya : Next week? thats too early

Veer : If you have problem then
Pragya : its okay, I don’t mind but you know i am going out for few days
Dev : its okay, I am sure Ms super cop will manage
Pragya signals Bulbul to take the blessings of Veer who gives them the gifts.
Bulbul : Uncle what is the need of all this
Veer : this gifts are nothing in front of the precious gift you gave to my family
Akira comes forward with the bangles which confuses both sisters.
Akira : this are the bangles I brought for both of my sister in laws, (makes her wear the bangles)
Bulbul : thank you sis

Akira : we have our ancestral bangles which Purab will give you
Later in the evening the group goes to see off Pragya and Karan at airport.
Bulbul : Sis, take care
Pragya sees Abhi standing on the corner and goes to him.
Abhi : you are asking as if you care about me
Pragya : look who is getting angry

Abhi corners her behind
Pragya : what are you doing, somebody will see us
Abhi : this 5 days separation will kill me
Pragya : please don’t say that, I promise I will be back to you soon
Veer praising of Bulbul does not go well with Akira.
Veer : I am feeling my family is completed today after Bulbul’s coming into this house, you should learn something from her Akira

Naina goes to meet Akira who is not willing to see her.
Naina : this is just beginning Akira, if you don’t do anything right now that girl will take your place in your own house
Akira looks at her strangely but does not say anything instead leaves.
Arora house
Bulbul sitting in front of mirror and talking with Purab when the lights are turned off.
Bulbul : Purab I will call you later

Purab : hello (phone disconnected)

Precap : Naina promises Akira to bring major drama in the engagement ceremony

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