A random love story! (KKB) Part 4

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Abhi was looking at her waiting for her reply. She smiled thinking of her dreams. He lost his patience & asked “Will I get to know about your dreams by tonight?”

She looked at him by frowning. Can’t he even wait? Always in a hurry! Even for peace fries too he hurried me!

“Yes I am going to tell now.” She replied firmly. Abhi shook his head. He gestured her to start.

“I have a dream to spread happiness with my actions. I know I am not a great celebrity like you but I always dream to make those around me feel happiness. It can be of small things, like making them their favourite dishes or helping them in their work. Whatever it is, I hope everything brings happiness in them.”

Abhi “So you are inspired from my happy love song?” He asked with a smirk.

“Sorry Mr Abhi, this dream of mine is from my childhood. I guess your song was not around when I was young, if it was then I am shocked to know that I have married a old age star!”

Abhi fumed in anger. “How dare you call me as old age star?” Abhi asked.

“I didn’t call u so…I was saying I hope you are not that Mr Abhi.” She said by trying to hide her smile.

“Never in my life, a girl had spoken to me like this. How arrogant u are! Wait! I will file a case against you for disturbing me!” He fumed.

“Are you sure? I am your wife…Do you remember that? What will others think? They would think you can’t even control your wife!” She said in a mocking tone.

“My bad luck!” He said to himself. He looked away in anger. He didn’t expect this girl to be this much arrogant & talkative. He needs to tell about this to Purab.

Abhi, What did he say?? Haan beautiful fairy! Which fairy will talk like this! He didn’t know she is behaving like a devil to me. I will tell him about her!!

“Oh…I also want to tell you that if you are scared to sleep beside me, then you can use the couch here.” She said by pointing towards the couch.

“Me? Scared?? What are you telling?” He asked.

“Two days back u fell down from bed after knowing I was sleeping beside you. So I thought you got scared of me”. She said by looking at his direction.

“I was not scared! I didn’t expect you to be sleeping beside me. I know I am married to u but u know it feels awkward to see an unknown girl sleeping beside u.” He said.

“If u feel I am an unknown girl to u, that’s not my problem. I married you as u are known to me in a way.” She added.

“I know…After all a rockstar is known to everyone…” He sighed.

Stupid Rockstar! Even now he doesn’t think of how I am known to him!!

She thought while he said “I am sleepy…for what u said just now I will try to know u more….one more thing is…. don’t talk to me harshly like u did earlier. I don’t like girls to talk to me harshly….”

“It was not at all harsh!” She shrieked.

“To me it is….I don’t like arrogant girls!” He said trying to reach his blanket.

“Same here! I don’t like arrogant men like u!” She said.

“Meri Maa…I have no energy to argue with u! Look at the difference here, I just said I don’t like arrogant girls but u are saying u don’t like arrogant men like me! Now look who is arrogant in the replies!” He said.

“I was being specific. I do agree I shouldn’t say like that…so…sorry…” She said in a softer tone now.

“Okay…Good night, sleep if u want to but don’t try to hug me. Thanks…” He said in a sleepy tone. He soon fell asleep not even waiting for her response.

What is this? I was expecting more from him. First I must make him talk more to me. My gut feeling says through arguments only I can be occupied in his mind.

Abhi,Never in my dream I thought this girl will talk like this. I have to complain about her to Purab. Only he can give me ideas to handle her.

Both were thinking of each other while sleeping in a way where they never faced each other.

The next day, Abhi had managed to leave the room first as he wanted to practice some music tunes that he had composed recently. He saw her sleeping soundly. He was relieved to know that she is not awake. He looked at her to make himself still in the shock of her way of talking last night.

In the studio room,

Abhi was strumming his guitar when she came in. He closed his eyes purposely not to see her.

Abhi with his eyes closed “What’s up girl? Why are you at my studio?”

Until now he doesn’t remembers my name. Didn’t he even hears when his mum calls me. Oh…auntyji calls me bahu. No wonder he doesn’t remembers my name. Now what shall I do?

Abhi sees her as she was silent for a very long time. He raising his eyebrows asked “Will you always think like this?”

“What do u mean?” She asked.

“I mean like changing your face in few seconds. Like so many expressions in a fraction of second!!” He said which made her look at him with a poker face.

“ I wasn’t thinking. I was actually asked by auntyji to ask what do u like to have for breakfast.” She replied.

“ Anything will do….” He said with lack of interest.

“Just plain water will do?” She asked which made him irritated.

“Is plain water a food for breakfast?” He questioned her back.

“You said anything will do. I thought plain water is something fast & quick to have….” She said giving a slight smile.

“Ya just give me that & go away now.” He replied not looking at her.

Oh no, I think he got pissed off. Now what will I do?

“I said go!” He said loudly.

“Err…together with plain water,shall I bring honey coated cereals?” She asked softly.

“Honey coated cereals?” He asked.

“It will taste nice & it’s healthy too…” She replied with a gentle smile.

“Hmm…” He said by strumming his guitar.

Please say yes…yes! Yes please….please say yes.

She was keep on telling herself when he said “Yes…I will have that if it’s not nice then I will give you punishment girl!”

She did a happy dance inside her mind. She quickly saying ok rushed from there to get his breakfast.

Abhi, Strange…she looks cute when being silent. But when she talks it irritates me. I will make plans of how to keep her quiet.

Abhi looks at her while she is trying to get his clothes from the wardrobe. Abhi “Will you miss me?” She drops his clothes on the floor hearing to his question. Abhi “I won’t miss you for sure but if by chance u missed me, then u can call me.” His words hurt her heart. She loved him but he is not aware of that. She accepted it is not his fault for the way he speaks. Perhaps now it’s the time for her to take action in a full swing.

Thank u everyone for reading. For the new story intro thank u for all those who commented and liked. I consider everyone here in TU who supports my work as friends so Seyaa yes we can be friends. Thank u Seyaa (for finding it interesting and different) Thank u Mokshi sis (u will know the connection when I write about it later), Sourna (thank u, will try to continue soon),
Dilsh (that’s great of your mood but I need time to write so pls wait for it) and my fan (that’s so sweet of u, I don’t know in which way i inspire u. Hopefully I don’t bore u all haha) Ayesha (thank u so much for loving it). Saranya sis (u haven’t commented yet but I know u will comment later. Thank u for always supporting me sis. It really means a lot to me).

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