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Hey guys really very sorry fr nt updating… I had met with an accident..so I cant able to update it guys..now I am a little better.. so I am updating this part.. don’t know hw much it will satisfy..so thank u guys fr commenting..
Now lets go in search of treasure..
Link fr previous episode:Episode 5

Arj: we got the map from them…that’s it
Sona: that’s it..stupid if u guys get caught by them means then,…I cant even imagine..
Tanu: sona is right wt was need to get that map that too by hacking when we are going to get the map by Monday..
Aliya: exactly..first tell me who all went to take the map and y…
Arnav: actually you are right guys..we will get the map by Monday.. bt
Vijay: wt but arnav..
Dev: we know guys that we (Sona-dev vijay-aaliya tanu-nikhil) are new to the gang bt wt was reason to hide something from us..

Niki:yes guys.. we are always having a fell of being left alone.. y guys.. y
Tanu: s we want ans .. tell me prags y u r so keen in this project..even after knowing the risk factor..tell us..
Rit: nthing like that tanu.. and Nikhil we consider u all as a family guys..so don’t say like that
Aliya: then tell us real happening rithik..tell us..
Why are you guys are keen in this project…tell us wt was there in the island wt was there..
Arnav and ranvi was confused as hw to handle the situation,..
All have a different mixture of emotions in their face..
The question wt was there in the island was echoing all over the house..

Pragya by closing her ears shouted back
P: my life guys my life..by saying this she collapsed in the floor and cried…tears were continuously flowing from her eyes..
Abhi went near her and she immediately hugged him and he hugged her back and patted her back to make her normal
Abhi sighed bulbul and shivanya to take her in..
Along with them pragya went in…

Aliya and others (new gang members) looks confused about the behavior of pragya..

Saanjh: hw many more days abhi..she is nt our pragya who only knows to smile and make others smile.. I want her abhi..

Khushi hold saanjh by preventing her from falling and make her sit in the couch…
Abhi had tears in his eyes.. all their face show immense pain..
Tanu by placing her hand in the shoulder of abhi asked wt was happening abhi.. we wish to help u guys..just tell us wt has happened in the past..
Sona and aaliya was sitting near saanjh and she was lying in sona’s shoulder..
Abhi went near a wall in the hall…
He just let a painful smile by facing them..
Vijay: abhi wt happened abhi..why pragya said that it was her life in island…
Guru: guys do u remember that authority said already a team went there and nt yet returned..
They all nod their head..

Arthi: it was her life guys.. even all our lifes..
Khushi: all of us here are orphans once..bt nw we are family bcoz of them only..pragya was the sister of them..
For her they are more than her parents (her sis and jiju)..
Abhi: fr me my bhai and bhabhi…we are happiest family in the world..
Arj: the roots of happiness of my family is them..

Ranvi: bt nw they are nt here bcoz of the island..
Aaliya: how guys.. means wt hpnd to them..
Arnav:we lost them in the process of that treasure island search..
All looks confused..
Vijay : who was them abhi.. I mean ur bhai and bhabhi..

Abhi just tear the wall paper of that wall which shows different photos of them with their life…
Abhi by caressing the photo said my bhai and pragya who just came there pointed her finger to a photo and said my di…
All looks at the photo…

Ok guys I am stopping here as I am feeling a little tired.. I will try to update it soon guys..sry fr the inconvenience guys..pls do comment…see u guys soon with the next update…love u all guys…

Pls tu publish this in kumkum bhagya, beyhadh,kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi,yeh hai mohabattein,and all the shows of the character sketch…

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