ABHIGYA MARRIAGE few shots (Shot 4)

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This shot is little bit small. Bcos i want to end this shot be here only.

The epi start with the Mrg preparation is going on in kkb hall. All are busy in arora family except pragya they lock pragya in her room.

It was evng

Arora family all are be waiting in kkb hall. Pragya in a room bulbul and purvi helps her. On that time grooms family come to hall. Bulbul and purvi leave pragya in room and goes out to see them.

Abhi is weard red and sandal missed servani. He looks too handsome. Bulbul came there and said jiju u look handsome. Abhi smiles and said thanks. Then bulbul see purab and said in low tone u r also look good Mr. Purab mehra. Purab said u too ms. Bulbul arora… then sarala ma take arathi for abhi. Make him to sit in mandap.

After some time pragya came there she weard red dress. She look like angel. Abhi drumstruck in pragya beauty. He open his month not knowing himself. Purab seeing this came to abhi and said bhai close ur mouth or else houseful come inside ur mouth . Abhi suddenly close his month and smiles on purab. Everyone praises Pragya then bulbul made pragya to sit beside abhi.

Then the Mrg rituals starts. Pragya and abhi do wat the panditji said. Then they done 7 rounds. And abhi make pragya to wear mangalsutra and filled her with kumkum. And they take dadi rsdadi sarala ma wishes.

It was the time of pragya leaving the arora family. Sarala ma hugs pragya and said some valuable points for her mrg life. Then ask abhi to take care of pragya. Pragya cried in all this time. Then pragya hugs rsdadi and cried. Rs dadi consul her. Then bulbul and purvi gave her a bone crash hugs and cried. Bulbul said Iam really going to miss u Di. Purvi said Iam also going to miss u and here after who will give good advice Di. Pragya cries and make understand bulbul and purvi. Kiss there forehead and leaves.

In car pragya is still cry silently. Continuously tears come from her eyes. Abhi see this and feel bad. He is not take his on Pragya. Finally abhi said plz pragya don’t cry we all are be here na. And touch her hand and hold it. Pragya somewat feels better. Purab is driving the car seeing this just smiles and thinks I know abhi u like bhabi. U will definitely understand bhabi and live happy life. Then they all are reached mm.

Now pragya little bit better. Abhi came out of car and goes to pragya side before pragya could get down abhi gives his hand to pragya. Pragya just look abhi and hold abhi’s hand and comes out of car. Then they enter mm. Dadi take arathi and done all rituals. After finishing the rituals. Dadi make pragya to sit in abhi room and said pragya u r my child . This is ur house. Don’t feel bad. U have all rights on this house ok. Pragya nods. Dadi goes out.

Pragya just look at the room. She missed her room. She want to go back to her house. The tears came out from her eyes pragya try to control herself but she could not. Suddenly pragya hear door open sound pragya wipe her tear and looks abhi. Abhi see pragya and understand she miss her family and cried.

Abhi lock the door.

And came to pragya and said


Precap: secret of mrg came out

I think you all are like this shots. Let see in next shot wat happened.

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