A random love story! (KKB) Part 5

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Days passed with her adapting to Abhi’s house. She now was able to observe Abhi’s habits. He have a habit of praising her if the food she prepared was delicious. He would praise the extent that she is flying high in the sky. But if the food is average like the one prepared by Robin then he will be angry for the whole day. Food really plays a big part in his life after music.

His anger was peculiar to her. Mostly he will show his anger on the things in his room. Like he will ask why is the cushion over here? Why is it not there? Where is my headphones? Why is it not in an obvious place etc. She slowly understood he was still feeling uncomfortable in showing his anger towards her. He still finds her as an unknown girl.

Then came a day that he needs to leave for some ad shoot. He was leaving to Pune for it. It would take a week for him to return.

She was getting his clothes to pack his bag.

Abhi looks at her while she is trying to get his clothes from the wardrobe. Abhi “Will you miss me?” She drops his clothes on the floor hearing to his question. Abhi “I won’t miss you for sure but if by chance u missed me, then u can call me.” His words hurt her heart. She loved him but he is not aware of that. She accepted it is not his fault for the way he speaks. Perhaps now it’s the time for her to take action in a full swing.

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“I am also leaving.” She said. “You too? To where?” He asked in surprise. “Regarding some work.” She replied.

“What work?” He asked again. He was curious to know regarding what work she is leaving.

“You won’t understand. I have told auntyji about it. She said ok too.” She said.

“I am a Rockstar! How can I not understand anything!”

“ mo nife re…” She replied.

“Huh? What’s that?” He asked with a puzzled look.

“You are rockstar na, you should understand it by now.” She said giving a mocking smile.

“ Ya I am a Rockstar. I know what u mean. It’s just to say…” He paused unable to tell what is it.

“Just to say?” She asked. “What is that? Why are you taking this shirt ah? This is a very old one.” He said it by picking up one of his shirt that she was holding.

“Is it old? It looks very new to me.” She said. “You need to change your chasma then. This is a very old shirt of mine. I used to wear this like couple of weeks back.” He retorted.

“Weeks back?” She asked. “I mean years back. You move aside I will pack the bag myself.” He said firmly.

She moved away thinking why is he being very different suddenly. Then she realized because he tried to divert her from what she said. Mo nife re (I love you in Yoruba language). He don’t know the meaning so he came up with this old shirt situation.

She smiled inwardly thinking of him. It is hard to deny he is damn cute when he was arguing. He was also looking at her from corner of his eyes. When she looked back he gave an annoyed face.

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Abhi, What is this Mo nife re?? Is it some codeword that she is using to scold me? Should be that way. She knows I know all languages. I am very popular all over the world na that’s why she comes up with her own language to scold me.

Abhi “Oye girl, where are you going? You still didn’t answer me that.”

“Hmm…why should I tell u?” She asked.

“Why means? I am your husband. I have the rights to know where u go right?” He said.

She grinned hearing it. It sounds so nice to hear him say he is her husband.

Abhi “Stop smiling. Tell me where are you going!”

“I will text you later. The place is not confirmed yet.” She said.

Abhi “I still don’t get how Ma allows you to go out when you don’t even know where you are heading to.”

“She is very understanding. She understands that I have my own personal space to do what I like.” She said.

Abhi “Oh really? But she never think of her own son’s personal space! She simply get me married to u just because she feels u are the right match for me.”

Oh no! He is getting on the wrong track. I don’t want him to feel this way.

She remains silent while Abhi looks at her intently.

Abhi “Nevermind, let’s not talk about this. I have to leave with a peace of mind.”

She looked at him back by nodding her head as yes. In return he winked at her. She was taken aback to see him wink at her. Abhi chuckled at her expression before leaving to bathroom.

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Did he just winked at me? Is this a sign of him liking me? I know he likes my cooking. I hope he likes me too.

Abhi from inside his bathroom “Hey girl! I am still wondering what kind of place are u heading to!”

Keep thinking my cute Rockstar. I won’t tell you as I have people to inform you of where I will be.

Her thought was interrupted when she saw his mobile ringing. She saw a name that she didn’t like.

It was Tanu!!

Abhi “Oh girl, take a chill pill! I am your husband but not huss puss. You gotta be cool in this if you want me to know about u. Anyways I just got to know you were working before getting married to me but before I could know where Purab’s call ended. So tell me now. Where did u work?”

She looks nervous of how to tell him. What if he says why you never tell me this before. What if he gets angry on her. Her mind was running with so many what ifs.

To be continued…..

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