Abhigya &Rabul FF : Journey of Hatred to Love Part 9

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Pragya is welcomed by her mom in Arora house with much joyous. The house where she is raised lovingly has become stranger for her after marriage like every girl.
“what are you thinking dear Sarla caresses her daughters hair
Pragya : nothing mom, you were right after marriage not only girl’s life changes, but also the house where she is born, this walls are the witness of my incident but they feel stranger to me now

Sarla : dear, you are thinking too much, this house will always yours, only difference is now another house will witness your important phase of life
Pragya : I am very hungry, won’t you give me something to eat
Sarla : sure, sit here I have prepared of your favorite today, it will be ready soon
Pragya : where is Bulbul?
“She went to office Sarla’s voice echoes from outside

“Office? strange she never told me anything ” Pragya gets into thinking
Though she knows her sister’s nature but she has been concerned about Bulbul’s attitude towards everything.
Bulbul’s team moves the furniture in the office smirking at Purab
Purab : welcome to my office Ms Arora, I hope you didn’t have any problem coming here
Bulbul : well I didn’t have but from now on I hope you don’t have sort of difficult to deal with me, everybody this is Mr Purab Mehra, the half partner of this office
Everybody greets him and shifts to their part of the office

College campus
The college is preparing for the youth festival where Alia is practicing for her dance when a guy is eyeing on her. The guy is Jai who is obsessive about Alia from the beginning. He makes deadly plan to make Alia his during the festival.
Nupur : hey, Alia here is your dress for the event, how is it
“Wow, this is so gorgeous, I am so excited Alia gets happy for the first time she is going towards her dream

Abhi asks permission from his dad to take Pragya out for few weeks to which he agrees.
Rakesh : fine, take some break from everything, and don’t worry it will be fine, take care
Abhi : thank you dad
Arpita : I think you should leave to Pragya’s house, its quite late
“I don’t know mom, but I feel strange, the family to whom we had enmity for years now are our relatives Abhi’s tone raises lot of question
Arpita :maybe god wants both families to reconcile, Pragya and you are just the pawns in his game
Arora house
Sarla welcomes Abhi in the house for the first time after marriage. He looks around the house very strangely.

Sarla : come dear
Abhi seeks to get blessing on Sarla and Prakah’s feet but he hesitates to give him blessing reminiscing early incidence.
Sarla : you freshen up, I will prepare dinner, Pragya take him to your room
Pragya does not say word and takes him in her room. He is quite surprised to see her room decoration with all pictures of her family and friends.

Abhi : Pragya, I want to talk something important with you
Pragya : I told you before, I am not interested in talking with you, come downstairs for dinner (leaves the room)

Abhi puts a pamphlet on the desk noticed by Bulbul.
Bulbul : Hi jiju, how are you
Abhi ; I am fine, everything good, hope you don’t have any problem with Purab in office
“Quiet, jiju nobody knows about this in the house apart from us three Bulbul silences Abhi but they see Pragya standing on door

Bulbul : sis
“If you both are done with your chatting, then come downstairs for dinner Pragya leaves annoyingly unaware of their talk
Bulbul : thank god, if sis got to know than I would be out of this house today
Abhi ; don’t worry I would have taken you to my house then

Bulbul ; so funny, but that house would also kick me out
Abhi : not you but my brother would have been definitely thrown out

Both of them goes downstairs for dinner when Bulbul asks Pragya and Abhi about their honeymoon
Sarla : shut up, silly girl, let them eat peacefully, Abhi even I think you both should go out for few weeks
Later after dinner Pragya sees the pamphlet on the desk of Lonavla. She is about to tear those in front of Abhi who is staring her.

” I am not going anywhere, did you get that Pragya rages at him
Abhi : please at least give me one chance to rectify the mistake I did by playing with your honor
Pragya : Abhi, why are you doing all this to me, when you know that our relationship will never be like husband and wife (turns to the other side)
“But I want our marriage to give a chance Abhi holds her shoulder and turns her towards him cupping her face

Abhi with a soft smile and pulled her into a kiss which started slow and soft.Pragya on the other hand felt a bolt of thunder on her whole body the moment his lips captured hers in a soft and slow kiss she never experienced before. Though she has been with Rajiv for 5 years, her heart never allowed him to touch her.
She immediately comes to senses and pushes Abhi away from her who is equally shocked. She goes out from the room noticed by her dad.
“Dad wipes her tears seeing her dad standing behind

Prakash : you know Pragya, I raised you like son but you still hold to that prestige every daughter carries with her, you never let me down for any reason
Pragya : dad, I don’t know what to do, things are getting bad day by day, the circumstance in which I married, my mind is not working
Prakash : sometimes life can give you things you don’t want, or don’t like and you don’t have other choice, I might not like that family, but I can clearly see that Abhi is quite serious about this marriage

“What are you saying dad, till yesterday the marriage you were against, now you are advising me to work on that Pragya raises question
Prakash : I am saying this because I know this is good my daughter, give it a chance and leave rest to God dear, rest you are wise to understand, good night (leaves)

The words strikes hard on Pragya’s mind and she prays in front of God
Pragya ; till today I asked nothing from you except happiness for my family, I didn’t knew I would have to pay such high price for this, if this is what you want, a baseless marriage then fine I will walk on this fire whole life
She goes in the room and finds Abhi sleeping on the couch. Next day she tells him about going to Lonvala.
Pragya : did you talk with Arpita aunty?

Abhi : they agreed, we will have to leave tonight because booking is for tomorrow
Pragya : alright, I think we should go back to house and start our packing
Mehra Office

Bulbul calls her team in the conference room for the meeting
Sona : what happened ma’am?
Bulbul : guys the reason I called you here because a foreign architect wants to sign a deal with our company for the new building
Vicky : but ma’am, for that we have to prepare presentation early because they are coming soon for the deal
Bulbul : you guys start the preparation and rest I will handle all, one of you has to take care of their staying

Sona : don’t worry ma’am I will take care of that, there will be no problem
Purab overhears the conversation and calls somebody.
Later in the evening Abhi and Pragya leaves for Lonavla in the car. Bulbul is stuck in her office due to work as well as Purab who is keeping an eye on her at the same time. Both of them goes to store room but unaware of each other’s presence. The peon comes inside the office and accidentally locks the room from outside. While leaving both of them comes face to face clashing again.
Purab : what the hell is wrong with this door, is somebody there

Bulbul : you got only this time in the store room, didn’t you find another time

Purab : excuse me, this is my office so don’t try to lecture me, if you can’t help me at least don’t shout like cat
Bulbul : shut up, or else I will kill you

Purab : what can I expect from girl like you, ill mannered brat
Bulbul ; how dare you (starts scratching his hair but both ends up falling down)
Purab : what are you doing
Bulbul : get up from me, my leg is paining

Precap : Alia and Sid’s MMS is publicly leaked in front of whole college. Abhi and Pragya’s proximity increases while somebody is stalking them.

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