A Visit To The Dentist – KKB (OS)

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So this drabble had been in my mind for a long time, call it drabble or one shot but it’s something that just popped up when I was at the _ _ _ t _ _ t . guess that? Going to try to make it a little funny and interesting.
A Visit To The Dentist

“Aaaah,” she shouted in pain.
“Well Mrs. Arora I will recommend getting a root canal done as soon as possible,” said the doctor.
“Won’t you be doing it?” asked sarla
“Well my friend is there, and yeah he’s a specialist at this,” said the doctor.
“Purab will it be painful,’ she spoke from the back.
“Not at all Pragya, you won’t feel a thing,” assured Purab
“Well I’ll call him and ask for an appointment for you and then message you, alight?” said Purab as he wrote on his pad and took out his phone.
“Until next time pragz,” he said
“Thank you Purab,” said Pragya and they left

After a week
“1st October,” said Pragya as she changed the date of the calendar. She then lazily walked to her closet and got dressed.
“Why do I feel I am forgetting something?” she said as she moved out towards the dining area.
“Good Morning Maa,” she said as she took a seat and poured some juice.
“Well you are,” said a voice from behind and it was none other than purab.
“Hey Purab, what brings you here today? Bulbul na,” she said In a teasing manner and nudging him from the behind.
He blushed.
“I see a blush, OMG,” said Pragya.
“Shut it pragz, I’m here for another reason, and to meet bulbul too,” he said by rubbing the back of his head in shyness.
“kya?” asked Pragya
“Well I’m here to pick you up, you forgot, you have an appointment today at the dentist,” said Purab.
“Oh no, I knew I was forgetting something,” she said.
“You know he’s pretty punctual about time and hates late comers,” said Purab.
“We’ll let my first impression be awful although I’ll make up for it,” she said as she grabbed her purse and left with Purab.

They reached the dentist after a long one hour drive.
“Does he love the corners, as his clinic is in the corner of Mumbai,” said Pragya as she stepped out of the car.
“Well I’ll be leaving now, he knows you’re coming and will be waiting for you,” said Purab and speeded away.
“He’s in a hurry, like running away,” she said as she walked inside.
As she entered she felt like she entered heaven on earth. Light music playing in the background, white and blue walls.
She walked towards the receptionist.
“Pragya Arora,” she spoke as the receptionist checked in with the data
“Yeah, Pragya Arora, please have a seat, I’ll go tell him,” she said and walked towards another room.
Pragya who was a little nervous walked to the waiting area and sat down. She kept on shaking her legs.
Another person sat beside her, reading a newspaper.
“Hey there,” said Pragya trying to start a conversation as she was all alone with her.
The girl moved the newspaper from her face down on her lap, smiling.
“Hi, I am Pragya,” she said.

“Well hello there, the names Monali but the call me Mona,” said the other girl.
“Is a root canal painful?” questioned Pragya.
“Oh it is very painful, you know once my friend got it done and she wasn’t able to talk after that, ever”
“Really!” said Pragya, fear was clearly audible in her voice
“Yeah and another time one of them was even taken away, kidnapped,” said mona
“What??” said Pragya biting her nails, scared.
Mona was trying hard to control her laughter.
“mera kya hoga,” said Pragya
Mona just burst into a fit of laughter. She kept on laughing, holding her stomach.
“What?” asked Pragya.
“You really believed that, hahahaha,” said Mona
“Yes,” said Pragya innocently
“Yaar I have never been inside a dentist room,” she laughed.
“So you are here for?” said Mona
“Well to get my root canal done,” said Pragya
“Oh,” said Mona
“You?” asked Pragya
“Nah, I am not here for any treatment, just waiting for my friend to come out, mere dant salamat hein” said Mona

Both of them laughed. A girl walked out of the room.
“well my friend is here, it was nice talking to you,” said Mona as she got up
“The pleasures mine,” said Pragya.
“Until we meet again, adios,” she said and left.
The receptionist walked out towards her.
“Sir is waiting for you,” she said. Pragya thanked her and walked inside he room.
A dashing guy stood in the corner of the room, gathering the equipment needed. His hair short and gave a silky texture, his eyes which made everyone to lose themselves in them, his teeth shining white and bright. He had a light beard. He wore mustard colored jeans, with a red shirt and a white doctor coat.
“good Morning Miss,” he said as he turned around and walked to the special seat.
“good morning…” she looked around and saw his name plate on the office table
Pragya “……….. GM Abhishek Sir.”
Abhi “well you’re late on the first day itself I see.”
“Sorry about that actually I forgot about the appointment, Purab only reminded me about it,” said Pragya
“Okay. Now have a seat,” he said as he fiddled with the instruments.
Pragya obliged.

“So this is your……” said abhi
“First time actually,” said pragya.
“First time eh? That means I am giving you my first impression,” he said with a witty smile.
“my name is Abhishek Mehra, people call me abhi, you can too as I don’t mind my patient calling me that, you know a patient and a doctor need to have a friendly interaction rather than a formal one, so you the patient feels comfortable,” he said with a light smile. Pragya to smiled back.
“Pragya,” she said.
Abhi raised his eyebrow as to what?
“My name,” she said
“Well that I already knew, now let’s get to the point shall we Pragya, for how long have you been facing this pain,” said abhi
“From the past month,” she said.
“ok if you feel any pain tell me,” said abhi
Pragya nodded. Abhi took the mirror and hit it on pragya’s tooth and she yelped in pain.
“Well you’ve even got an infection there. I’ll apply some ointment, you don’t shut close your mouth alright,” he said and begin the task.

After sometime
“So now we can start with the root canal,” said abhi.
He turned on the light, wore his mask and started to examine pragya’s teeth. Pragya on the other hand was busy ogling at him, well lost in his eyes. He then took the syringe and put in the serum.
“INJECTION!!!” shouted Pragya
“yes, what’s wrong,” said abhi
“but injections are painful,” said Pragya. “I am scared of injections.”
She then started to scold someone. “that liar Purab, he said no injections or pain, huh.”
“come on it will be done in a second,” said abhi trying to convince her but pragya wouldn’t open her mouth.
“NO NO NO!” she shouted.
She won’t agree to me that easily, what to do, socho abhi socho? IDEA
“Hey if you I shall tell you a story,” he said
“Really?” said pragya.
He put down the syringe and took a seat.
“Well once there was a guy named kshtij,” he said
“He was married to the love of his life Kalpana, they were living happily,” he said and asked pragya to open her mouth.

She opened her mouth, keenly listening to him.
“but then they got divorced,” he said and Pragya looked at him in shock.
“but why?” said Pragya
“for knowing that you have to get injected,” he said. Pragya who eagerly wanted to know agreed.
“can I hold your arm,” said Pragya
“that can be dangerous,” said abhi
Pragya pleaded with her eyes.
“alright but hold it carefully,” he said.
He then injected her while Pragya squeezed his arm, Abhi although felt bad but he had no choice.
“done,” he said while pragya smiled at him.
“well they got divorced due to their family being against the marriage and the fact that kshtij wasn’t able to give time to kalpana,” said abhi
After sometime abhi got done with the treatment. He then sat on his seat while Pragya composed herself and sat in front of him.
“well root canal is a three visit process so until next time take this meds and yeah don’t be late,” said abhi
“Sure,” said Pragya and left.
They got done with the next two visits and on the last one he said.
“so Pragya we’re done, take these meds for a week and if you feel the slightest of pain, inform me and yeah if its unbearable then just come straight here,” said abhi.
Pragya thanked him and left.
After a few days
Pragya became more restless day by day. She would keep on roaming around but her heart wasn’t interested in anything else

Pragya’s POV
I miss him, his cuteness, his fairytales and stories; I miss the time I spent with him. I want to meet him but how
She then remembered that abhi told if any pain come to me.
She quickly got dressed and left to the dentist. She arrived at the clinic and just rushed inside.
“uh hello there,” she said as she got in while abhi was sending off his patient.
“Well what a sudden surprise, you’re here,” said abhi as the other guy left.
“My tooth,” said Pragya
“It hurts?” said abhi.
“Yeah,” said Pragya
“have a seat,” said abhi and then after sometime they got done and Pragya left.
She then started to visit him every few days with the excuse of pain. The visit form weekly turned into daily. Abhi felt something fishy about this.

I think she is faking her pain, even though I like her but still I need to check. Although I have made this place interesting for her as I tell her stories. IDEA!! MWHAHAHA thought abhi with a smirk
He decided to scare her away by telling her a scary story.
When she came, he was getting ready to scare the hell out of her. Suddenly all the lights went out. Abhi was damn scared of dark.
“Is someone there,” he shouted, trembling in fear. He then saw a shadow coming towards him. He screamed and ran into the corner of the room.
“Please save me oh god,” he said reciting all the prayers and the lights went on as he heard laughter. He looked up to find Pragya standing there with her arms wrapped around her stomach laughing hard.
“YOU!!” he said.
“me, and you got pranked,” she said as she came forward and helped him up.
“you know you looked adorable,” she said while abhi frowned at her.
“I wasn’t scared,” said abhi
“oh really,” said Pragya, sarcasm clear in her voice.
“yeah I wasn’t actually u were,” he said
“what!! Are you serious, u were the one crying in the corner,” she retorted.
“oh, then we can prove that who was more scared by going to watch a scary movie,” he said standing high and in a argumentative manner.
“so be it, tomorrow at 9,” she said.
“I’ll pick u up ,” he shouted.
PRAGYA just walked out giving thumbs up.

At the Cinema
Abhigya took their spot and were ready to beat each other. The film begins. A scene came where a guy is locked inside a dark attic, abhigya were so scared that they covered each other’s eyes in fear. The used to peek slightly and again close them. Then the sound effects scared them even more and they hugged each other in fear.
After the movie.
“that wasn’t a good experience,” said abhi.
“that black devil dangling ,uhh” said Pragya.
“after all we both were afraid,” he said
“yeah,” said Pragya
“but still I enjoyed it as you were there na ,” he said with a grin while Pragya blushed.
“how about next weekend,” said Pragya
“are you asking me on a date?” said abhi
“Call it date or movie night, I don’t care, but next time too we’re going for horror,” she said.
“okay then , horror it is,” said abhi

They then started to go on movie dates every weekend. The same happening. After some time the genre shifted from horror to romance.
And that’s how a visit to a dentist turned into finding their soulmate.

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