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Haii iam back with an os..

This os is started in the current track.

It was a day of purab and pragya engagement. The most happiest persons in that fun is tanu and aliya. They are very happy and do all the decoration. They know purab and pragya don’t have any chance to stop this engagement if they want to stop means definitely they will tell there real relationship (bro & sis) in front of abhi. Then abhi will ask several questions. So they don’t do that. thinking of that they happily ready for engagement with beautiful dresses.

On other side abhi was most confusion state . He don’t know he is happy or not. Some time he feel he is happy of this relation and some time he feel he is going to miss her don’t know y. And pragya love purab it’s also hurt abhi. Even abhi thinks to stop the engagement but don’t know y. he feel like pragya is only for his but don’t know y. And the most important think is he is going to marry tanu and pragya is lover of purab this 2 truth hurts him to the core. But don’t know y. On this of thoughts abhi is also ready for engagement fun.

Now purab don’t know y. He don’t have any idea to stop this engagement. If he came with any plan aliya will come another plan and tarped him. Now he cursed himself for this plan. And now only he understand that how abhi will tell his love to lover of purab. Abhi have feeling for pragya but he feel pragya is lover of purab so abhi still don’t understand the real depth love. Purab scold himself.

Another room all the older people(dadi, dasi, sarala ma, rs dadi, janaki ma) are discussed how to stop the engagement. But don’t have any crt and proper idea. They all are feel for pragya and purab stage. But don’t do any think.

Last and finally the most saddest person is shown ya it’s our pragya. She is too dull. Her eyes are filled with tears. She still not ready for engagement fun. She just stand in front of mirror. And scold her self. She feel like she is going to die to soon. Thinking of engagement give her More pain. And other think is still abhi is not realise his and her love. He always came closed to her but suddenly he get cunfusion of relationship so go back to his normal state. Pragya don’t know how abhi going relise her love for him. When he going to accept him. Don’t know. Thinking of all this tears are coming. That’s it when she heard door knot sound she weap her tries and ask who is this. Other side abhi says it’s me fuggi. Then u ready can I come inside to see u. Prgaya said no iam not still ready plz give me 10 mins I will call u once iam ready. Abhi says take ur own time. I go and check purab then I will come. Pragya said ok and goes to washroom and start to get ready like a machine.

After 10 mins pragya is ready in dress abhi Select for her (the trial room drs). Now again she here door knot she know it’s abhi and ask him to come in. Abhi came inside and mesmerised by pragya beauty. He just goes too close to pragya . Pragya is speechless. Abhi goes to pragya ears and tell u looking to beautiful fuggi. Then come back to his sense and tell looking like an angel FUGGI and purab is very lucky to have u. And Abhi thinks in his mind iam very unlucky. Pragya is little bit hurt by lucky word. But don’t show it. Then says shall we go everyone is waiting for u. Pragya said ok. But abhi stops her and says something is missing . Pragya check herself in mirror and ask wat. Abhi again come close to pragya. Take his hands to pragya hair and took the band from pragya hair and lossen her hair by his hand and says perfect. Pragya just gave a smile. Abhi show his hand in front pragya held his hand think pragya do something to stop this engagement. And walk with abhi hand in hand.

In hall everyone is present there. Aliya goes to purab and held his hand and took him to stage and wish him. Purab gave a angry look to aliya. But she smiles on him and goes.Everyone is waiting for pragya.After some time abhi bring pragya to hall.But abhi feel restless like pragya and purab.Then abhi made pragya to stand in stage beside purab. Purab look pragya with helpless state. Then abhi gets down from stage and stand beside dadi. But it’s hurts abhi to pragya with purab.

And finally it was the ring changing time. Aliya stand beside purab and tanu stand beside prgaya bcos abhi refused to give the ring to pragya bcos it’s hurts him too much. Tanu congrats P & P and give ring to pragya. Pragya took that ring stand there silently. Aliya said to purab to show hand in front and she front his hand. Abhi see this and feels bad. He wish to stop the engagement but don’t know y. Now total hall is silent. Pragya have ring in her hand. Purab hand is waiting for ring. Abhi heart is beat too fast like P&P. Dadi sarala ma rs dadi dasi are almost have tears in there eyes. Raj bhai mithali thaiji thayaji don’t know wat to happen. Aliya and tanu have evil smile on there face.

That’s it. Pragya drop the ring and shout I don’t do this engagement. Everyone of that hall are shock state. Even purab dadi sarala ma dasi rsdadi also. They know prgaya don’t do this but they feel there is no chance to stop that. all are watch pragya everyone eyes on in pragya. In prgaya eyes are tears. Her eyes is totally red.abhi gets feels and ask wat happen fuggi and walk to pragya but pragya said stop!! In loud voice. Abhi just back himself of her voice. Even everyone. Aliya and tanu also. Pragya just get down from stage. And straightly come to abhi and stand infront of him. Abhi just stared her eyes. The eyes are more red. He can feel the pain in her eyes and also he feel the eyes want to tell something to him. Then abhi said pragya but stop! Him by showing her hand. Now the hall is more silent. Then pragya open her mouth and tell the most beautiful 3 words I LOVE YOU SUNIYEA. Everyone is very shock. Abhi is more shock. Purab is shock also relive. Abhi is feeling somewat happy and also bad. Abhi couldn’t understand wat is happening here.Finally abhi came from shock and said but pragyaU love purab before abhi could end his sentence pragya said no iam not in love with purab I loved u. When I met u first time iam not know iam fall in love with u but when I came into ur life I fell there is something u and me. And finally when I seen ur kindness to me I fall in love with you. U r MY LIFE without u I don’t know wat iam going to do. If iam live with u I will face all dangers. That’s pragya confess her love in front of all purab dadi’s sarala ma all are somewat relax. But don’t know abhi will accept. Abhi is stand there with too much of shock. Again pragya tells I only loved u not purab. Purab also know iam in love with u. He just helped me to make u jealous and make u to understand my love. But u understand everything in wrong and arrange this engagement. So only I stop this and now confess myself to u too.

Now tanu gets angry and come to abhi and pragya. And said Wat a shameless girl u r. U know very well abhi going to marry me and he is in love with me. But u proposed him. Then tanu turn to abhi side and said see abhi I already warn u don’t get close to pragya she will take advantage of u. Now see Wat she done. And tanu try tell something but pragya said stop in loud voice. Tanu stop her talk and stand there in silent. Pragya said to tanu be in ur limit. iam not done my talk still. Don’t came mid of talk ok. Tanu just stand there and see angry in pragya eyes. Then pragya face in said now ball is ur side. U decide who u want in ur life. And here after iam not come infront of u. If u want me in ur life came to me. If u don’t want me plz don’t came infront of me. I will live ur memories in some other place in this world. Now u can decide. Bye .

Saying this pragya just go from there in bold walk (like very 1st epi of kkb pragya stop her mrg and walk bravely na) but her eyes are filled with tears. She won’t wait anyone and go from there.

After some time.

Tanu and aliya are in aliya with more tension. Tanu said aliya wat is this. Aliya said don’t Know tanu. I didn’t except this from that pragya. Tanu said now Wat can we do if abhi is like pragya means. Aliya stops tanu and said we do something before bhai could take any decision. Then aliya think sometime then said tanu call ur mom and ask her to come 2moro. We will blackmail abhi using ur mom health and done the Mrg within one week. Tanu said good idea and called her mom and said everything. Then aliya said come tanu we will see bhai reaction now. Tanu said ok and both leaves.

Abhi is thinking of pragya. Every moment he spend time with pragya came infront of his eyes. That time aliya & tanu came there and see abhi’s confusion state . Then aliya goes towards abhi and sit beside abhi and said bhai don’t think too much she is just a gold digger. She want ur money. That’s y only she act this much days bhai. Even I could not think purab also support her. On time crtly purab entered. Ha abhi I supported her bcos she is like my Di. Abhi just shock and ask wat. Ha abhi she is my Di. Then abhi ask then y u support her. Purab said stop abhi it’s not pragya Di plan it’s my plan I only comple pragya Di to do this. Bcos I want ur happiness abhi. Ur happiness is always merged with pragya Di that’s y only I done that drama. Aliya try to say something but abhi stops her and ask then Wat that photo of prgaya hugs u. Purab said that was real abhi actually some guys try to misbehave with pragya Di but Di called me and I help her that’s y only she hugs with pure bro & sis relationship. Abhi is shocked again. Abhi one more think I want to tell y I call pragya as Di. Bcos I was already married to pragya Di sister. Abhi was super shock and ask wat then y I could not revember any think. Aliya get shock and said purab to stop his drama. But purab said U know very well abhi u lost ur 2 yrs memory but in that 2 yr there are too much of thinks happened abhi. If u don’t want to feel u missed anything in future plz try to understand pragya Di love and plz belive ur heart. That’s It abhi. Now u decide. And purab try to leave but abhi stops him and ask if u married means where is ur wife. Purab said she is died in accident and tears came for purab eyes and he leaves from there. Aliya said bhai plz but abhi said leave from here aliya I want to be alone. Aliya and tanu leave from there.

In arora house pragya is sitting in soba. Sarala ask y u do this pragya wat if abhi is not accept u means. That purab reached arora house and listen them. Pragya said Iam also not going to disturb him ma. I will live with his memories and pray to god not to give his memory back. And tears are roles from her eyes. Everyone is had tears for pragya state. Pragya goes to her room and cried.

Next day abhi is waiting for pragya but pragya not came there. Tanu and aliya came to abhi and said the matter of tanu mom arrived and now her health condition is too week and she want to see her daughter mrg before close her eye. So mrg is arrange 2moro. Abhi is shock and y this much fast. But aliya said u want to do this bhai. And show some paper there they write like rs abhi is delaying his Mrg with tanu but tanu is staying in abhi’s house before mrg. Rs abhi is not have culture sense like some bad words. Aliya said if we maintain this means ur all rs image also fell down bhai. And give too much of talk and tanu do her crying act. Finally abhi said with fed up mind do what ever u want. And goes from there.

Abhi went to his room and thinks of pragya he take his mob and call pragya but Pragya not atten the call. And see pragya photo tears came from his eyes. I know pragya I loved u but Wat I do for this situation. Tanu mom is critical and my image. Don’t know wat to do. Dadi came there and ask r u accept to marry tanu. Abhi said yes. so you don’t love pragya. Abhi said no iam not in love with pragya but tears came from his eyes oh ok then ur wish and listen my word iam going to leave Mumbai and goes back to our village. Abhi ask for Wat. Dadi said I only want my grandson Abhishek prem mehra not the one abhi the rock star. Saying of this dadi came to door and turn before going to marry tanu listen to ur heart abhi and dadi leave from there.

Next day Mrg day of abhi and tanu. Prgaya know this but not say anything to anyone. She is silent. And be in her room. In mm the Mrg decoration is going on. Aliya and tanu are full of happy mode. Purab came to abhi and see him. Abhi is more dull. Purab goes to him and said congrats abhi. Abhi just watch purab. And ask u r not angry on me. Purab said no abhi this is ur life and ur wish but one think abhi plz think in abhishek prem mehra stage not in abhi the rs stage. If abhishek is not happy means abhi the rs is also not going to be happy. U still have time abhi saying of purab leave from there.

In eveng mrg time came.

Pragya ask permission to go out. Rsdadi ask where she is going. Pragya said beach. Then gave permission to her. Pragya goes to beach where abhi and her meat first time tears filled her eyes and she just sit there in sand and watch the waves of see. Abhi is ready now but his heart is not ready to do this mrg. Aliya came to abhi room and took him to mantap. Aliya made abhi to sit. Abhi just look his dadi he feel her hurts for this Mrg and see tanu mom she is normal not look like a patient. And see purab he smiled little bit but his eyes are pledging him. Then it was time for tanu to arrive. Tanu came there with aliya. She looks beautiful but not like pragya. Tanu came towards mandap in every step from tanu make abhi heart to beat fast and want to meet pragya. At last tanu reached mandap and sit beside abhi but abhi stand from mandap and said this mrg not going to happen. Aliya and tanu are shocked. Aliya ask wat this bhai. Abhi said I don’t like mrg aliya that’s it. Tanu stand and said abhi plz don’t play and see my mom stage tanu show eye to her mom. Her mom do the act like get unconscious. Abhi see this and ask purab to call doctor and says to tanu u admit ur mom to hospitalAnd Iam not going to marry u bcos of ur mom. Saying he just move from there but aliya stops him and ask wat about ur reputation bhai. Abhi said Iam not going to think about that now aliya. Reputation will comes and goes but my happiness is not like that. So Iam going to meet my pragya my happiness is her. Aliya said ur pragya r u like that cheap girl. Before aliya complete abhi said stop it aliya. She is pragya. She also have some respect and for ur kind information iam not only like pragya I love her. Yes I love my pragya. Aliya was totally drumstruck. Tanu is too much of shock. And she don’t know how to stop abhi. Dadi dasi purab are very happy. Abhi tell purab to start call I want see pragya now. Purab says ok and goes abhi came from out of house but tanu stop him and said abhi if u not marry me means I will cut my hand and show knife in front of her hand. But abhi says it’s up to u tanu u do wat ever u want. Saying of this abhi goes from there.

Abhi and purab reached arora house but pragya is not be there and rsdadi says pragya is in beach so abhi goes to beach.

In beach pragya is just see the waves abhi came there Pragya feel his presence but not turned. Abhi just sit beside Pragya. Pragya ask today is ur Mrg but u are here just looking at sea not abhi. Abhi look pragya and says ha fuggi i stop the Mrg like u do for engagement. Pragya turned and see abhi. Abhi also look at pragya. And both are hugs eachother very tightly. Then abhi broke the hug and cup pragya face and look at her eyes then kiss her forehead and look her lips then her eyes pragya just close her eyes for acceptence that’s it abhi lock his lips with her. Then both broke there kiss and see each other then abhi said I LOVE YOU FUGGI. Pragya said I know. Abhi smiles and helps pragya to stand. Pragya held her hand with him and walk. After some time pragya take her hand from abhi and stop her walk. Abhi ask wat in shock bcos of her sudden reaction. Pragya said I want to tell u some think . Abhi said I know fuggi about ur sister and purab right. Pragya with shocking tone how u know about my sis and purab. Abhi said purab only told me. Pragya said but iam not talking about purab and bulbul iam want to tell u about us. Abhi ask wat about us. Pragya said with more struggle oww. OO .OH .. We .. Both. . Are… already… MARRIED.

That’s it frnds . I think this os is too long.. sry for my mistakes. … and thanks for ur comments for my shot (ABHIGYA MARRIAGE). I will try to come with another story. Bye frnds . Take care. Love u all.

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