Abhigya – Obsessive Love Episode 42-43

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Hi Guys !!…So sorry for the late update ..I was just busy watching ipl and can’t update properly ..Now all set and i made my mind to update the episodes soon..Ok let me stop my bak baks and let us quickly jump onto the next episode .. ??

The episode starts with Abhigya hugging each other Allah Waariyan plays …

Pragya cups his face – You are fine na ?..Are you alright ?
Abhi – Pragya i am fine ..Why are you so tensed what happened ?
Pragya hugs him tightly and cries ..Suddenly she remembers Ranvir’s words and breaks the hug ..
Abhi – Pragya tell me what happened ?
Pragya – Nothing …I just felt something wrong..You go take care bye ..
She left..
Abhi thinks – She is hiding something from me and i will find out !..

Pragya gets a call from Ranvir..

Pragya – Why are you doing this ?
Ranvir – Because of you sweetheart . He touched you and i can’t control myself..
Pragya looks on..
Ranvir – In love mistakes can be apologized only one time ..Not one more time Pragya..Now you should be in my house within 5 minutes !..
Pragya – Are you mad ?..How can i come there here all are there ?
Ranvir – Think again Pragya..That this accident may come true too..
Pragya is shocked – Nnn..oo no no…I am coming
Ranvir – That’s good..Love you..
Pragya is so angry and she cries..

She goes to home and tells – Mom i am going to see my friend’s house ..Shall i leave ?
Priya – Ya beta..Ok come soon..
Ishani stops her..- Pragya wait i also will come..

Pragya – No Ishu you be here Ranvir also will need you ..
Ishani thinks suspicious – Ok be careful ..
Pragya leaves ..Ishani – Why Pragya is lying ?..Except me , Raghav and Aditya there are no friends for here ..And she doesn’t even speak with anyone else in college ..Why is she lying ?..We have to find out..

Screen shifts to Ranvir and Pragya..
Pragya goes and slaps Ranvir..

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She cries and reveals her wrath on him – Why are you doing this ?..Why are you ruining my life ?..Why are you trying to kill my husband ?..I am tired of saying lies to everyone and i can’t hurt him again and again ..I am just feel like my soul is going away from me when i hurt him..
Ranvir holds her and shouts – And i feel like my soul is going away from me when i see you both close …!..I am left with no option …Please understand Pragya..
Pragya makes him to hold her neck – Please kill me ..Kill me so that my soul will permanently go away from me and you may not lose your soul..
Ranvir relieves his hand – No Pragya !..How can i kill you ?..I love you Pragya …
Pragya – Ranvir you are committing a sin..
Ranvir – Is to love someone is a sin ?
Pragya – No Ranvir ..But i am married..And you may get lakhs better than me..
Ranvir – I don’t care Pragya ..I only love you and no one can be better than u ..If it i will destroy it !..
Pragya is stunned..She cries..

Ranvir – Ok Pragya…I will not cause him any harm if you do this ..I swear..I promise..
Pragya – What ?..Tell me what i have to do ??….
Ranvir – Divorce him Pragya …

Pragya gets shocked…..She slaps him again – Tell me to give my life ..I will give for him happily..But this ..I will not give divorce for him ever in my life..
Ranvir – Ok fine ..So i have to take his life for you..Then i will take it happily ..For you i can give life and take someone’s life too..
Pragya looks on . Ranvir says – Want to see him die ?..Wait one min..
Ranvir switches on a projector and shows Abhi’s office’s CCTV footage where Abhi is in his cabin and there are some person standing there with file and having gun behind them…
Pragya gets shocked..- No !!!…Please say them to stop..

Ranvir in phone – Hello ..
Goon – Yes sir !..
Ranvir – Gun is loaded na ?
Goon – Fully loaded sir …
Pragya – No …Ranvir please i beg you …
Ranvir – 3…2…1…Shhhho..
Pragya – I will divorce him….

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Ranvir – Stop !!..Move from there..
Goon – Ok sir !..
Ranvir – Pragya i too didn’t wish to cause him harm..But please understand me ..

Pragya cries hard..

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Ranvir – Pragya please don’t cry..Now rub your tears ..Please come on..
He suddenly shouts – Pragya i said rub your tears !!!
Pragya gets scared and rubs her tears..
Ranvir – That’s good !..Now itself i will call your husband..No no..Your going to be ex-husband to come home..
Ranvir calls Abhi

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Ranvir – Hey Abhi !..Sorry yaar i had a small work..I am taking the files and coming to your home
Abhi – Ya it’s ok..I am coming..

Everyone in the house assemble …
Abhi is tensed that Pragya is not returned ..
Ranvir enters but no one notices him and all were waiting for Pragya..
Pragya enters in ..
Abhi – Pragya !!!..
He goes and hugs her…Pragya gets tears…

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Abhi – Pragya where do you went ?
Pragya looks on with tears – I need a divorce from you ..
Abhi is stunned ..All gets shocked..
Abhi – Ask me to leave my life..This minute i will leave infront of you ..But to leave you if a second also i can’t …

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Ranvir gets jealous and angry seeing their unbreakable love…Abhigya have a eyelock ..Allah Waariyaan plays..

Image result for Abhigya allah waariyan gifs    Image result for Abhigya allah waariyan gifs


Precap : In the court , The judge asks Are you both ready for the divorce ?..Abhigya sees each others faces ..Mein phir bhi tumko chaahunga plays……… 

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