ABHIGYA MARRIAGE few shots (Shot 3)

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Thr epi start with mm family come to arora house. Abhi dadi purab all are be there. Abhi is little bit nervous. Sarala ma greats abhi’s family and talked with them. But abhi’s eyes is roaming the house. Purab seen this smiles and goes to abhi ear and said abhi plz wait definitely they will show her. Abhi looks purab with serious eye but purab smiles.

On another side

Pragya is getting ready. Bulbul helps her. On that time purvi came there and said u know Di jiju looks soo handsome if u said no to this Mrg conform I will marry him saying of this purvi laugh. Pragya gets little jealous feel but she don’t show it out. Bulbul said purvi stop it ya. See pragya Di feels bad and smiles. Pragay just look both with angryness. Suddenly purvi said u know bulbul jiju ‘ s bro ( in my shots purab is abhi’s own bro) is also look handsome. Bulbul said really with excitement. Purvi nods her head.

After some time pragya came out from her room get greats from dadi and sit beside dadi just opposite to abhi. Both are not seen eachother. rsdadi seeing this and gets some idea.

Rsdadi said we just allow abhi and pragya to talk some time separately. Dadi and sarala ma nods. So finally abhi and pragya goes to terace to talk.

After sometime they came back with happy face and said ok for mrg… Both the families are happy now. Then abhi’s family leaves from arora house.

After 2 days

Dadi sarala ma and rs dadi seen panditji and fix mrg date after 10 days. Before the Mrg date they fix engagement date and Megandi sangeth everything. In this 10 days both the families are very busy for arrangements.

Engagement in mm

Pragya family came to mm. Pragya is looking too beautiful in pink colour saree. Dadi greats them ans prises pragya beaty. After sometime abhi came from his room he also weard pink servani. Abhi looks handsome. Abhi’s eyes see pragya and freezed for her beauty. Abhi gives a small smile to pragya also smile Then after some time purab goes to stage and annoce for ting changing fun then abhi and pragya goes to stage. Purab gives rings to abhi . Abhi put that ring to pragya hand then bulbul give ring to pragya. Pragya put that ring on abhi hand. All are clapped for them. Then music starts everyone dancing. Pragya and abhi just stand in stage just watching them. Then abhi said with low voice u looking beautiful today pragya. Pragya gives smile to abhi and said u also looking handsome. Abhi also smiles.

Then the fun gets over arora family ready go to home. Purab only dropping them. Everyone one get into the car finally pragya get in but stops and turn and looked abhi and show hands for him. Abhi smiles and wave his hands. Then pragya get in and they went.

Next day was mehandi fun. Mehandi also be in mm house. The function starts on evng. Pragya applied mehandi on her hands with all formalities. Bulbul tease abhi to find his name in mehandi. Abhi with more struggle finally find his name. Then they all are played anthashali. Pragya gets a call on that so she goes to back side of house and talk.

After some time abhi came there and sees pragya is missing. But before abhi react pragya came there. Then fun comes to end and arora family leaves.

After 2 days sangeth fun. As usual fun goes will the split part is abhi and pragya dance for the song sanam re. They dance on most romantic way. Then the sangeth fun over they all leaves to home. Next evng mrg.

Pragya goes to her room

Abhi also goes to his room

Pragya stand infront of mirror

Abhi also stand in front of the mirror

Pragya smiles to herself and said finally (mute).

Abhi smiles to himself and said finally ( mute).

Screen freeze on abhi and pragya face.

I know this shot is too worst.
But u will get super twist on abhigya marriage.

Precap: abhi said to pragya don’t cry.

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