A random love story! (KKB) Part 18

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Pragya, Keep a distance from him! How dare he pushed me into the pool?? Don’t he know I didn’t know swimming?? Thank god! He saved me if not I would have been dead by drowning.

She was shivered by covering herself with blanket as he comes inside the room.

Abhi just wanted to play with her. He didn’t know she doesn’t know swimming. He made a mental note of teaching her swimming. It doesn’t sound nice when Rockstar’s wife don’t know how to swim!

She was so scared that she became unconscious. He was about to do mouth to mouth resuscitation thinking she had loss of breath. Before he could do that she was awake. He instead kissed her cheek saying Thank god! You are awake if not I would have kissed you!

Pragya was damn furious of what he did. She never spoke anything. She walked away making Abhi laugh at her. Although he felt bad but looking at her reactions he couldn’t control his laughter.

Now at their room….
Abhi with his eyebrows raised asks “What’s wrong !? Why are you shivering?” Pragya “I don’t want to talk to you. Just go away!” Abhi smirks seeing her reaction. He grins more thinking of what he did earlier. Meanwhile, Pragya receives a call that makes her go outside the room by giving a secretive look.

Abhi, Who’s that calling chasmish now? Let me find out!

Pragya was talking to someone worriedly. Pragya jerks seeing Abhi right behind him when she turns back ending the call. Pragya “Did you heard anything?” Abhi “Not really except for the restaurant name that I like.” Pragya gets scared what if he knows the truth. Abhi “I love that restaurant. Especially their peace fries…”

Pragya, you only love that….not the person who cooks that…..

Abhi “Anyways chasmish, are you going there?”
Pragya “No!” Abhi “Oh then why you told that name?” Pragya “Yes! I am going there!” Abhi “You said no just now? Now it’s a yes??” He asked making Pragya nervous.

Pragya “No as in I’m not going there now.” She said avoiding eye contact with him.

Abhi looking suspicious “Acha….for matter are you going there? Meeting someone?” Pragya “Why should I tell you? I am just going there for some purpose. That’s it!”

Abhi “Why so rude chasimish? You know I am asking it out of concern.” He said in a soft tone.

Pragya “I need to go….” Abhi “Okay, I am not stopping you.” Pragya looked down making Abhi looks where she sees.

Abhi “I’m sorry…” He says by taking his hand away from her waist. As usual he doesn’t know when he placed his hand on her waist.

Pragya walks as Abhi says “I don’t know when my hand holds your waist but it’s not the same to you right? Why do you always tell it right before leaving? Why can’t you tell earlier that I am holding your waist?”

Pragya stops hearing it. She then walks ahead thinking because of the love she has for him, she never tells about him holding her waist earlier. She wants to enjoy his touch even though it’s for quite sometime.

Abhi smiles thinking of Pragya’s anger at him. He knows how to cajole her. Before that he needs to do something. He needs to find out what Pragya is secretive about.

Pragya, Great escape chasmish! Now need to be very careful before he finds out anything!

Abhi comes behind her again as she is finding for something on the bookshelf.

She jerks again seeing him when she turns back.

Pragya “Why are you always behind me? You said no love right? Then don’t you have manners to keep Keep a distance from me?”

Abhi “Pragya….” He says which alerts her that now she is imagining.

Yes now she found out the difference as whenever she imagines or dream he calls him as Pragya & not chasmish.

So she very confidently asked “What do u want my dream boy?” Abhi hearing her call him her as his dream boy was feeling enthralled.

Pragya “Come here! I will show you something to read.” She says by making him stand beside her.

She picks up a book called In a dream world…..

Pragya “There you go! You are a good dream boy na…sit down on the couch to read this. By then I will be back from cooking. Is that ok?”

Abhi nods his head obediently as a yes. He finds her very cute now.

Pragya “Good!” She says by passing the book to him before walking out of the room with a wide smile.

Abhi hits his face with the book saying “You love sick Rock star! What have you done to yourself by loving a chef??”

Pragya hides behind her father. Abhi “Ask her to come in front Uncle. If not I don’t know what I will be doing with her. There is a limit for everything.” Her dad “lower down your voice Abhi, I am not letting her come with you unless you give me an explanation for this!” He says by showing a letter.

Abhi takes it to read while Pragya runs into the room.

Thank you everyone for reading, liking and commenting. I think some of u all are not happy that this ff is going to end, which was seen in the number of dislikes. That’s what I assume if not I think you all really didn’t like last update. Anyways I am extremely sorry for whatever reason it is. Hope u all enjoy the update and sorry for any boring updates.

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