ABHIGYA MARRIAGE few shots (Shot 2)

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In mm

Abhi still watching the photo. Slowly photo shown yes its our pragya photo. After some time abhi came back to senses. And looked around. Dadi and purab continuously watching him. Abhi suddenly put the photo on table and ask wat. Purab said abhi iam really happy finally u liked a girl. She is really looking beautiful and good. Dadi smiles.

Abhi stand ‘ s and tell who tell I like her. I already told u both na. Iam not intrested in marriage. Plz leave me. And abhi leaves from that place. Dadi becomes sad and said purab y he behave like this. Wat is his problem. Just some minutes ago I gets happy but finally he said no to marriage the only difference is other girls photo he say no without watching it now he said no after staring 10 mins.

Then dadi try to leave the place but purab stops dadi and said dadi plz think of it. Abhi continuously staring that girl photo almost 10 min. This is a first change of him. Y can’t we choose this girl for our abhi. I conformly tell abhi likes her if we arrange Mrg means he definitely marry her. Dadi think for some time and ask details about the girl family.

In arora house.

Pragya still looking the photo finally the photo shown it was our abhi. Pragya hear some giggle sound so she looked around and get shy. Bcos everyone watching her. Suddenly she put photo in table and ask wat. Purvi said wow Di wat a selection. I really like my jiju. Bulbul said mee too Di. Sarala ma smiles. Pragya gets angry and stand from chair and said who is ur jiju. Purvi shown abhi photo. Pragya said who said I like him. I still not change my decision. Bulbul ask then y u staring him almost 10 mins . Pragya said ya I accept that he is handsome and good but my decision is not change. Saying this pragya goes to her room. Sarala ma feels bad and tears coming from her eyes. Rsdadi seeing this and said sarala don’t cry. But sarala ma said beeji y pragya doing like this. But bulbul hold sarala ma hand and said maa I think Di Like him. Sarala ma ask how u tell this much confidential. Purvi said maa r u not heard wat Di told. Sarala ma says wat she told. Rs dadi said our pragya said he is handsome and good. So pragya like him. Bulbul said ha ma. Di like him. If we arrange Mrg with him means definitely Di marry him ma. Sarala ma thinks sometime and details about the groom. But the Mrg mediator not known about him that much even not knowing his name (in my shots abhi is not rockstar just a business man) then she said I collect proper details about him and tell everything. Arora family nods.

In mm

Dadi ask purab r u sure he like her. Purab said ha dadi he like her and said plz come with me I prove to u. Saying this purab entered abhi room dadi stand in door. Purab goes to abhi and ask y u not agree for mrg bro if she is not good looking. But abhi gives most fast reply no purab not like that she look too good and very beautiful. Ya I accept I like her. Now purab shows thumps up to dadi (abhi not see dadi). Abhi continue but iam not think to marry now. Saying this abhi goes to washroom. Dadi came inside and said purab I conformed she is my bahu. We arrange Mrg abhi definitely accept for this Mrg. And wat the family name she(Mrg mediator)said. Purab told arora family. And the bride name is pragya, pragya arora . Dadi said name is also good like her.

After some times abhi came out from wash room see dadi and purab be in room. Abhi ask wat happen dadi y u be here. Dadi said I’m a going to village now. Abhi gets panic and ask y dadi Wat happen y suddenly this decision. Dadi said it’s all bcos of u. U will not accept to Mrg so only I took this decision. Then both abhi and dadi argue some time finally abhi said k for marriage.

In arora house

Sarala ma waiting for mrg mediator. After 1hr she came and give details about mehra family. Even the Mrg mediator tells mehra family also willing to this relationship. Sarala maa gets happy and hugs rs dadi. After leaving Mrg mediator. Bulbul ask Ma now how u going to convince Di. Sarala ma said wait and watch. Then it was evng going out bcos of some work . On that time Sarala ma share her plan to everyone. Then it was night pragya came to home and goes to dinner every one is present there but without eating. Pragya ask y all are don’t have food. Bulbul said we all are in huger fight. Pragya in shocking tone y. Sarala says if u not accept the Mrg we don’t have our food. Pragya get shock again. Then the argument starts. Finally pragya also accept for the Mrg.

Both mm and arora house family gets happy now.

Let’s see Wat happen next.

Precap: Mrg preparation starts from 2 families.

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