Abhigya Rabul FF : Trials of fate : Part 26

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Pragya starts the preparation for Bulbul’s engagement and gives her the dress for the ceremony.
Ria : Bulbul, I designed this for you and sis really like it now you wear it if you like
Bulbul : Its gorgeous Ria, thank you
Ria : And I will design all your clothes for all ceremonies
Bulbul : Of course my designer friend
Anjali informs Purab about Bulbul’s engagement with Saurav which shatters him to the core. He feels like his world is crashing down.
Purab : What?
Anjali tells him everything about the misunderstanding which made Bulbul to make wrong decision.
Purab : but you all know I was in hospital
Anjali : No Purab, we were so worried about you but Akira never told us I don’t know why
He overhears Akira talking on phone with Naina about how she created the misunderstanding between Purab and Bulbul. She gets scared when she sees Purab standing at the door. He angrily walks towards her but does not know who she was talking to.
Akira : Purab, listen to me (stammers)
“You haven’t changed” voice roared in the room by Purab angrily
Akira : At least listen to me
Purab : I should have known that people like you don’t care other than their arrogance, how dare you
Akira : Enough Purab, how can you say that
Purab : It was my mistake that I trusted you, but no still today your arrogant and status matter to you
Akira : Yes I did it because I do not like anybody come in between you and me
Purab : the girl you are cursing is the reason I am behaving decent with you, she made me understand that you also deserve some love, but that girl’s mistake is that she still think you can change for good
Akira : I don’t care (shouts out loud) what she thinks but for me she is nothing, she is the sister of my friend’s enemy
Purab : You know what I am going from here, I don’t want to see your face or else I will think about all that
Akira : Purab listen to me (tries to stop him)
Purab ignores her and starts leaving to his farm house.
Anjali : will you not do anything to stop the engagement
Purab : Anjali, already Pragya sis is humiliated, I don’t want her to get further embarrassment, if Bulbul is my destiny then fate will find its own way
Anjali : No Purab, this time not destiny but I will unite both of you
Later in the evening Abhi is mesmerized by Pragya’s look with green lehenga and curly hair. He later corners her when she is going into the room.
Pragya : what are you doing? let me go
Abhi : Somebody is looking typical indian girl, as if your engagement is happening
Pragya : Excuse it my only sister’s big day and one has to have a eye to notice this indian girl’s beauty
Abhi : Not bad, you are being romantic today
Pragya : okay leave me (tries to free herself)
Abhi : I won’t, you are cop for everybody but not for me . Anjali and Naina reaches the venue. Naina witnesses the intimate moment of Abhi and Pragya and breaks the glass in her hand.
Abhi : Naina?
Pragya ; thanks for coming, are you okay
Naina : I am fine (leaves)
Pragya finds something wrong in Naina’s behavior. Anjali goes to Bulbul who is getting ready.
Ria : hey finally you are here
Pragya calls Ria downstairs for some work. Anjali takes the advantage and tries to tell Bulbul the truth.
Anjali : are you sure you want to do this, its your life
Bulbul : I know what I am doing, nothing is left to say your friend did not leave any choice for me
Anjali : Is this your love, not even little bit trust in your Purab
Bulbul : What are you trying to say
At the door Pragya welcomes Saurav’s family and appreciates the decoration of the place.
Gauri : I must say both of you are very talented
Ria feels awkward when she sees Saurav coming.
Bulbul gets shocked when Anjali reveals truth to her about Purab’s accident.
Bulbul : then what about that phone
Anjali : Somebody called from Purab’s phone and mimicked his voice and Akira is behind all this
Bulbul : I don’t believe this how can she be so selfish
Anjali : You were way too nice to think good about her but she does not care about anybody Bulbul
Bulbul : Its too late now Anjali, I cannot beck out
Anjali : what are you saying, nobody will understand your love
Bulbul : Anjali (shouts little bit)
Anjali : I mean Pragya sis does not know anything and do you think she will be happy after knowing all this, she will feel more guilty
Pragya : Ria, go bring Bulbul its time to start the ceremony
Ria : yes sis
Anjali : Bulbul, there is only one way, run away from here
Bulbul : have you gone crazy Anjali, I cannot do that with my sister
Anjali : what about Purab? does he mean nothing to you
Ria infuriates at Anjali for instigating Bulbul
Anjali : Ria, I am doing nothing like that but Bulbul is doing big mistake for which she will regret later
Ria : Anjali, you are only thinking about Purab right now but let me remind you already your sister has humiliated Pragya sis enough before and now you are doing the same
Anjali : don’t drag my sister into all of this, she has no problem with that now
Bulbul : Stop it both of you, enough
Ria : Bulbul, Pragya sis is calling you downstairs come on
Anjali : Bulbul think once again (holds her back but Ria jerks it off)
Abhi : So you are the bridegroom
Saurav : You?
Abhi ; I am Abhi Mehra, Bulbul and me worked together in same company
While coming downstairs Bulbul remembers her moments with Purab.

Ho ho o…
Heer Heer na akho adiyo
Main te Sahiba hoi
Ghodi leke aave le jaaye
Ghodi leke aave le jaaye
Ho mainu le jaaye Mirza koi
Le jaaye Mirza koi
Le jaaye Mirza koi…
Heer Heer na aakho adiyo
Main te Sahiba hoi
Ghodi leke aave le jaaye
Ghodi leke aave le jaaye
Ohde je hi main te oh mere varga
Hans da ai sajra savere varga
Ankha bandh kar laa te thande hanere varga (x2)
Ohde je hi main te oh Mirza mere varga
Ohde je hi main te oh Mirza mere varga
Ho Heer Heer na akho adiyo
Main te Sahiba hoi
Ghodi leke aave le jaaye
Ghodi leke aave le jaaye
Ho mainu le jaaye Mirza koi
Le jaaye Mirza koi
Le jaaye Mirza koi…
On the midway she remembers her sister’s words to always close her eyes when her heart does no answer her question. She finds Purab’s face after closing her eyes and decides to listen to her heart.

Ria : what happened
Bulbul : Ria, I will be right back, I left my phone inside the room
Ria : I am waiting outside come quickly
Bulbul : okay (runs outside)
Anjali tells her idea to run from the back side window after she turns the light off.
Bulbul : I am going at the back side
Anjali : okay hurry up I am turning the light off and Purab is at his farm house in Bandra
Pragya : Ria, its getting late
Ria : Sis, she went inside to take her phone but I don’t know where she went
Suddenly the lights gets turns off by Anjali panicking everybody. She gives thumbs up to Bulbul who leaves the venue asking forgiveness to Pragya.
Purab looks at Bulbul’s picture and feels guilty of hurting her.
Purab : Today is your biggest day, may be I will not see you again, I will have to live with your memories
Pragya and everybody looks for Bulbul.
Ria : Anjali, where is Bulbul
Anjali : she went where she should be going
Ria : I told you not to do anything wrong (says angrily)
Gauri : what happened dear, (asks Ria)
Saurav : Mom, don’t worry I will look for Bulbul she might be around
Abhi : Pragya, I looked in the whole venue she is not here
Pragya : where this girl can go
Naina sees a dupatta on the window and shouts. Everybody realizes Bulbul ran away.
Abhi : she ran away but why
Pragyaa feels broken from inside and asks forgiveness from Saurav’s family. People starts taunting her about the bad upbringing on Bulbul.
Lady : girls without parents are like this, run away to their lovers don’t know if younger sister is like this then what the elder one must be like. Abhi furiously insults the lady in front of people
Abhi : Excuse aunty, if you cannot feel sympathy then don’t try to rub salt on anybody’s wound
Pragya asks Ria and Anjali about Bulbul’s whereabout.
Ria : Sis, actually
Pragya : Ria, I am asking you something, is there anything I should know
Ria : Bulbul loves Purab
Pragya and Abhi both unaware are completely astonished to hear that including Saurav. Bulbul reaches Purab’s farm house in drenched in rain.
Purab : Bulbul (widens his face) you should have not come here
Bulbul :if I had not come here then I would have not forgive myself
Purab : today was your engagement, you ran away from venue how could you
Bulbul without wasting time hugs him tightly and sobs.
Purab : who told you this (holds her shoulder)
Bulbul does not tell anything
Purab : I am asking you who told the truth to you and who influenced you
“Anjali told me” Bulbul says looking down in tears
Purab (in his mind) : Anjali you did not do this right
Bulbul : Purab, you did not even bothered to informed me about it
Purab : why did you come here, without thinking anything, do you have any idea what might be happening there
Bulbul : Purab, i have followed my sister’s advise to listen to heart
In meanwhile Pragya with Abhi, Ria and Anjali reaches the farm house witnessing Bulbul and Purab’s hug.
Bulbul : Sis
Without wasting any moment Pragya drags Bulbul away holding her hand.
Abhi : Purab what is this
Purab : Abhi, did not tell her to run away, and Anjali I told you not to do anything wrong then why all this, what did you achieve by all this
Anjali : you were suffering like this and I would have let you suffer without any mistake
Ria : And what about Pragya sis, today she has to hear those bad things because of your influence to Bulbul, seriously I am so ashamed of you
Anjali : you guys are blaming me for no reason, i did what was right and why make a mistake on purpose which can spoil 3 lives
Pragya brings Bulbul back to home and tells her to go to her room.
Bulbul : but sis
Pragya : didn’t you hear what I said Bulbul, go and change its too late
Abhi gets worried for Pragya and tries to call but she does not pick up the calls. She looks their parents picture.
Pragya : I am sorry mom I could not be a good sister

Precap : Naina instigates Abhi against Pragya and Karan. Ria stands up for her brother for the first time and warns Naina. Dev tries to convince Purab to forgive Akira

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