Abhigya- My hero episode 5

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Hi guys. Happy christmas. I am really very sorry for my late update. I will try my best to update regularly.

I replied to everyone in my previous ff guys

This episode was dedicating to my new choti Akshaya and my cute stupidstarakshaya.

Now coming to the story,

Episode start with pleasant evening, pragya freshen up her and wears red saree. She weard her lens and went to temple. Suddenly her phone started to ring. She took her phone. It was new no. She was confused and attend the phone. Pragya says hello who is this? Abhi says Pragya… Pragya…. (In shaking tone) pragya realised it was Abhi and says hello Abhi what happened? Call was cut pragya again called him but it came switch off. she was scared. Immediately she called purab. He attend the call and asked hey pragya what’s up? Pragya says give me Abhi’s house address. Purab asked what? address? But why? Pragya says pls give me. Purab says ok… Ok… He gave address to her. Before he could ask she cut call. Purab was confused. She rushed to his house. Pragya was shocked by his house. It was really very big house she entered into his house. Dadi came to pragya. Pragya says names te dadi i came to see Abhi. dadi saw her way of dressing and got happy. She thinks how abhi got good friend like her. Pragya says dadi. Dadi says haa abhi is in his room. Pragya says thanks dadi. She rushed to his room and saw he was lying in bed and looks at her. Abhi was totally lost in her. He just stood from the bed and went to near to pragya. She says so you acted right? Abhi came back to sense. He gave witty smile.

Pragya gave stern look to him. Abhi says i think now you understood that you can’t hate me. He winked at her. Pragya turned to leave but abhi holds her hand and pulled her with force. Pragya hits in his chest. She looks his eyes both were lost in their eyes (yedhedho pennae plays….. From meendum oru kadhal kadhai) his hand travelled to her exposed part of her waist which makes her to shiver and came back to sense. He holds his hand which is holding her waist. He came bake too too sense (song ends). He realised what he is doing. Immediately He took her hand from her waist. He left her. They both shares an embarrassing moment. To avoid that pragya says how dare you to cheat me? Abhi asked me??? Pragya replied yes you… you are the cheater. Abhi says hey don’t say me cheater. Pragya gave stern look. Abhi says ok fine. I am sorry pls forgive me. I said the fact but… Pragya was now peak of anger gave powerful stern look. Abhi says i am sorry again.

Pragya didn’t look him. Abhi asked so you will not forgive me? By Moving towards her. pragya says with stemmer no by moving backwards. She hits on the wall and shocked. Abhi pinned her towards wall. She looks into his eyes. He removed her hair from her face which makes pragya to shiver and closed her eyes. Abhi says you are looking beautiful in this saree. Pragya opened her eyes. She came back to sense and realised he was so close to her. She pushed him and says don’t ever dare to talk with me. Abhi says pls pragya i am really sorry. Tell me what I want to di. Pragya smiled and says so Rockstar came to my point. Abhi was shocked and asked Rockstar???? Pragya says yes purab only told me so I will call you as rockstar. Abhi smiled and asked ok say me what I have to do. Pragya says ok just write 10000 times that girls are good. Abhi was shocked and shouts 10000 times??? I can’t do it. Pragya says then forget our friendship. She turned to leave but he pulled her towards him and says ok i will do only for you. Pragya looks him with lot of emotions. He left her.

Pragya turned to other side. without seeing his eyes she went from that place. She came back to her home. She directly went to her room. She placed her hand on her chest. She thinks about his closeness and his touch. Pragya thinks am i dreaming? I never let any boy to come this much closeness but I am giving way to him. I couldn’t resist him. I am feared that i will lost myself. What is this pragya? Are you fallen in love with him? Are you thinking he is my hero? omg i don’t know what is happening to me. She went and stood in front of mirror. She thinks about Abhi. Unknown smile formed in her lips. She thinks that means i am in love with him. He is my hero. She smiled in happiness. She took her diary and started to write about Abhi. She completed. She good up from the chair and falls on bed with that diary. She placed kiss on diary. She thinks about Abhi and her sweet moment and his touch. Soon she dozed off. Screen shifts to Abhi, he is writing 10000 times. Abhi thinks even in my school i never wrote imposition but now I am writing 10000 times that too “girls are good” god it should not happen to any boy. Time passed. Finally he completed. Abhi shouts hey super i completed my imposition. Now i can sleep. He saw the money. He was shocked. Abhi shouts omg now 7.00 am what I will do now. He went to fresh up with half sleep. He got ready and came to college. Pragya too came to college. She saw abhi but she went to sit in last bench with smile. Abhi came and gave her a note. She opened and was surprised to see he wrote 10000 time that girls are good. Abhi says now i am going to sleep don’t dare to wake me. He sat near her and placed his head on her shoulder. Pragya was very happy and thinks i will be waiting for your love. She kissed that note and started to cares his face.
Screen freezes on Pragya’s happy face.

PRECAP- Abhi took Pragya’s diary and shocked to see what she wrote about him.

Guys i wrote in half sleep so if any mistakes i am really sorry. Sorry for my short update. I will reply to everyone but it will take some time guys. Love you all ?

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