A random love story! (KKB) Part 3

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Another boring update ?:

She was walking to and fro. Seeing her walking this way Abhi’s mother, Supriya called her.

Supriya “What happened?” “It has been two days and he had still not returned home….” She replied in a worried tone.

Supriya “It’s very common Pragya, I thought he would change after your arrival but still he does the same.”

“What are u saying auntyji? Does it mean he stays away from house like this frequently?” Supriya nodded her head as yes. She gestured her to sit first.

“What is his problem? Why does he looks hopeless for everything?” She asked.

“Not bad you identified this within two days of marriage.” Supriya said with surprise.

She remained silent but was expecting an answer to her doubt.

Supriya with a deep sigh said “It’s his music career that is making him to feel hopeless. That’s what Purab had told me. He is talented but….”

“But what?” She asked anxiously.

Supriya “His attitude makes the producers and other sponsors to stay away from him. It seems there is another guy who is more promising than him and now everyone is after him.”

“But didn’t they consider that Abhi had given back to back hits of albums?” She asked.

Supriya “They do but his arrogant attitude puts them off. Moreover he is also not getting fresh ideas for composition especially for love based themes.”

“Why is that so? His Happy love album is such a sensational hit. He can give one like that na…” She added.

“How many times he can give like that? It will get boring to the listeners. I don’t find anything magical in it as he did that out of fun. It was a coincidence that it clicked with the listeners. Even the sponsors were surprised of its success at that time.”

“I think I understand what u mean. Now he need to make compositions out of love. And most importantly, he needs to be more optimistic and less arrogant to others.” She said with a warm smile.

Supriya “Yes dear…I won’t say he is completely arrogant…it’s…”

“Auntyji, you don’t have to worry…I will not mistake him…He is my husband and I will do my best to make him the best.” She said confidently.

Supriya smiled and asked “Do you have any plans to change him?”

“Right now no, I will surely inform you when I think of it.” She said.

Supriya smiled before leaving from there. She was feeling hopeful that Abhi would change with her bahu’s actions.

Abhi was back to home. He avoided her in all ways he could. His most safe way was to sleep so he did that.

Abhi’s dream:

“Oye girl! Come here! You are now going to jump down from here. You know it had been a long time I had jumped down from my balcony.” She gave a shocked look with her mouth wide opened. Abhi in an excited tone “Let’s do it!!!” “Are you mad?? I don’t want to die of heart attack!!” Abhi “You are Abhi’s wife not some blunt knife.”

She trembles more as she is unable to believe of what Abhi asks her to do.

“How can I do this?? Will anybody save me from him??” She prays to god to be saved.

Abhi suddenly sees her holding a plate of peace fries with peas.

She smiled at him & signalled whether he wants this or he wants to jump. Abhi exclaimed “I want my peace fries!!!!”

She then feeds him to which he enjoys & he even kissed her cheek.

Abhi wakes up from his dream shouting loudly. Alarmed by his loud voice, she attends to him.

“Was it a bad dream? Wait let me bring u water to drink.” She said. Before she could leave he holds her hand. He tries to look at her face & says “Did you dream of me kissing u?” Hearing it she blushes and looks away.

“I am asking you something!!” He said loudly. “No…” She answered nervously.

“No, I think u dreamt of me doing so that’s why in my dream I had your dream. I have heard my Dadi saying one’s dream with another person are reflections of the another person’s dream.” He said.

“Look Mr Abhi, I know I am married to u but i don’t have a need to dream this way. My dreams are simple that only involve me.” She said

“Oh really? What are your dreams then?” He asked letting go of her hand.

She begined to tell about her dreams.

To be continued…..

Ok friends, I think I am disturbing u all with my updates. Very sorry for that.

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