Abhigya &Rabul FF : Journey of Hatred to Love Part 8

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Abhi while driving the car recalls Tanu’s words from office. Rajiv calls Pragya but she keeps cutting and throws phone in anger but finally picks it up.
Pragya : What do you want to know that if I am alive or not
Rajiv : what are you saying? I was just missing you
Pragya : Listen I am telling you last time, I don’t want to talk with so don’t call me again alright (cuts the call)
Rajiv : Pragya listen to me
Sid brings Alia to her house when Pragya spots them from the room.
Alia : what are you doing? put me down, my dad won’t like it
Sid : oh come on, he will not get angry
Pragya stops them and takes to the garage instead
Sid : what are you doing here?
Pragya : Excuse me, she is my sister in law for your information
“You are Abhi’s sister?” Sid starts his drama of fake tears
Pragya : are you an idiot? at least have some manners, you won’t mend yourself
Alia ; bhabhi, I am telling him but he is not listening to me
Pragya : put her down right now
Sid : why are you so afraid of your dad
Pragya : shut up go from here right now, before anybody sees you
Sid : thats not fair, I saw you after so many days and you are kicking me out
Arpita : You are most welcome to your sister’s house
Pragya ; aunty?
Arpita : its okay, he helped my daughter and we don’t insult our guest, come Sid
“Thank you aunty” Sid pushes Pragya and Alia aside
Pragya : what the hell?
Arpita : I have some important work for you Sid, will you do that
“Anything for you” Sid says with his usual smile while Alis spills her drink from mouth
Arpita : Pragya, tell your brother that he has take you for your pag phera ritual, you have to go at your home for a day
Sid : oh, thats the thing
Pragya : what did you think that she is talking about your marriage
“Yes” Sid says without thinking when Pragya hits on his head
Arpita : the ritual should be done tomorrow, and I will tell Abhi to join in the evening and also talk with your mom
Pragya : okay aunty, I will be ready
Alia : bhabhi come lets go, we have to bring stuff from outside, mom can we go please, we will be back soon
Arpita : fine go, but come back before sunset alright
Pragya : don’t worry aunty, I will bring her back safely
Arpita ; okay, here is the list

Rajiv does the live chat with Abhi in his office
“Abhi, I know I did very wrong with both of you but at least you understand my problem” Rajiv talks about his recent conversation with Pragya
Abhi : its not just your fault, I am at mistake for playing with Pragya’s feelings but we have to give her some time
Rajiv : you know how much I love Pragya, I am doing this all for her
Abhi : I understand what you are saying but you don’t worry everything will be fine
Rajiv : I trust only you that my Pragya is always on safe hands, listen I have to go out, I will talk later
Abhi : bye

Pragya and Alia to to mall together when she mentions about her dance
Pragya : really?
Alia ; yes bhabhi, I am so excited, by the way are you coming to watch my show
Pragya : sure why not, how can I miss my sister in law’s dance
Bulbul keeps calling Pragya but her phone is silent in the bag.
Bulbul : sis, always picks up my phone then what happened today, she always take my call even when she is busy
Pragya : you know even my Bulbul loves dancing, she is so crazy sometimes
Alia : I am sure she might be very good, I have no sister in my life thats the only thing lacked in my life
Pragya : Alia, you are very lucky to have such good brothers, and you are equal to my Bulbul so stop saying that you have no sister okay
Alia ; thank you bhabhi, I guess we should go back or else my mom will become mother india
Pragya : why are you so scared of everybody
Alia : thats how I respect everybody, they are concerned about me
Pragya : I won’t argue with you but remember one thing, don’t let anything affect your self respect and confidence

Mehra house
The girls does not return till dinner time
Rakesh : Arpita, where is Alia and Pragya, they did not returned yet
Arpita : I sent them outside to get things but I told them to return before 8 but I don’t know where they are stuck
Alia and Pragya comes back wet from rain outside
Arpita : what happened to both of you, why are you so wet
Alia : mom, it was raining outside so we just (looks at Pragya)
Arpita : go inside and change both of you or else you will catch cold
Girls go in their room but Rakesh fumes seeing their behavior
Rakesh ; height of irresponsibility, Arpita I told you before that my Alia should not be influenced by Pragya
Arpita : I understand but
Rakesh ; I don’t want any explanations, if anything happens then you will be responsible for that (turns behind to see Pragya standing)
Alia : dad actually
“Uncle, I know you don’t like my friendly with Alia but trust me I would never want bad for her, all I am saying that you should let live her own life” Pragya claims calmly
Rakesh : look Pragya, you are not aware of our family tradition, it would be better you don’t try to break that if you can’t follow them (leaves)
Pragya looks on with tensed face and goes into balcony after dinner
Pragya : in my whole life, I never came across anybody who can dominate their own child’s life, what has my life turned into (talks with her mom’s picture)
Abhi comes there and sits beside her. Both of them have silence for a while
Abhi : I know you want to help Alia but don’t increase the problems by doing anything wrong
“I don’t need your advise, you don’t have any right to tell me anything, its because of you I am stuck here” Pragya gets up angrily
Abhi : Pragya please at least listen to me, I know I did wrong with you but that was not in my hands
“Really, I always hated you but somewhere I thought you have decency, you proved me wrong, why did you do this Abhi” Pragya tears his shirt slowly leaning down in tears
Abhi : I am sorry for everything
Pragya : in both of your friendly relation my life, dreams and everything got buried, I will never forgive you for this and don’t talk to me after today (runs into washroom)

Arora house
Prakash in his room recalls his daughter tears while leaving the house
Sarla : you didn’t sleep yet
Prakash ; how would that father sleep whose daughter is living like dead body
Sarla : you are worrying for no reason, our Pragya is strong enough, she will handle everything
Prakash : I can’t believe you are the same woman who vowed to never let your child to face any problem
Sarla : I also said that if in future my child breaks down, she will have to get up by herself
Prakash : listen to me carefully, just because I am quiet right now only for Pragya’s promise, but if anybody dared to hurt my daughter I will not spare that person remember that
Sarla prays to god for Pragya’s safety and happiness

Later Abhi sees Pragya going to sleep and tries to talk but she instead leans on sofa. The wind from outside blows her hair on the face noticed by Abhi. He covers her with the duvet and tugs hair behind her ears. No matter how much he hated the girl he married, her innocence touches his heart deeply. He is about to kiss her forehead but remembers his promise to Rajiv to take care of Pragya.

Abhi tells Purab to cancel the deal with Bulbul because of the problems within the families
Purab : bhai, this is the golden chance for us
Abhi : just shut up Purab, you will not do anything like that alright, call her and tell her we will find another place
Purab : okay bhai, but will she agree, i don’t think so
Abhi : you will have to convince her

Purab calls Bulbul to cancel the deal but she denies
Bulbul : Mr Mehra, my team has researched a lot and then finalized this place, and I thought you were very good business man, just because your siblings got married, you are dragging that in your work, not so smart
Purab ; you are crossing your limit, I will find you another place and you also had lied to me about your identity
Bulbul : lie is not only told when the other person does not know the truth, you already knew everything
Purab : you love to play games right, so lets start, I will not kick you out of here
Bulbul : even if you tried then I have legal options too
Purab : you won’t have to worry about that because very soon you will leave this place by yourself
Bulbul : three weeks (forwards her hand) you will either force me to leave the office or I will make permanent place here
Purab : fine, and if you manage to stay here then I will accept defeat, if I win you will have to do what I say
Bulbul ; I accept

Mehra house
Pragya is getting ready to go at her home and prays in front of god.
Pragya : till today you helped me with every problem, I accepted everything except this marriage, but give me strength like always
Arpita : good morning
Pragya ; good morning aunty, everything is ready, Sid should be here
Arpita ; okay, you go get ready quickly
After a while Sid comes to pick Pragya for the ritual to go at her home.
Pragya ; okay aunty, I will leave
Arpita : I will send Abhi in evening, go safely
Both of them leaves to their house while Abhi looks for Pragya inside but finds out about her departure
Arpita : she went to her house, don’t forget you have to go at her home in the evening
Abhi : okay mom
Arpita : wait, a minute Abhi (holds his hand)
“Yes mom, do you want something” Abhi says casually
Arpita : things are not right between you and Pragya right, why do I feel you are hiding something from me
Abhi : no mom, its nothing like that, just everything happened so fast
Arpita : I am your mom, even before you I can sense your problem, what happened
Abhi : everybody knows that I married Pragya only to save her image, even at the cost of this family reputation but she is not happy with all this
Arpita ; I am woman before being a mother, I can understand her pain, no girl would want to compromise in such marriage but Abhi you both have made decision to give this marriage a chance, at least take some time understanding each other
Abhi : what should I do mom? one side is my friendship other is my responsibility
Arpita : Abhi, friendship is only good when it stays in limit but now Pragya is your responsibility, every decision of yours should have her consent as well, I suggest you both go out for few days and you have not taken off from your office since long time
Abhi : okay mom, but after yesterday Pragya does not want to talk with me
Arpita : for how long will she stay angry, I am surprised till today you were bound with every responsibility and now you are overlooking your important relation, I can see her making efforts but that will only work when you will leave behind your other relations
Abhi : I will talk with dad, we will go Shimla for few days
Arpita : everything will be fine

Abhi shares his plight with Purab of cheating with everybody
Abhi ; everybody is thinking this marriage real but what will happen after 6 months when Rajiv will come back
Purab ; bhai, I don’t think this is the right time either to tell the truth, does Pragya bhabhi knows about this all
Abhi ; what should I tell her that I married her for 6 months, society will mock her if I leave her after all this
Purab : you have complicated situation for everybody by taking this big step, and do you think even after separated from you bhabhi will go back to the person who has left her on mandap as far as i got to know about her
Abhi : I just hope Rajiv comes back soon and clear all this misunderstandings, I can’t handle it anymore

Precap : Pragya agrees to go with Abhi at shimla on Arpita’s insistence, During the trip somebody stalks her all the way. Bulbul and Purab gets locked inside the store room at night

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