Abhigya- My hero episode 4

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Hi guys this is Monesha first of all i am really very very very sorry sorry sorry for not even updating my ff. There are more exams.
Missed you All
Ok no bak bak coming to the story.

This episode was dedicating to DI sissy and PRIYANKA sissy.

All the one were happy. Pragya, bulbul and Alia sat in last bench. Abhi came to pragya and sat which makes pragya, bulbul, and Alia to surprise. Bulbul says Alia i am getting some sweet surprise from morning onwards. Alia says yes bulbul me too. Pragya says shut up. At that time purab came and says hey idiot Abhi i will always sit with you right. How can you leave me? First move and sit. Abhi sat very close to pragya. Professor came inside. He started to take class. Abhi says it’s really boring. Alia says keep quiet otherwise he will make us out of the class. Purab says yes that is good idea. Bulbul says are you gone mad. Pragya says shut up guys. They realised silence of class. They lifts their face and was shocked to see professor standing with angry. All got up. Professor shouts get out. All the one went out. Abhi and purab gave hi-fi. Bulbul, Alia and pragya were very angry. Bulbul says it’s coz of you both. Purab asked we??? Alia says yes coz of you only. Pragya says shut up guys. There is no use of talking this. I am going to library who coming with me. Alia, Abhi and bulbul shouts No. Abhi says what a girl you are saying that you are going to library. Boring girl. Alia says yes very boring girl. Do what you want but We all are going to canteen. Pragya says your wish bye. She started to move. Alia, bulbul and purab started to move to canteen. Abhi look at both direction. Abhi went to pragya side by running. Pragya was surprised.

Pragya asked what you are doing? Abhi says why you can’t see i am coming with you to library. Pragya asked why? Abhi asked what question you are asking? Coz you are my friend. Pragya stopped walking and asked they all also your friend right? Abhi too stopped and looks at pragya and says yes you are right but you are special to me very special to me. Pragya mesmerized in his eyes both shares an eyelock ( Allah waariya plays) He was standing very close to her. Pragya realised his closeness. Immediately she turned. Her heart beat started to raise. She kept her hand near to her chest to control her heart beat. Abhi was confused. He placed his hand on her shoulder which makes pragya nervous. He slowly turned her and asked what happened? Pragya says no..noth..ing. without wasting time she went from that place. Abhi was confused. They both entered library. She sat and started to read books. Abhi thinks OMG its boring. How can she read like this? Different girl. He saw her neck and says hey this is nice dollar. Pragya smiles and says thank you. Abhi says but this is like something inside the dollar give that. Pragya immediately says no this is my father’s. Abhi says then ok. Minutes passed. Abhi thinks omg i can’t sit here anymore. He took book from her which makes pragya to shock. She was about to say something but Abhi closed her mouth and says Come we can go. He dragged her. Pragya says ok ok leave me. I will come.

Abhi left her. Abhi and pragya started to walk towards canteen. Pragya was keep on looking Abhi. They went inside canteen. Alia says hey see Abhi and pragya came. Bulbul says thank got they came. Purab says hi madam did you read books. Pragya nodded no and sat. Abhi too sat beside her and says how can you say no? You know purab she made me to sit half an hour in library. Purab says so sad. You know guys abhi never went to library. Pragya says ok shut up. We can go. Bulbul in shock asked what??? But now only you both came. Pragya says so what we can go. Alia says Pragya this is not fair. Abhi says come on Pragya. Pragya says i have to go pls come. Purab says ok guys you all go out i am and abhi will pay for bill. Abhi says you pay i will go out and stand. If you want money take it but I can’t stand there. He started to move by saying this. Bulbul and Alia too went and stood outside. Purab paid bill. Pragya took her purse and bag. Purab came and holds her shoulder and turned. Purab says hey come we can go. Pragya thinks what is this? When abhi nears me i am getting different feelings when purab near me there is nothing like what I am feeling with abhi. why my heart beat is raising when i am with him? Why my feeling towards him was very complicated? What is different between when I am with him and purab? Why this is happening? Her thoughts were broken by purab. She came back to sense. Purab asked what happened? Pragya says nothing come we can go. Purab nodded. All the one went to class. Time passed.

It was evening, Purab and bulbul went together. Vijay and Alia went. Abhi and pragya were walking. Abhi says come i will drop you. Pragya says ok you drop me but one condition. Abhi asked what condition? Pragya says let’s go by walk. Abhi says oh madam then how i will come. Pragya says that is your problem. Abhi says then you itself go bye. Pragya says then ok bye. She started to walk. Abhi too came. Pragya says somebody told me that they will not come. Abhi asked who told? Pragya looked at him. He raised his eye brow. Pragya nodded in disbelief. Abhi asked then how tanu and her parents be with you? I mean how they will behave with you? Pragya asked with smile why? Have any feelings towards her. Immediately Abhi says no nothing like that. I am just behaving with girls as a friend. I never like to love coz girls will always lie to her boyfriend. In love matters girls are worst. They will always come to boys for money and… He turned and was shocked to see pragya with angry face.

Pragya says how can you think like this? Do you think girls will be like this. You know what girls will always think her boyfriend as a hero. She will always think that her hero should always support her. Her hero should give her support in all the ways and… Wait a minute why I am saying this to you. Just go to hell. I hate you. She started to move. Abhi shouts hey i am sorry. Without listening to him she went. Pragya was very angry. She came to house with full force. She directly went to her room and sat in anger. Abhi too came to his house. He went to his room. Abhi could only hear the word i hate you. He thinks how can she say that she hates me? I will prove to she can’t hate me. Wait Pragya you will pay for saying hating me.

PRECAP- Abhi asked so you will not forgive me? by Moving towards her. Pragya says with stammering no by moving backwards. She hits on the wall and shocked. Abhi pinned her. She looks into his eyes. He removed her hair from her face which makes pragya to shiver and close her eyes. Abhi says you are looking beautiful in this saree.

Thank you so much guys for your love. Hereafter i will try to upload my ff regularly. Love you all. Drop your valuable comments and silent readers if you can pls broke your silence.


I am really sorry for not replying you all. I will reply to everyone hereafter.

Take care.

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