A random love story! (KKB) Part 21

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At hospital,
Pragya still couldn’t believe the turn of events. When the power supply was back at her house, there were 5 armed men all in position to harm them. It was Abhi’s sheer bravery in handling all of them. But what shocked her most was her dad had given way for these 5 men to be in the house. One of the men said her dad was paid a lump sum of money to let them in at this hour. Why does he have to do like that? As far as she knows her dad protects her well-being at any cost.

A nurse “Mrs Pragya Mehra?” Pragya came back to her senses hearing her voice.

Pragya “Yes… how is he now?” Nurse “He is fine. Fortunately, it’s just minor scratches where none of them are deep. His bruises also will be cured in few weeks.”

Pragya sighed in relief as she asked whether she can meet him. The nurse allowed her to meet Abhi.

Before she was about to meet him, Purab came by.

Purab “Di….it’s him again. As in the person who kidnapped you last time. He is the one who threatened your Dad to allow the men inside the house. He even paid a lump sum to your dad to help in his business.” Pragya hearing it said “I know Daddy was in need of money but I didn’t know he would go to the extent of placing our lives in risk.” Purab “I am sorry to say this Pragya di, actually that man is your Dad’s close friend too. From the sources I knew, it was known that your Dad was involved in illegal business. One more thing Abhi is aware of all this.” Pragya “Now I understand why Daddy was always not around in the night when I was young. He lied to me that he is going for work. But I didn’t knew it was for illegal business.” She felt ashamed of her Dad for being involved in all this.

Purab advised her not to be worried for all this as now Abhi needs her the most.

Pragya with hesitance went inside the ward.

Abhi with excitement “Hello chasmish!” Pragya coming close to him said “Are we talking in phone?” Abhi “No! Why you ask like that?” Pragya “Then why Hello chasmish?” Abhi “Oh then Hi chasmish!” Pragya smiles in response.

Abhi “Thank god! It was just minor scratches & bruises. I don’t want to stay in this boring hospital.” Pragya “Rockstar….” Abhi “What’s wrong? Why do you sound sad?”

Pragya “I will be sad when you are feeling bad.” Abhi “I don’t feel bad chasmish! You don’t be sad.” Pragya with sigh “Rockstar, you came to protect me?” She asks looking into his eyes. Abhi smiles in response. Pragya “I didn’t know my own loved ones will turn against me.” Abhi with difficulty said “Not all loved ones will turn against you. I am…” Pragya “Yes I know you are my loved one who never go against me. You are my loved one who will go against others for me.” She says with teary eyed.

Abhi waking up said “What’s this chasmish?” He tried to wipe her tears.

Pragya “There is no use of wiping this tears….” Abhi “Arrey, you can’t say like that. I can understand it’s disappointing to you now. But you have to think what made him to be pushed into this situation.”

Pragya “Whatever it is, he should have think about his daughter right? His daughter who had immense faith in him doesn’t have an impact on him to change?”

Abhi “It’s not about change Pragya….sometimes once you are stuck in a place, it’s impossible to get out of it.”

Pragya “You mean to say Daddy couldn’t be out of what he was doing?”

Abhi “I feel so…from the way he is with us, I don’t think he is a bad person after all.”

Pragya looks sad thinking of her Dad.

Abhi “Don’t worry sweetheart, one day he will surely learn his mistakes. Perhaps we can help him realize his mistakes too.”

Pragya “I think he already knows his mistakes. It’s just that he need to face a situation for him to change.”

Abhi “He will change. Ok, don’t stress yourself now.”
Pragya nods her head as yes.

Pragya “In all this, I forgot to ask you….How are you feeling now?”

Abhi “Glad that u ask me now Chasmish. I am fine as I am a Rockstar!” Pragya rolled her eyes in response.

Abhi “Why you give that expression?” Pragya “I was thinking why do you have to relate everything with your job?” Abhi “I am proud of it. I mean I live my job.” Pragya “Hmm….”

Abhi pulling her closer to him “Did you forgive me now?” Pragya “For now yes as you saved my life.” Abhi “Great….so…” He said by caressing her cheek.

Pragya “So?” Abhi “Kicchie?” Pragya “Kicchie?” Abhi “Lippy Kicchie!” Pragya looked confused of his random words.

Abhi “What I mean by Lippy Kicchie is….” He said by kissing her lips lightly.

Pragya blushed badly seeing him from the corner of her eyes.

Abhi “I will do more of it when we get back to our room.” He said happily.

Pragya “First make sure your scratches are gone. I don’t want your Lippy Kicchie when you are in your bad form. I want it when you are in your best form.”

Abhi screeched “I didn’t expect this from you chasmish! How can you say I am not in my best form now?”

Pragya “Don’t be grumpy now. Take rest, get rid of your bruises first before you even romance your guitar & me.”

Abhi in shock “Are you saying I can’t play my guitar too?” Pragya “It’s my order Mr Rock star. If you want your Lippy Kicchie, then you have to follow my order”.

Abhi gave a pout in response. Pragya laughed seeing his cute tantrum asking her to be more lenient. He was feeling unfair due to her order.

Abhi “Both of us are lying to each other!” Pragya “Yes so now you tell me how you know me even before eating my peace fries.” Abhi “First you tell me, how you know me even before seeing me secretly at the restaurant.” Both were about to say how they know each other when Radha ma “Can both of you just tell the truth? You can have your epic eyelock after telling the truth as I am having headache of thinking of how you all know each other even before marriage!!!”

To be continued…..

Next will be the last part. Thank you For all the love, support & lots of liking towards this ff. It’s always a pleasure to see how much u all like this one. Thank you so much. Some of u all say I am good at writing etc. It’s not like that friends. All your encouragement made me scribble well. As compared to many wonderful writers here, I am still weak at certain things. Anyways loads of thank you to all those who are reading this. I know I had some parts not up to your expectations. Very sorry about it. Even now I don’t know it’s worth a read but as usual I am thankful to all of you. My exams are from 5 Dec onwards so the next update, might be late if I never post it by tmr. Sorry for that.

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