A random love story! (KKB) Part 2

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Abhi “Ma…how many times will you have to come here? I said I am here right? Just let me get ready in peace!” He said to his Ma who was checking on him frequently.

Purab “Ya Ma I will make sure he comes to the mandap. He won’t run away for sure.”

Abhi’s mother smiled by leaving from there. She was confident that Purab will manage Abhi. Abhi nowadays is being negative for everything. None of his family members knew why Abhi is being this way. An exception of his negative behaviour will be on Sundays. This is what she noticed recently.

Purab “What are you thinking now Abhi?” Abhi “Nothing.. just got reminded of peace fries.”

Purab “Is it that nice?” Abhi “Nice? It’s incredible, awesome, wonderful, marvellous…” Purab “okok stop! My bad luck, I missed it. You don’t worry I will track on the chef so that we can hire him.” Abhi “Are you sure? What if he went overseas?” Purab “We will pay him more to get him work here. What matters is you are getting so much of joy when eating it.” Abhi “Thinking of it also makes me happy….” He said daydreamed of eating it.

Purab shook him to make him not day dream.

Abhi frowned at Purab. Abhi “You know Purab…when the fries is in my mouth it feels like I am born to eat fries.” Purab “Huh?” Abhi begined to describe how he feels while eating fries. It was becoming unbearable to Purab as he needs to get Abhi out of the room.

Purab “Abhi!!!” He called loudly. Abhi “What??” He asked back. Purab “You can describe all this to your to be wife. She is waiting for you at the mandap.” Abhi “Are you crazy? I am not even interested in this wedding then how do u expect me to talk to her about my peace fries? By the way, it’s me who will be in the mandap first then followed by her.” He said.
Purab “Well, I don’t understand why you don’t want marriage! You don’t have girlfriend right?” Abhi “It’s not about girlfriend yaar. I already told you that I am not prepared for this now.” Purab “Why??” Abhi “Listen carefully, how can I marry an unknown girl? I don’t even know who is she!!” Purab chuckled making Abhi angry.

Purab “After this you can ask her na…What’s the big deal in this??” Abhi “It is a big deal!! I thought of having a girlfriend in my wife. Even before I could find one my Ma decide someone for me!!”

Purab “Dude you still can find a girlfriend in her. Did u even see her? She looks beautiful like a fairy.”

“I don’t want a fairy for any fairytale love story. All I need is a girlfriend!” Abhi said bluntly.

Purab shook his head at Abhi’s unreasonable behaviour.

Abhi “You see, u also feel sad for me that’s why you’re shaking your head na…”

Purab “ I am sad for the girl. You are acting as if thoughts are impossible to happen!”

Abhi “I don’t know if it’s possible….” He said by spraying perfume on his neck.

Purab “Enough of this!! Now let’s go!” Abhi made a sulky face to which Purab never paid attention to.

Abhi half heartedly went out of the room. He walked towards the mandap together with Purab.

Abhi whispered “Purab, why don’t we exchange positions?” Purab jerked hearing it. Purab “Are u serious Abhi!!” Abhi “You are not married yet so it’s ok to exchange positions!” Purab “Stop this. Now sit at the mandap.”

Abhi, Nobody understands me. I feel like pouring water on this havan.

Purab signalled to him to smile. Abhi gave a silly smile.

In a while, Abhi saw the girl he is going to marry coming down the stairs with her face covered. Seeing that Abhi got an idea to stop the marriage.

Abhi gestured Purab to come near him. Purab signalled back as no way. But seeing Abhi about to stand up, he quickly went near him.

Purab “What now?” He asked by bending down beside him.

Abhi “Look Purab, she is covering her face with the red color. This means she is ugly na… She might also have blood stains on her face!!! after marriage she is planning to scare me with her face! Help me Purab! Save me from this!!”

Purab “Oh man! Stop your idiotic ideas! It happens like this in every marriage where the bride comes by covering her face. You better shut your mouth & mind if not I will tell everyone that u are scared of cockroaches…. Do u want that?” Abhi shook his head as no. This was his top most secret that only Purab knows.

Purab “You are getting married to her. That’s for sure my friend!!”

Abhi mentally scolded Purab for not supporting him. The girl sat beside him. He was feeling uncomfortable by moving sideways.

Abhi heard the girl chuckling at his actions. He moved back in place by looking around everyone.

Abhi, All are looking happy except for me. What life is this man!!!

Soon all the rituals completed one by one. Abhi did as he was told. He did tried to disobey but Purab was there to threaten him to leak his secret out. So Abhi had no choice but to obey the instructions by the elders.

He did looked at the girl before. Now too he looked at her. Yes Purab was right she is beautiful like a fairy. But he had a doubt. Which fairy will chasma?

Abhi then realized it was night time, which means it’s my suhaag raat!!! How to escape from this now.

He was made to be in the room before she enters the room.

Abhi, This is the chance! Just sleep!!!

He covered himself with the duvet. Soon he slept peacefully.

She entering the room find it amusing to see him sleeping with his footwear. She gently without any making disturbances removed his footwear.

“Looks like he is very tired after the long day. Hope he gets good rest tonight.” She thought by adjusting herself beside him. She too soon fall asleep.

The next day, Abhi was shocked to see the girl beside him sleeping peacefully. She was even smiling while sleeping. Worse thing was she was about to hug him in sleep. Fortunately, he moved away. Unfortunately, he fell down while moving away in hurry.

She woke up to his screams in pain. “Are u ok?” She asked with concern. “Not ok! Will u carry me from here?” He asked. “How can I carry u? U are so big!!” Abhi “Then why u ask whether am I ok when u can’t even carry me!!” She didn’t know what to reply. Abhi manage to stood up. He stared at her before heading to the washroom.

“Does he talks this way all the time? Looks like I have to handle him first before handling his family.” She thought by arranging the bed.

Abhi coming out of the washroom saw her sitting on the couch. She was waiting for him.

Abhi “What’s your name? I am sorry but my mind didn’t register your name.” She was about to tell her name when he got a phone call. Abhi “I will talk to you later. Don’t wait for me for lunch or dinner. Bye…” She looks sad as she had made his favourite peace fries which he never paid attention to.

“What’s this!! I had to use the bathroom in guestroom to get ready without anyone’s knowledge as he took more than two hours in the bathroom. Then he is saying he don’t remember my name. He is not interested to look at me once. On top of all this, he doesn’t even notice his favourite peace fries on the table!!!” She mumbled to herself thinking of what’s wrong with Abhi.

Abhi in an excited tone “Let’s do it!!!” “Are you mad?? I don’t want to die of heart attack!!” Abhi “You are Abhi’s wife not some blunt knife.”
She trembles more as she is unable to believe of what Abhi asks her to do.

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