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So frnds this was my last shot…. iam going to give this by 2 parts and also iam going to free u all in my stupit writing.

Abhi ask purab about pragya. Purab don’t know wat to said and stand there with silent. Then again abhi ask purab y r u silent purab where pragya and dadi. And abhi turn to rs dadi and said at least u tell dadi where is pragya y she is not here. She is alright na. Both purab and rs dadi are silent. Abhi gets tensed and shout purab tell me where is pragya and are u complain about that 3 culprits to police are not. Purab try to control abhi. But suddenly gets unconscious . Purab gets panic and call doctor. Doctor came and checked abhi and said he is alright. U can discharge him after 2 days. Firstly u make him to rest 2 days then y can talk to him ok. Purab nods. And said everything thing to abhi dadi.

After 2 days abhi was discharge from hospital. Purab make aliya to go to Australia. Abhi again and again ask pragya but purab divert the topic. After came to MM. Abhi was settled in his room and think about pragya and moment. Purab came to abhi room. Abhi was angry on purab bcos not telling about pragya. Purab smiles of abhi antics and said abhi pragya Di is alright. U don’t get fear about her. 1st u promise me if u get rest properly in this 2 days I will tell about Di. Ok. Abhi smiles and promise to purab.

After 2 days purab told about his memory loss. Sarala ma condition. Dadi heart attack. Even told about aliya tanu nikil also. And finally said his pune trip and his album launch. And also said wat happened before his accident. Purab said u only know about pragya Di. But now even u forgot that. Abhi was sad. He don’t know wat happen to pragya. He want to see her now itself he feel restless.
Then abhi gets courage and said purab u r right I only know about my fuggi. I have faith in my love I will definitely find out fuggi purab. Abhi said purab arrange a car we both are going to pune now and search pragya. Mission pragya started.

In pune pragya was waiting for abhi call. Last one week pragya don’t get abhi call. She was little bit fear. Everyday she goes to park and revember about abhi. But she not all lost her hope. Her heart told her abhi will definitely came to her.

Finally abhi reached pune. Abhi said purab to book the same hotel and same room. Purab ask y. Abhi said may be purab she knows my address of this hotel. Purab said ok and booked room. After taking rest both are came to the music company where abhi done his album. They ask about pragya be there. No one don’t know her. Abhi feel disappointed. Suddenly music company manager said sir I know a girl. U met her in ur album launch day ask me to call her to ur caravan. She also came to ur caravan. After that I don’t know where she went. Abhi show pragya photo to him the manager conformed that. Abhi said thanks and leaves from there. Purab said abhi we don’t have any clue about pragya Di then how we going to find her. Abhi said I hope purab I will find out my fuggi. Purab smiles and hugs him.

It was evng today evng also she is waiting for abhi call,but not get his call. Pragya crushed herself for not get abhi number. And feel sad.

Next mrng abhi and purab was thinking how to find pragya. Suddenly Purab said abhi y should we complaint to near by police station about pragya Di. And we explain everything to them. Abhi said ha purab u r right ya come we go. Both are came out from room suddenly abhi see the cctv camera be there abhi stop purab and show the camera. Purab don’t know y abhi showing cctv camera. Purab ask wat abhi. Abhi said purab y should not we check cctv footage. Purab ask for Wat. Purab I only lost my memory but my fuggi knows me very well. U told that I met pragya in pune that means my fuggi know me may be she came here to see me. Purab said r u sure about pragya Di came here. Abhi said my inner voice told me I and pragya Met and more than frnds be here in this pune. So iam going to check cctv footage. Purab ask but Wat is the use of that abhi. Abhi said I Don’t Know purab. At least I will see my fuggi in that and abhi had tears in his eyes. And also he said may be pragya will try to get back my memory for that she will come met me right. Purab hugs him and says ok abhi go and ask about cctv with the manager of this hotel I will complain to police station. Abhi nods both are leaves.

It was almost afternoon pragya was still waiting for abhi call. She is not get doubt on abhi but she want know wat happened y he suddenly stop call her and if any problem to his dadi and all. But her inner heart said he is just beside her and more close to her.

In evng abhi was sitting in room and waiting for purab to arrival. After watching cctv footage abhi was more confuse but His heart said pragya is near to him but his mind want conformed that. On that time purab came inside the with pale face.

Abhi sees purab and smiles. But seeing his face dull he felt something is wrong. Abhi ask purab wat happened purab y r u dull. Purab come sit opposite to abhi and give faint smile. Abhi ask wat happen. Purab said I find out where is pragya d? Abhi with happy smiles hugs him and ask tell me where is she. She is alright na. U met her. She ask anything about me. Purab was just struck of abhi’s happy face and continuous questions. Abhi ask plz tell me purab where she. Abhi iam just know her address. Iam not met her But, abhi ask but Purab said I came to know about one truth of pragya Di. Abhi ask wat truth purab. Purab said abhi PRAGYA DI LOST HER WHOLE MEMORY IN ACCIDENT SHE EVEN DON’T KNOW WAT’S HER NAME IS? Abhi was totally in shock state. Then after 5 min came to sense. Purab ur lieing right. Don’t play with me purab. Purab said it’s truth. Then abhi angrily said no purab it’s not true . If it is true wat is this purab showing the cctv footage to him. In that footage abhi carry pragya in his hand. Video be like abhi carry pragya in hand from hotel entrance to his room. But pragya was Unconscious. Purab see this get shock. Abhi said if u statement is true means how me and pragya Met in pune. And wat is this. How this will happen when we both lost our memory abhi angrily ask purab. Purab said with calm voice the love made u both unite abhi. Abhi just sit in bet holding his head and said purab just tell me wat happened in police station and how u came to know about fuggi memory loss.

Fb: purab entered the local police station. And met the inspector tell about pragya to him. Finally he filed a complaint. Police ask do u have any photo . Purab says yes give photo him. Inspector gets confused. He said purab to wait sometime and goes to check some other files. After some time inspector came with a file and said sir we have a complaint from one lady to find a girl family. And that girl is nikita (showing pragya photo in that file). Purab gets happy and also shock. Purab said her name is not nikita . pragya. Inspector said sir we don’t know the girl real name even the lady who complaint also don’t her real name. We just kept her a name nikita to call her. Purab was totally confused and think y pragya Di change her name and y she compliant to find family. Inspector understood his confusion so he explained purab about pragya accident her memory loss and name change the lady who gave complaint finally her address. Purab was shock now. Then after some time gets home number and address leaves from there.fb end.

Now abhi was shocked. He don’t wat to do. He and his fuggi lost there memory but pragya is unconscious in his hand same of this hotel. Don’t know how they met each. Don’t know wat relationship they have now.

Mean time in home land line rings pragya gets happy and took the receiver and hello abhi but on other end some said Iam not abhi iam from police station. But pragya mood bad so gave receiver to the lady and goes from there. Inspector tell about purab to lady. Lady gets happy but inspector said we still don’t conform them so u go And check them. After conform we will tell this to nikita. Lady nods.

Purab said abhi don’t get feel. Just think of ur love abhi even u both lost ur memory but the love don’t separate u both. And finally we find pragya Di address na. So first we talk to the lady who helping our pragya Di and conform about ur meeting with her. Then we will meet pragya Di. Abhi nods . Then purab call to the home. Again pragya attend the call and said hello abhi. Purab was shock and give phone to abhi. Abhi give puzzle look purab said in husky voice pragya Di. Happily took phone here pragya continuously saying hello hello. Abhi heared her voice after too long. The tears came from his eyes. Pragya can sense abhi in phone. She ask abhi wat happen y u r not called me. Everything is alright na. How is dadi. Y r u not talking abhi. Plz talk to me. Or u crying. Here abhi gets another shock of pragya knows his dadi health and everything even his crying. Finally abhi said fuggy iam fine before abhi complete pragya ask who is fuggi u always call me chashmise na. I smiled litly and said ya chashmise iam fine. How r u?. Iam fine abhi little bit worried about u?. Wat happened abhi y u not called me? Abhi said Iam little bit busy fuggy . Pragya said Again fuggi where u get this name?. But I feel this name is more close to me. Any way how is dadi she is alright na?. Abhi said ya she is fine now. Ok chashmise I will call u later. Pragya said ok. Then abhi cut the call.

Purab said y u cut the call. Abhi said purab again call and talk to that lady may he that lady also know about me of pragya frnd. Purab nods and after 10 mins again purab called that home. Managing lady attend the call purab said I want to talk nikita to u. I want to meat u. Lady conform him who complaint about nikita and agree to met him. Purab told the place.

It was evng purab and abhi both are waiting in a cafe. Finally lady arrived that cafe and called purab on that same time she met abhi with a man and gets happy. so she Cut the call before connect and goes to abhi(on thinking of its good if tell about nikita sudden family arrival may be abhi will help to conform them and it’s necessary to tell abhi) lady reach abhi table and with whole happy said abhi. Abhi see the lady but not revember her and give puzzle look. But lady said oh abhi when u came pune. U came here to meet nikita right. I know that. Abhi and purab gets shock. Suddenly Purab ask so u r lady who helping our pragya right. The lady gave puzzle look. Then purab told about his call. Lady gets shock. Then she turn to abhi and ask u know him and even u know about pragya family. Abhi don’t to said. Then purab said first u just sit and I will tell everything to u. Then purab told about abhigya love accident memory loss sarala ma and dadi condition and everything thing even abhi’s memory back also. Lady was totally shocked. After confort her ask so only abhi give puzzle look after met me. Abhi nods. Abhi ask now u know about me and pragya but now I want to know nikita and abhi plz tell. The lady told about there meeting friendship and love. Abhi gets happy tears. And abhi think now I belive in the God even we lost our memory but love each other uncontrollably. Then lady ask how u going to tell about this to nikita I mean pragya. Abhi said if said all this pragya will get confuses so first I want to meet nikita then I took her to Mumbai and slowly tell the truth. Both purab and lady said ok. Then finally abhi said thanks to the lady who saved his pragya and helped this much days. Lady give a small smile and it’s k I always think nikita us my child so it’s my duty to product her. abhi smiles. I really happy now nikita get back her family. Then all are leaves for there .

Next day morning trio goes to police station and get back the complaints. Then abhi and purab goes to meat pragya with lady.

In home abhi entered home staff said pragya is in garden. Purab said abhi to meat pragya first. Abhi nods and goes to garden.

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