Abhigya and Ishveer Vs Nature episode 5

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Hi guys this is Monesha back with next episode. I am really very very very sorry. Ok no bak bak now coming to the story,

Episode start with all the one serious face. Abhi says ok guys let’s go to that cave. Pragya says but… Before she could complete Rv says Pragya you and ishani took this book and came. Now this matter become serious. We all are connected with this book by destiny. Ishani says but ru matter is getting very serious. We don’t know nothing about Scarlett Johansson and about this book. We are having many questions about this matter. Abhi says yes we don’t know about anything before but now we know 45% about this matter. We can do it together so we can get victory. Abhi stretched his hand and asked who are coming with me and Rv. Rv kept his hand on Abhi. Ishani kept her hand on rv. Pragya kept her hand on ishani. All smiles. Rv says ok let’s we can go. They started to move. But suddenly rv and abhi stopped. Pragya asked what happened? Rv says our father. Ishani asked your father? Abhi says not only Rv’s father. Your father and my father also. Pragya and ishani was shocked. Pragya says if we caught by any one of father means itself they will keep full stop for us. If we caught by three of them then it will be the worst day for us. Abhi says if you talk like this then this will be the worst day for you only for you got it. Pragya pouts. Ishani says hey how dare you? How can you scold my pragya? Abhi says see for monkey another monkey is supporting. Pragya asked hey how dare you? Rv says guys… Can you pls be quiet. Otherwise there attention will turn to us. Pls don’t create any problem. He turned again to see them.

Pragya asked is this is my bro? Abhi says i am also thinking that only. Ishani says hey don’t say anything about my RV. Smile formed in pragya face and asked what you told your rv? Ishani realised what she blabber and says vo… Vo… Abhi asked what vo.. vo..? Ishani’s word starrer to stammer. Abhi asked hey are you in lo… before he could complete pragya closed his mouth and says you idiot my bhai is here only. Let ask her afterwards. Abhi nodded and signed her to take her hand. she took her hand. They went near to rv. Pragya holds Rv’s shoulder which makes rv to fear. Rv says you…. Idiot you know what you done? Pragya asked what I done? You are the one who feared by me. Saying this she started to laugh. Ishani says Pragya…. She become silent. Suddenly they heard harshad loud voice just stop it guys. We can’t hide this anymore. If our children came to know this then thats all. We have to solve this soon. Neil says but this is not a simple problem. This problem created by nature. We all saw nature face of one side now it is going to show another face for us. Ajay says yes but how? Neil says i will say now you all check our childrens whether they are safe. Now we can go to our rooms. All the one nodded. Rv turned and says guys we can talk tomorrow now you all go to your rooms fast fast. All the one rushed to their room and acted to sleep. They came and checked everyone and went to sleep. Soon all the one dozed off.

In Morning, pragya and Rv came to Hall. Pragya says hi RV? Rv asked WHAT????? What you said? Pragya says rv. Why what happened? Rv with stern voice hello i am one year elder than you. Pragya says so what I am going call you coz ishani also calling you like this only right. Rv says hey you are my sister ishani is my….. Pragya smiled and asked your….. Rv says idiot she is my friend. Pragya says then accept me as your friend so I can call you as rv. Rv looks sternly and shouts diiiiiiii…… Pragya was jerked. Tanushree came and asked what happened? Why you are shouting like this? Pragya was shocked. Rv says di pragya want to ask you something. Tanushree turned to pragya and asked what you want? Pragya says vo… Vo… Di bhai and me want cake. Tanushree asked cake???? Rv smiles. Pragya says yes for new year we want cake. Tanushree smiles and says ok. She went inside by smile. Pragya gave relief reaction. Rv came to pragya and says how is my treatment? Don’t mess with me i mean your brother got it. He went out by saying this. Pragya thinks my plan was ruined how i will make you to understand that you are in love with ishani. Now there is no choice i have to ask abhi only.

Screen shift to abhi house, rishi shouts Abhi….. Abhi…. Did you saw my file? Abhi shouts no bhai….. Rishi shouts you can search and give my file right? Abhi shouts am i your wife to search and give your belongings. Rishi shouts for you today college is leave right then what? Search and give my file. Abhi murmurs this bhai will always irritate me. He shouts ok…. Abhi started to search file. Pragya came to his house. She saw rishi and says bhai i mean future jiju can i meet Abhi. Rishi was shocked and asked wh… What??? Pragya says i know everything jiju propose my di fastly. Rishi smiled. Here pragya opened abhi room and was shocked to see Abhi lose grip and he falls on her. They both shares an eyelock.

Screen shifts to ranveer, he was walking and saw ishani was climbing the trees. Rv started to laugh which disturbed ishani. Rv asked what you are doing? Ishani asked can’t you see i am trying to pick that mango. Rv laughed at ishani. She picked that mango. Rv started to play with ishani by pulling her leg which makes ishani to lose her grip before she could fall He holds her. They shares an eyelock.
Screen freezes divided into Abhigya and Ishveer.

Thank you so much for your support guys. I will reply you all but it will take some times guys. Love you All……

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