A random love story! (KKB) Part 19

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When Pragya returns to the room after cooking, she finds nobody around. She knew it will be this way as it was her imagination seeing Abhi called by her name. She smiles thinking how smart she had become in differentiating the real Abhi and her dream Abhi.

Abhi exclaimed “Chasmish!!!!” Before Pragya could react Abhi was carrying and swirling her in joy. Pragya was speechless of seeing his happiness and excitement. But what was it for?

Abhi lets her down after sometime when she says she is feeling dizzy.

Abhi exclaimed “You know what? You won’t believe it!” Pragya “What happened friend?”

Abhi “My new song got 10 million views in just 8 hours!!! It’s trending worldwide too!!!” Pragya “That’s such a great news!!!” She says with happiness. She asks him to wait here as she rushes out of the room.

Abhi, Where is she going when I am so happy here!!

He also goes out and gets to see his Ma. He hugs her in happiness. Before she could ask anything, Abhi revealed his reason for happiness. She blessed him that he should get even more victories in life.

By then Pragya comes with a bowl of sweet. She asked Radha ma to feed him to celebrate his victory. Abhi smiled at how sweet she was in feeling happy for his achievement.

Abhi feed her too. Abhi “It’s all because of you sweetheart….”

Pragya, Sweetheart? He should be telling that to act in front of his Ma.

Ma “I am very happy that she is the reason.” Abhi grinned as Pragya excused herself to keep the bowl back in the kitchen.

Abhi “Wait chasmish, I need to tell something important to both Ma & you….” Pragya wondered what was it about.

Abhi “I was thinking to go on a vacation. As in we haven’t go out as a family na….” Radha ma “I would say both of you go for Honeymoon instead of a vacation.” Pragya hearing that looked away.

Abhi “Ma….please this is not the time for Honeymoon.”

Pragya, There will be no time for that. In fact, there will be no Honeymoon at all!

His Ma looked at him strangely. Abhi “I mean we can go at anytime but now I want to go out as a family. It’s been a long time we went out as a family”.

Pragya, How clever he is. He doesn’t want to be with me alone so he is bringing Auntyji along with us.
Abhi “Are you ok chasmish?” He asks as he saw her in deep thoughts.

Pragya just nods her head as yes. Abhi “Ok then this weekend we are going to Kullu Manali.”

Ma “I will let your Dad knows about it too. I hope at least for this he will turn up.” Abhi “He is ok with it. I have asked him to cancel all his business meetings”.

Pragya was amazed hearing it. She was surprised at his initiative for making even his all time busy dad to come for the trip.

Abhi winked at her saying “Get ready for fun chasmish! You too Ma! It’s gonna be super duper fun!”

Pragya wondered what’s going to be fun when her life is like tasteless bun?

As he said it was all fun. The whole trip went with seeing the most lively side of his. He sang a lot during the trip, made his parents dance, made her sing too. They played a lot in the snow despite the cold behaviour between them. When he hugged her in the cold, she felt warmth of his hot side. Her imaginations of him didn’t turn up anymore which was a huge relief to her. She noticed he admires her whenever she eats. She smiles as usual whenever he smiles. Everything seem to be as normal as it would happen in a life of happily married couple.

Deep inside her she felt, he was doing all this to make his parents happy about their relation. He wants to make a image that both were doing good in their relation. She also acted as it was all good. Most of the time it was not acting from her side. She was genuinely being herself when he was around her. She doesn’t know whether he feels that way though.

She was feeling happy that his new song was getting more popular among all age groups. Wherever she went, she could hear people singing it. He was getting the popularity he wanted. She thought he will change after the immense popularity but he was being the same. He never really boast about his success. More offers were pouring on his way. He was turning very busy but makes sure he spends time with family. She was impressed of his attitude.

What made her irritated out of all this was his lies. He lied to the press that his wife was the reason for his success.

Pragya, Why does he have to tell like that when we didn’t even share a husband & wife relation? Just for publicity he is doing this.

But she never asked him about this. She never really want to talk him about all that. She didn’t want to bother him anymore. She was silently waiting for a good response from him even if it didn’t happen then there is always divorce to look out for.

Life was in this way when she received a letter by post. After reading it, she in return wrote a letter in reply to Abhi. She placed it on the table at their room.

Pragya, Now I know why he is not loving me! The fault is only from my side.

She felt by having tears. She reached her home & cried badly by hugging her Dad. Her dad read the letter she received. It made him furious reading it. At the same time, he felt it could be an anonymous letter to bring confusions in Abhi & Pragya’s life.

Abhi was informed by his Ma that Pragya left the house all of a sudden. Abhi called her but was no response from her. He came across the letter which made him felt it as completely insane.

He couldn’t believe that she ends up thinking of him in a way that it was absolutely senseless.

He reached her house shouting “Chasmish! Come out now!!!”

Pragya hearing his loud voice hides behind her father. Abhi sees her dad & says “Ask her to come in front Uncle. If not I don’t know what I will be doing with her. There is a limit for everything.” Her dad “lower down your voice Abhi, I am not letting her come with you unless you give me an explanation for this!” He says by showing a letter.

Abhi takes it to read while Pragya runs into the room.

Abhi “Do you think I would ever think in this way?”
Her dad “I wouldn’t but she had thought this way. I can’t help much about it.”

Abhi “Uncle, we have been married for more than 6 months now. Don’t you think it’s insane for me to think her as low compared to me just because she worked as a chef before?”

Her dad “I don’t think so but she this that way….” Abhi “How stupid she is to believe this letter? She wrote to me in return saying she is from a low profile job & that’s why I didn’t love her back.”

Her dad “You don’t love her back?” Abhi “Uncle….it’s not that way. She doesn’t know I love her back. I was just planning to surprise her at my concert!”

Her dad “Oh….” Abhi “Yes uncle, I do love her. I have been giving hints to her too.” Her dad “Hmm…but don’t you think waiting for your response that too for more than 6 months is very long?” Abhi “I’m sorry, I just wanted to be in my best form when I accept that I am in love with her.”

Her dad “Ok, you better go now to console her. She is being upset that because of her job only you never love her.”

Abhi nods his head as yes. Abhi knocks the door asking her to open. She opened after sometime.

Abhi “Chasmish, listen I know I made you wait for very long. It’s my fault. I liked to know about you first before accepting I am in love with you. But I didn’t know something like this would happen to make u think that I never accepted your love because of your job.” He said truthfully.

Pragya “Whatever it is, it’s my fault too. I should have been aware that you are a rockstar.” She says looking away.

Abhi “Oh man! There is nothing to do with what we work as to fall in love with each other. I never fall in love with your work chasmish. I fell in love with your cuteness and innocence.” Pragya “Exactly. You won’t fall in love with my work as it is way too low compared to your work.” Abhi “Why are you feeling this way? It’s not the way you think. You know I really love you. I love whatever you do.”

Pragya “I don’t think all this will work out Rockstar. Let’s put a full stop to all this.” Abhi “Full stop?” Pragya “Yes. I don’t want to live with you anymore.”
Abhi “Acha….then why did you kissed on my lips for more than 15 seconds for the first time & for more than 15 minutes for the second time?”

Pragya is shocked hearing it. How does he know that? It was all her imagination right?

Abhi looks at her confused face & asks “Leave the kiss. Then why the hell you try to unbutton my shirt when I was sleeping? Not only that you also touch my chest in a seductive way!”

Pragya, I thought he was sleeping. He was tired after a long day by sleeping with his tight shirt on. I couldn’t resist myself seeing him in tight shirt. So I just unbutton his shirt. Seeing his bare chest my thoughts went haywire. I end up touching his chest smoothly like a crystal.

She felt like disappearing at that moment seeing his intense look towards her.

Abhi “Tell me chasmish. What was all that for?” Pragya “I was helping you to take off your shirt. You were sweating a lot by the tightness of the shirt.”

Abhi “Okay, then why did you even cry when I fell sick? Ma told me that even you were fasting for me as part of your prayers for me to get well soon.”

Pragya “Whatever I did is all because of the care, I had towards you. The care & concern that I have for you as a friend.”

Abhi “Friend? Like seriously chasmish? Are u going to repeat the same thing I said? Which friend will kiss on lips? Which friend will try to take off shirt & ends up touching in the most seductive way?”

Pragya “Why are you being unreasonable now? I said I don’t want to live with you. That’s all.”

Abhi pulls her towards him “So you are ok with not loving with me anymore?” He asked her in a husky tone.

Pragya “Yes…” Abhi instead of saying anything hugs her even more closely.

Pragya “You are going beyond your limit….” Abhi “I love you Pragya…..”

Pragya looked at him furiously of now understanding her imaginations were actually real. He played with her emotions!

She with full of force pushed him away saying “Cheater! You made me a fool by making me believe that I was dreaming!”

Abhi “No Pragya, I never wanted to cheat or you make you a fool. It was all for fun!”

Pragya “Fun? Do you know how bad I felt after each time I became close to you even it was like a dream or imagination of mine. I used to feel guilty of myself to have that kind of dreams.” She bursts out.

Abhi “I know Pragya, but I was thinking once you know that I am really in love with you then everything will be a sweet memory of our love for each other.”

Pragya “Just get out of here Abhi! I don’t want to see you now!” She screamed making her father come inside the room.

Her dad “Abhi, I think you need to work harder to get her back.” Abhi “Uncle….why is she being so stubborn? I know it’s my fault! But why can’t she forgive me now?”

Pragya “Daddy, if you want to talk to him then do it outside my house! I don’t want to see him now!”

Abhi instead of taking it serious burst into laughter. Even now he found her cute as she folded her arms in anger with her face red like a tomato.

Pragya “I said get out Mr Cheater!” She said looking at him. Her dad pulled him out of the room while he was still laughing uncontrollably.

Pragya, Idiot! He made me a fool until I feel as a loser! It’s all your fault chasmish. You believed him blindly!

Outside the house….
Her dad “You shouldn’t have laugh this much. Now you see my daughter is very angry with you.”

Abhi “I know…I just couldn’t control my laughter seeing her face. It was very cute & funny at the same time.”

Her dad smiled at him saying he also finds that way when she gets angry.

Abhi “I know how to cajole her. I have a plan. But before that I want to say her life is in danger. I don’t want her to know about this. So please make sure she doesn’t goes out alone. I will be here whenever I can.” Her dad looks in shock. Abhi asks him not to worry as he knows what’s the danger & how to deal with it.

Pragya “I HATE YOU!” Abhi ignores her. He continues to find for something. Pragya “Why can’t you leave me alone? I said clearly that things won’t work out with us right?” Abhi “Will you shut up for a while? I am finding for something!! Can’t u see that?” Pragya “You will never ever find whatever u are searching for! It’s my curse to you!” Abhi “Thank you! I just found it!” Pragya gasps as she tries to run away when he pulls her closer to him. Abhi “Just be silent! I will get your favourite mango cake!” Pragya “It’s not my favourite anymore.” Abhi trying to handle her said “So now what’s your favourite? Oh I know…it’s the ravishing rockstar right?” Pragya glares at him as both hear a loud noise of things dropping.

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