abhigya bani dilwale (Episode 3)

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hi guys tq for ur comments in last episode and before coming todays episode let me
say sry for u guys for late update i am really sry it is beacaz of my board exams and
i can’t even update next and will update on next tuesday 21-3-2017.

coming to story…….

as i said pragya and abhi come across to each other but unfortunately pragya turns
back as her brother called her. prgya goes to her brother roshan and askes why did he
call her, roshan says”dhi u’r flight is this side ”
pragya:”hoo!! kk lets move “.

then after that pragya says that she will go to boarding and she stand s and move to
the boarding side… while she is on boarding abhi also coe to boarding and then
behind the scene play allah waariyan from starting of song..(oo apne roothe paraye
roothe yaar roothe na…..)and abhi comes near pragya but at fraction of sec’s pragya
moves from there in a very styly way ….. . preagya goes to her flight finally and then
the flight takes off and abhi also move to his flight. at mehra mansion alia gets bussy
with abhi’s appointments and all are too bussy dadi was confused whom to ask that
where is abhi and then finally asks alia and she says dadi that abhi went to
ahmadhabad and then dadi gets wooried that why he went even without informing
her and tensed. here unfortnately due to havey rain pragya’s flight lands in
ahmadhabad’s airport and and she must wait till the wheather cools. and as abhi
also lands in ahmadhabad and for a concert in airport. they both come outs side and
take dofferent taxi’s and move then suddenly they feel something in heart and turn

back out side the window andsee eachother but thier faces are not visible clearly and
then comes the song (janam janam janam…). in mehra mansion dadi thinks of going
outside and takes dasi with her and goes to bazaar. and in bazaar dadi mets sarla
and recognaises that they met before and talks friendly and unfortunately they start
talking about abhigya dadi says about abhi but sarla don’t know abhi and sarla
talks about pragya but dadi don’t know pragya they know abhigya as their cild and
grand child and continue thier conversation. finally pragya reaches paris and then
attends a meeting ther she enters the meeting every one be fighting about the mistake
blaming on each other. pragya gets angry and then shout to be quit and say every to
sit an says “i don’t know whether this mistake is of our share holders or c.e.o ‘s but it
don’t cares to me only the thing cares to me is the mistake happrned and don’t take
stress in blaming others for the mistake happened i will find who did this and when
i find out u must pay for it who ever have done this better be cerender before i find
out………………………………. k! then fine wait and whatch what gonna happen and better
be carefull” and then prgaya moves out of the meeting and opens her car dorr and sits
moves from there. here abhi is getting ready for concert then a preperation boy come
near him and say him that his giuter is not in availability and abhi shocks!.

precap: pragya see’s moon and talk to her mother she comes out in parking suddenly
hits abhi and abhi catches her hand.

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