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Pragya Was lost in her thoughts thinking of abhi. Suddenly pragya see abhi there but she thinks it’s again a dream so she turned her face then aging turn to abhi said still abhi be there pragya gets confused and touch abhi hand it’s give feel of abhi. She gets happy and hugs abhi tightly. Abhi also tightly hugs her. For abhi he met her after 3 long month. After his to death accident. So he hugs her more tightly. After some time both broke there hugs pragya sees abhi’s tears and weap that. Then abhi kissed her forehead and said I really missed you fuggi. Pragya ask so u gave me a nick name again right . But I love that name so much and I also misses u so much. And hugs him again. Both are remain like that.

Purab came to garden and sees both are hugging and smiles and pray to god. And also said bulbul I fulfilled ur wish. Then purab came near them and said love birds iam also here. Abhi and pragya broke the hugs abhi smiles. Pragya gave a shy and confused look. Abhi see that and said fuggi this is purab my frnd. Pragya give smiles to purab and said he also ur like ur bro right. Abhi nods. Then purab said Di iam also bro to you. Pragya gets tears and said really. Purab and abhi feel sad and understand pragya longing for her family. Purab said ha Di.. pragya said thank you purab. Abhi weap her her tears and side hug her. Then after some time trio are chat with eachother. Then abhi said fuggi I told about you to my dadi she want to meat you. For that only we and purab came here to pick u. Pragya said abhi dadi will accept me na. Abhi give a smile and said she always like u fuggi. She already seen your photo in my phone she want to meat you very soon. Pragya said ok. Then chat some time. After that abhi said fuggy get ready and pack your thinks I will come eveng to pick you. Pragya nods and hugs him. Purab leaves from there. After that pragya said thank you abhi for coming to my life. Abhi kissed her forehead and leaves from there.

In eveng pragya ready and waiting for Abhi then abhi reached there. Pragya said bye to all. The lady kissed pragya forehead. Pragya gets tears and thanks. Then pragya goes to car. Abhi said wait here I will come fuggi. Pragya nods. Abhi goes to the lady and thanks her once again. And tells I came to know about from pragya the children are all want best to study so i will take responsibility of that from now onwards not only studies also foods and there every needs. The lady try to tell something but abhi stops her and said plz accept it for me. The lady finally accept that. Then abhi leaves from there.

Abhi purab and pragya are in car. Abhi slowly start fuggi what u will do if u get ur family back. Pragya happily said If that will happen iam the most happiest person in this world. Abhi smiles and said I promised you right I will find out ur family right. Pragya nods. So iam going to give u a surprise to you. Pragya ask Wat. Abhi said after reached Mumbai. Pragya gave pout and said ok.

All are reached Mumbai. Now they are in front of pragya house. Pragya ask abhi is this ur house I looking good. I think you have a very big mansion but Its look so beautiful. Abhi said no fuggi it’s not my home. Pragya ask then y we are here. Abhi you go inside you will get ur answer. Pragya goes inside the house. There is no one in hall. Abhi and purab also entered purab directly goes to sarala ma room. Abhi stand behind pragya. Pragya feel her happiness in that hall. She feel it’s her house. She just turn to side and get shocked. There is a photo of her with one young girl. Hugging kissing some funny photos be there .Abhi sees pragya and touch her shoulder . Pragya turn to abhi. Abhi said it is ur surprise fuggi. It’s ur home. The girl is your own sister. Pragya was totally shocked. And finally and said ur real name is pragya. Pragya arora. Pragya feel her world is getting dark but sudden loud voice get her back to world. Ya it’s sarala ma. Who shouted pragya. Abhi took pragya to sarala ma room. After seeing pragya Sarala ma gets happy and try to stand. Pragya is standing in door abhi said she is ur mom pragya after ur missing her health get worst condition. On that sarala ma try stand again before that pragya run to her mom and hugs her. Sarala ma also hugs and cried. She kissed all over her face. Rd dadi also hugs pragya. (Rsdadi know about pragya memory loss purab already told her by phone). Then pragya weaped her tears and said maa plz don’t cry maa. Iam here. Hereafter iam not leaving you anywhere. Sarala ma smiles and kisses her. After that abhi said to pragya u stay hear I will come 2mmoro mrng. Pragya nods. Then abhi and purab leaves from there. Suddenly pragya came out of room and stop abhi. Purab goes to car to leave them alone. Abhi ask wat. Pragya hugged him and said thank you abhi. Abhi kisses her head and said 2mmrro also u r going to get new supries wait for that. Pragya gave puzzle look . Abhi smiles and correct her hair from forehead. And said I don’t know u will accept that or not but I want to do that. Pragya ask Wat. I will tell about that 2moro u go and sleep now. Bye gd nit. Pragya nods and said good night.

Next day morning pragya ready and waiting for abhi. She thinks abhi is going to introduce her dadi. But also confuse of abhi’s word. Abhi came there and pick up pragya. In car both abhi and pragya is silent. Abhi reached mm. Finally pragya broke silence and ask who’s house is this? Abhi said ur husband house. Pragya gey shy and said tag means ur’s house. Abhi said no. Pragya get confuse. Abhi said u have a magalsutra in ur hand right. Pragya nods and gets nervous. Abhi sense that but control himself and said the owner of that magalsutra and husband of u is the owner of this house. Pragya totally shock now. She won’t think this day will come to her life. Abhi broke her thoughts and said to come out of car. Pragya said no iam not coming. Iam not going to meat them. Plz don’t do this abhi. Abhi said no pragya u want to come it is right. Pragya don’t Get feel. Abhi said Iam happy pragya finally u get ur family. Then Wat about our love and now iam pragya to you right. Abhi feel her pain but he control himself and said pragya plz come. It’s getting late and drag pragya. Purab was standing outside pragya see that and ask y he is here. Abhi said he came here before tell about ur come back to them. Pragya was shock. Abhi is not feeling of leaving her and purab was helping him. Finally abhi pragya purab entered house. Everyone are present in hall. Dadi is happy after seeing pragya . Abhi and pragya reached dadi. Dadi hugs pragya and said finally u came back. And cries pragya feel her pain and hugs her back. Then rachana hugs her. Pragya can feel everyone happy. But her heart said and eyes always watching abhi. She want to shout to abhi to don’t do this. But her heart said she is still close to him. Abhi feel her pain and confuse. Finally abhi said pragya u want to meat ur husband na. Pragya get shock .nods no to abhi. Abhi give small smile and said wait here I will come with him. Pragya was now more restless.

Then abhi come with a huge photo frame and a cloth covered that. Pragya looks abhi. Abhi said he gets shy to meat you and also you lost ur memory na so he want to prove u first u r married to him. So it is a marriage photo of u and him. Then u will meat him directly Pragya was totally blank now. She don’t want happen in her life last 2 days. Finally abhi said ok now abhi going to show ur husband saying of this and remove the the cloth pragya tightly closed her eyes. Abhi said pragya open ur eyes and see ur husband. Pragya said no. Plz pragya for me. Then pragya slowly opened her eyes and gets shocked of seeing abhigya mrg photo. See looking abhi with confusion. Abhi said don’t get confuse fuggi Iam ur husband. U r pragya abhishek prem mehra. We both r married. And abhi gets tears. Pragya gets shock abhi word. Then abhi tell about there life and his memory loss everything. Pragya is totally shock. At Last abhi said I LOVE YOU FUGGI. I love u always. That it’s pragya run to abhi and hugs him tightly. Abhi also hugged her. Both are cried. (Don’t ask me y pragya is not faint after knowing truth bcos I want to complete this shots and also its not real kkb) . Finally pragya said I love u abhi. Thank you for coming in life. Love u soo much and kissed his forehead. All are happy to see them together.

After one month sarala ma and dadi gets well bcos of pragya arrival. They fix abhi and pragya mrg date. Finally bulbul came back to family from her hide place so they also fixed rabul mrg date. Aliya whole hearty accept rabul and abhigya. And she is also love with her frnd and he also love her. Abhi accept aliya and her love. Pragya still not get back her memory but know about her past bcos abhi. And she loves abhi too much. She is happy now.

Thank you guys . Sry for my late update. Finally I fished this shot. Sry if I bored u all. Love u guys. I have an idea to write a os. Try to come with that soon. Love u all. Thanks for ur support. Bye…

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