A random love story! (KKB) Part 8

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Abhi was driving smoothly. She was enjoying the ride with him. It felt as if she was born to share a ride with him. Very peaceful like the peace fries she cook for him.

Abhi “Let’s walk! The beach is here chasmish.” She frowned hearing the word chasmish before getting down from the car.

Both were walking along the beach feeling the breeze. They were silent but never failed to take a glance at each other.

“So…you like to come to beach?” She asked breaking the silence.

Abhi “I used to when I was young. I actually come with my mum to the beach.”

“That’s nice.” She said with a smile.

Abhi “It was very nice. My mum used to built sandcastle with me. You know she was very good at it.” He said looking at waves that made him remember his mum.

“It means you have a very good bonding with her.” She added.

Abhi “Like every child I also had a very good bonding with my mum!” He said proudly.

“Not all child have that gift of being close to their mum.” She said in a low tone.

Abhi was silent as he saw her in tears.

He didn’t know how to ask about her mum. From the way she told he could figure out that something sad in her life.

Abhi “You can share about your mum if you feel comfortable.”

“Before I could experience the bonding with her she passed away. She passed away when I was born.” She said wiping her tears.

Abhi, That’s very sad. At least I had experienced my mum’s bonding in my childhood. But she never even got that chance.

“But my Dad was always there for me like my Ma. I can’t forget how he never make me feel I am not with my mother. He only brought me up to be independent. He is the reason for me to work too.” She said proudly thinking of her dad.

Abhi “That’s great. I have seen him in our wedding. He seemed to be very happy.”

“Obviously he will be happy when he finally got me married.” She said smilingly.

Abhi “I thought he was happy as u got married to me.”

“You always think very highly of yourself. Nevermind it’s your birth defect to think highly of yourself.” She said walking ahead of him.

Abhi shrieked “What?? Birth defect???”

Abhi coming in front of her “How dare u say like that? You think a Rock star can have birth defect!!!”

She chuckled seeing his anger which made him even more angry.

Abhi “Stop laughing!!!”

“Alright. Shall we sit down? I will tell u something to make you feel better.” She said.

Abhi “I am leaving. I know you will irritate me further!”

“Please…just for a while. I promise I won’t tell anything to irritate u. Pretty please…” She pleaded as much as she could which made him agree to her.

Both sat on a bench there…..

Abhi “Faster tell!!!” She sighed looking at his childishness.

“Well,I understand you married me unwillingly. I mean you were not at all interested in marriage in the first place. You want to lead a free life.” She said making Abhi look at her with surprise.

Abhi “How did you know this?”

“I know…because I wanted to know about you as a person & not a Rock star. I also know that you are facing a low period in your career.” She said.

Abhi “It’s not exactly a low period. It’s just…”

“It’s okay…I won’t mind you admitting the situation. I am not some journalist to write a article on your situation now.” She said looking at him.

Abhi “It’s very competitive now. You know that Rohit. He is very popular for love songs. I also compose love songs but don’t know why it’s not being a hit among my fans! I think he is doing some magic in attracting the people!!”

She giggle hearing it. To which Abhi stared at her.

“Sorry. I couldn’t control myself. Actually it’s not magic. It’s actually logic! His songs are a hit as he feels love & makes songs on them!” She replied.

Abhi “Don’t say you got listen to his songs!”

In response she nodded her head innocently.

Abhi “Damn it! Now the world will say even Abhi the rockstar’s wife is a fan of Rohit!”

“I am not a fan of him. I just listened to his music once.” She said.

Abhi “That’s better.” He said looking straight.

“I would say you have to feel more. Feel more for love. Respect love like the way you respect your music.” She said with a warm smile.

Abhi “Hmm…not bad chasmish….you sound very nice when talking about love.”

She turned red in response which made Abhi smile.

Abhi “Do you think I need to fall in love to feel love?”
She was taken aback by the question but she never showed that.

“I don’t think so. You already know what is love. Like just now when u describe your bonding with mum, the bonding is actually love. I think if you feel all the moments or the times that make u feel happy with your loved ones, then automatically u can feel love.” She said.

Abhi “Sounds easy!”

“Love is easy too as long you are not being difficult to it.” She replied.

Abhi “Nice line chasmish! Anyway thank you for your advice. I will try the way you say! But now tell me what you want?”

“What I want? What do u mean?” She asked.

Abhi “You advised me na so I have to give u a gift! So what do u want?”

“What’s my name? Tell me about me & that’s the gift I want.” She said. Abhi “I know! Wait let me check my phone. Purab send me your details too.” He said. She holding his hand said “I don’t want you to know me from him. I want you to know me from your heart like how I know you from my heart.” She replied making Abhi look at her blankly.

Abhi “How’s that possible?” He asked looking puzzled.

“Hmm…You are a rockstar na…can’t you find about me?” She asked.

Abhi “Are u challenging me?” “I never said that way. I know you have the capabilities to find about me without anyone’s help.” She said making him smile.

Abhi “But I can easily ask Ma about you.”

“That’s the challenge Mr Rock star. You have to know about me all by yourself. There are hints everywhere around you. It’s just that you have to pay attention to them.” She said after standing up.

Abhi “Fine! Rock star is taking up the challenge!” He then sees her adjusting her dupatta.

Abhi “Are we going off now?”

“We have to na as it’s getting late.” She replied.

Abhi murmured “I thought you will talk more. Actually I like listening to you.”

She acted as if she never hear but she heard what he said. She was dancing in joy in her heart.

To be continued…..

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