ABHIGYA MARRIAGE few shots (Shot 1)

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Hai frnds.. it was story of our abhigya.just few shots

In mm

one old lady shows too much of photos to one young man but he reject every photo even not seen the pic. That old lady fed up with his behaviour. So she called one person and ask him to come home soon.

In arora house.

One girl show photos to another girl but that girl not see the photo & said Iam not like him . The girl show other photos in each photo she gets same answer. Finally that girl get fed up and says Di this is not far.

In mm

Two boys face shown one is our abhi and another person is purab.

P: abhi wat happen to you ? Y u reject every girl.
A: purab I already told u iam not like to marry. Then y u all are compell me.
P: I know abhi. But plz think of dadi . She is more worried about you. She want to settle ur life to a good girl hand and she want to see ur son/ daughter.
A:( thinking of sometime on that time his phone rings abhi attend that call and said I will come soon) plz stop this topic purab. I have wrk in office I want to go. Saying of this abhi goes out.

In arora house

Three girls and one lady and old lady face shown one is our pragya and another two is bulbul and purvi. Lady is Sarala ma old lady is rs dadi

B: Di y u r not willing to marry?
Pu: ha Di tell me ?
Pragya is silent
B: Di if u not marry means how I will get married.
Pu: ha Di bulbul is right. U r elder if u get married soon means bulbul also get married then I get married. If my marriage getting late means it only bcos of u (shows some fake anger.)
Sar: tum Dhono shup karo.
Pragya plz tell something y u don’t want marry now.
Pragya is silent.
Sa: in angry tone pragya tell me pragya y u don’t want to marry . R u love any one.
P:(this question make pragya to speak) maa no ma.. Iam not love anyone. I simply not want marry soon that’s it. I want to achieve my goal. After that I will marry ma. and plz now leave me I want to make a call to college. Saying of this pragya goes her room and locked. Hear everyone is sad.

After some days

Again in two house they shows photos for marriage.

A: no
P : this
A: no
P: this
A:no (even not seeing the pic
D: abhi wat r u doing at least see the pic and tell wat u think. In angry tone
Purab smile for this . Abhi see purab.

Then again purab shows some photos. But now abhi sees every photos and said no. On that time purab get a call and goes to talk. Dadi was just close her eyes bcos of abhi’s rejection.
The Mrg mediator shows continuously photos. In one photo abhi struck. He took that photo in his hand and sees that girl without taking his eyes. he lost in her beauty and innocent eyes. On that time purab came there and sees abhi watching a photo. He silently goes to abhi and see the photo. The girl was looking good. She look like modern and also homely. Purab patch dadi shoulder. Dadi open her eyes and see purab. Purab shows eyes to abhi. Dadi watch abhi looking a photo without taking his eyes. Dadi seen that photo without disturb abhi. She likes that girl. Abhi still continously watching that photo.

In arora house.

Bulbul shows some photo but pragya says no even not see the pic. Purvi said at least look the photo once then tell no. Pragya looks purvi with angry Ness . Purvi said bulbul show photo I have a wrk saying of this she went. But bulbul said Iam fed up And tells to Mrg mediator to show photo to Di. And goes kitchen to help sarala ma. Rsdadi is busy in playing games in mob. Now pragya see a photo in table. She struck a sec. Then she took that photo in her hand and lost in his handsome face and his eyes. Rs dadi turn to see pragya and sees this. See silently call everyone be there . Sarala ma came there and sees pragya is lost in a pic. She litly smile and show eyes to bulbul to watch that photo. Bulbul goes behind pragya without disturbing and see the photo feel happy. And shows thumps up to her mother and took her mob and take a photo without sound. Show the pic to everyone. But still pragya is lost in him.

Precap: abhi and pragya said ok for mrg.

Now u all are free to scold me. Thanks for reading. If u like this means I continue this. My English is little poor but I hope u all understand it.

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