abhigya bani dilwale (episode 1)

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hi guys this is prernakshuthi and i am a really big fan of kumkum bhagya and and
also love dilwale movie and i got an idea that why not i create a story with remix of
abhigya and dilwale story and this story is based on if abhigya life would be like this
in which the story story starts with love and this is the story which is the result of that
thought and hope u love it and this story is only on sundays as i am little difficult to
write every day

now lets come to story….

in this story pragya is a big bussiness women who is really most proffetional
and love her mother and brother. her mom name is asussually sarla and the cherecter
her brother’s name is roshan and he loves his sis pragya sooo much and there is no
beeji and janki in story and pragya is soo practical and only thinks of her family and
bussiness and comming to abhi, abhi’s family is as usual but no purab yet but could
come in story later and no tanu for nowand abhi as usually rockstar.

let’s start….

now thee scene starts with pragya’s mom sarla who is worried of pragya’s
future saying to herself “arey why don’t this pragya understand me that bussiness is
not the only life she should plan her future with children and husband. but she don’t
listen to me she just say what ever she like when will change “and folding cloths and
and moves bear god’s idol and say’s ” hey god plzz make my child to understand that
having a husband and child is very important. i have alway’s asked u the same thing
that make my children life settle. plzz….!!”. and then comes the introduction of our
hero-in, first showing her eyes next her lips and ears and then her wlking style just
look so royal without showing the face she walks inside her office and set some
mistakes done by the staff and then she goes to her cabin and then her assistent comes
to her saying that the new contract of company can bring them in loss and then
pragya stands and turns keeping her googles and here pragya’s face will be visible.
she says “what!! what r u guys doing i din’t keep u for just sitting like a dumn in my
office and i am giving u money for working not sitting kk!!! and can’t u even handle
a single problem? kk! just leave it and let me talk to investers. could atleast inform to
keep a meeting?”

assis: “yhh mam ! sure.”
and then pragya moves from there and then when she is going to meeting in another
branch then there will be traffic jam and she askes the driver “what happen why it’s so
rushy here” then driver replies “don’t know mam may seems like some politition is
going” he asks a nother person outside and the he relies “there is going to be a concert conducted by the rockstar abhi and the booking for that show is going on ” and by
hearing that pragya says “what this much que just hecky headeck music k! driver u
move into another road i should reach fast.” and then will be the introdustion of our
hero abhi when he enters the hall to have a look and then the his eyes with gougles
will be shown first and next his rocking style ect…., and then fans fall and abhi and
between those abhi’s face is shown and then pragya reaches the meeeting and go to
the meeting room, she trys to convince the investers and share holders in a very
practical way and solves it finally but she still have doubt that after being so efficient
still how this have happened and she want to find out it and then thinks of going to
paris to find out as the main investing branch manger was there. when pragya
reaches home she is shocked and stuned over there.

precap: pragya and abhi in same airport and come across each other
interest question for next episode: will abhigya meet for the first time what is the shock
that pragya had?

this episode is dedicated for shruthy pandian by prernakshuthi and plz contact or
in u’r best way so that u could also be a part of story and be given dedication.

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