Abhigya – Obsessive love Episode 46-47

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Hi guys ..So sorry for not posting yesterday ..Really sorry ..So now let me stop my bak baks and let’s quickly jump onto the next episode !..

The episode starts with Abhi showing thumbs up and the couples (except Aditya and Maya) too respond him by the same ..

Ishani – Thank God Bhaiya ..You stopped the divorce ..
Abhi – Ya Ishani ..It’s all because of you ..
Naina – If you don’t come and say your doubts then we will not be able to know about Pragya’s problem ..
Maya – Guys what’s happening ?..I don’t know what’s going on ..Abhi what new twist ?..Adi do you know about this ?
Aditya – Hey hey wait Maya even i too not aware of this ..Tell na Abhi ?
Abhi – Ok guys cool cool..
He smiles ..Fb shown

Ishani thinks – Pragya doesn’t have any friends rather than me , Aditya , Raghav ..Then why is she lying ?
She remembers the things that happened in Mauritius …
Ishani calls everyone to assemble …

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Rv – Ishu what happened why you called us ?..All ok na ?
Naina – Exactly..what’s happening ?
Ishani – Where is Aditya and Maya ?
Raghav – They both have gone out to buy something ..They will come after sometime ..
Abhi enters in ..With a sad and suspicious face ..

Abhi – Hey guys ..What happened ?
Ishani – Bhaiya ..Pr.. …Pragya is hiding something from us all..
All gets shocked..
Rv – Ishu are you fine na ?
Ishani – No Rv i am saying truth trust me ..
Bulbul – Are you sure ?..
Purab – How can we believe this ?..
Abhi – Don’t say her anything..She is saying the truth ..

All are stunned ..
Raghav – Abhi what are you saying ?
Abhi – Nowadays Pragya is behaving so weird ..She is looking so scared..going far from me ..and something she is hiding from me..Something is wrong..
Ishani – First of all my doubt started in Mauritius ..
Abhi – When ?
Ishani – When we all went to our rooms after presentation ..I called Pragya but she said she will come a little later..She was going in the way where CCTV footage room was there…..

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Naina – May be she went to catch the culprit ..But why she said no before we were trying to check..
Ishani – Ya that was my 1st doubt
Abhi – Ishani now tell me ..Then what happened ?
Ishani – And then that day at the restaurant ..I went to pick Pragya ..She was talking with someone so scared …But when i called her she saw me shocked..

Abhi – After that in bed room also she was scared and went away from me… I think may be somebody is blackmailing her..
Ishani – Ya bhaiya you are right…..Actually now Pragya is not in home ..She said to mom and dad that she is going to meet her friend’s house..But there is no friends to her other than me , Raghav and Aditya ..
Abhi – Oh Shit !..Pragya is not at home ..Definitely she has gone to meet the blackmailer ..But why is that blackmailing her ?..What’s the reason ?..Who is the blackmailer ?..
Raghav – Only Pragya can answer these questions…
Bulbul – Jiju just guess what may be the reason ?..What are the things she does when she is with you ?..

Abhi – She was looking so scared ..When i hug her ..She gets to remember something and immediately moves far from me ..All she does is she is moving away from me ..
Purab – Which means i guess that the person is blackmailing her to not get close to you and be far from you …
Ishani – I think your guess is absolutely right ..
Abhi – But why ?..
Rv – Now we can’t get answer for that ..But just think the Blackmailer’s next step if Pragya has gone to the blackmailer ..Then that person will be asking to do something so that you and Pragya will get seperated ..
Abhi – What is that ?..What will be ??..What?..I don’t know ,..
Ishani – Divorce !!!…

All gets shocked …
Naina – What ??…
Abhi – She is right ..To save Pragya from the blackmailer we have to be one step ahead from him ..If divorce is that person’s next step ..Then i am ready to move my next step ..
They all asks – What ??…
Abhi smiles – Just wait and watch !!…

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Fb ends…

Abhi – So as guessed Pragya asked me divorce ..And as expected i am moving with my plan …
Aditya – Arreyy Wah !!..Abhi you are awesome ..What a move !..

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Maya – If blackmailer is thinking this much ..You are one step ahead from him..genius you are !..
Abhi – Ok enough praising me..Now let’s go home ..Pragya might not do something ..
They all moves ..

At home ..
Pragya with many questions saying to herself – Why Abhishek stopped from signing from divorce papers ? Why he is doing like this ?..What’s going on ?..Now if he (Ranvir) comes to know then ?..
Abhi – Who ??..
Pragya gets shocked ..

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Pragya – What who ?..Nothing ..
Pragya’s phone rings..It is none other than Ranvir..She gets scared ..
Abhi sees it and thinks – So the blackmailer is calling ..
Abhi asks – Who is calling you now ?..
Pragya is shocked – Whha..What do you mean ?..This is my phone anybody may call me ..What’s your problem ?..
Abhi – I said na i will disturb and torture you ..Now see ?

Abhi tries to snatch the phone from her..

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Pragya runs – What ?..What are you doing ?..
Abhi – Give me the phone ..
Pragya thinks – No he should not see the phone ..
Abhi pulls her..Pragya was about to fall ..
Abhi catches her… Saiyaara plays ..

Abhigya comes to senses ..
Abhi – Fighting with you i became so tired ..I am going to have a glass of wine ..
Pragya – What ?..No ..I will not allow this ..
Abhi – This is my house ..I don’t need your permission ok ?..
Pragya – I don’t like if you drink..
Abhi with a smile -Why ?..
Pragya angrily – Because i love ….!!
Abhi is surprised..Manchala man ..plays..

Abhi takes the bottle ..He was about to drink..Pragya having tears with a reaction saying no..
Abhi – Ok my only aim was to torture you ..If you drink the juice which i give then i will not drink this..
Abhi thinks – Sorry Pragya I love you so much..But i have to do this to know the truth ..
He takes the juice glass and mixes little wine …

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Abhi – Have it comeon drink ..
Pragya hesitates…
Abhi – Ok so i am going to drink this bottle..
Pragya – No no wait ..I am drinking..

Pragya drinks the glass..Abhi goes to keep the bottle inside and comes back and see Pragya is not there ..
Abhi shocked – Where she went ?..Pragya ??…
Abhi hears noise from the poolside ..
He sees Pragya lying down in the grass and playing…….
Abhi – Pragya comeon get up ..Comeon..
Pragya – Hey Abhishek ..come come…Lie down in the grass and count the stars with me..
She drags him ..Abhi – Pragya ..

Abhi and Pragya lies down on the grass..
Pragya – comeon count the stars..If you finish these then one star will break and come down and fulfill our wishes ….

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Abhi mesmerized with her cuteness and keep her watching..
Pragya – Arreyy ..I missed the counting ..And Abhishek you ?..You are not counting itself..
Abhi comes to senses ..and thinks – Abhi now ask her the truth ..I don’t want to lose my Pragya..She is mine ..
Abhi – Pragya how much you love me ?..
Pragya sees him like a kid – Hmm i love you only this much(shows small quantity) ..No thiiiiss much (big quantity)..
Abhi smiles ..
Pragya – I love you more than my life ..
She hugs him
Abhi gets tears..Mein phir bhi tumko chaahunga plays……….


Pragya gets sleep ..


Abhi – No no Pragya..You should not sleep ..Wake up..Tell me ..Who is blackmailing you ?..Why are you going away from me ?..
Pragya stop playing now tell me who is the person because of him you are hiding …
Pragya hugs him and says The person name is…
Abhi looks at Pragya… Pragya sleeps on his shoulders…

Abhi – Pragya no wake up..

Abhi thinks Pragya i will keep on finding that idiot blackmailing you and i will kill him for blackmailing you …This is my promise ..
He kisses on Pragya forehead ..

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