A random love story! (KKB) Part 17

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At night…..

Pragya walks to and fro. She felt it is now crucial to clear her doubt. She remembers very clearly him mentioning about Shivani as his ex-girlfriend. Was it true? Or is it her imagination?

Abhi finishing his practise, entered the room to see a confused chasmish. He finds her cute as usual. He just felt like hugging her from back.

Pragya stopped walking seeing him.

Pragya “Are you free?” Abhi “I just came back finishing my practice. So kind of tired but what’s the matter for me to be free?”

Pragya “Acha…it’s okay, you freshen up and take rest. We can talk about it later.”

Abhi “No chasmish, feel free to tell me. I always listen to my friends.”

Although it’s good to hear that he is ready to listen to her but hearing the word Friend it irked her as usual.

Pragya “I was wondering whether you have any girlfriends now. I mean…I was thinking why you don’t want love from me. And it made me think u could have a girlfriends now….so…” She hesitates.

Abhi turning behind smiled thinking of how quick she reacts the way he wants.

Abhi “I don’t have one now….” Pragya “Oh…so it means u have one before?”

Abhi in a sad tone “Fortunately and unfortunately, yes I had one. Her name is Shivani.”

Pragya, Wow Pragya! You daydreaming have some powers in getting the facts correct.

Abhi “She is just magnificent….You can just look at her for whole day.”

He says in a dreamy tone which makes Pragya irritated.

Pragya trying to control her emotions “Why you never marry her then?”

Abhi “I don’t know what happened….It’s a long story that I don’t remember now….I don’t even know does she have a influence on me to not expect love from you. All I know is I don’t know…” He says in such a devastated tone that Pragya feels sad for him. He never even sees her. He heads toward the bathroom by looking down trying to look very depressed.

Pragya, Oh dear….He looks so depressed. Does that mean he love her so much? No wonder! He don’t have love towards me. He just feels attracted towards me but not love! But what’s the reason for their love not succeeding? Shall I ask Auntyji about this?

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Abhi quickly comes out the bathroom and says “Please don’t share about this with Ma. She is not aware of my love. Actually nobody knows….”

Pragya “Oh….I’m sorry for making you remember your past….”

Abhi “Past?” Pragya “Yes it’s past as she is your ex….”

In return Abhi sighs. He then says “But she was present in my life. So I consider her my present at all times.”

Pragya hearing his words was getting scared. She doesn’t want him to love someone else. She want his love. It’s okay even if she can’t get it now but she can’t bear the fact if he is in love with someone else.

Abhi looks at her expression. He knows she is getting worried.

Abhi “Well, I have to sleep chasmish. So…”

Pragya “Okay…” she said looking blank of what to do next. She moves out of the room saying she wants to eat something.

Abhi smiles as he lies down on the bed. Abhi, Now the real masti starts.

Pragya, Nothing is in favour of me. It seems he is still in love with her.

She comes back to the room after some time.

Pragya “Where did he go now?” She looks around the room, checks the closet & also calls his name but there was no response.

She got tired of calling him. She decides to sleep on the couch. She falls asleep waiting for him.

An hour later, she wakes up hearing to wailing sounds of someone. She is shocked to see it as Abhi who was crying by hugging his guitar.

Pragya quickly attends to him. She asks continuously what’s wrong with him? He keeps on crying which made her tell “Ok I call Auntyji to ask why you are crying!”

Abhi hold her hand firmly. He keeps aside his guitar. He looks at Pragya as sad as he could. Pragya wipes his tears & ask “What’s wrong now Rockstar?”

Abhi “Shivani came in my dreams…..”

Pragya “Oh….” Abhi “Haan…she told me you are the right person for me.” Pragya “Right person for?”
Abhi “To live with….” Pragya “Okay….”

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Abhi “Why should she say like that when I am living with her?”

Pragya “You are living with her?” Abhi “I am living with her memories. It also feels like living with her.”

Pragya “Don’t get me wrong but is she still alive?” Abhi “She is….she is happily married to someone…”

Pragya “oh….in that case how is she even coming into your dreams?” Abhi “That’s the power of her love. She have magical powers to come in my dream.”

Pragya, what the hell!!! He is this much attracted to her?? How am I even going to handle this now??

Abhi “Shivani also said….”

Pragya interrupted “Look here! She is your past! I am your present! Did u get that?” She asked firmly.

Abhi “But Shivani is my first love na….so I must listen to her first before you.” He says adamantly.
Pragya had no choice other than slapping him. Abhi cries loudly making Pragya scared of his loud cry!

Pragya “Ssssh!! Abhi!!! Don’t cry! Oh god! Why is he crying so loudly!” Abhi cries continuously which make her scared of his loud voice reaching Radha ma.

Pragya couldn’t think straight. She crushed her lips on his making him stop crying.

Abhi was blown away by her act. He wasn’t expecting this though. He responded to her kiss as passionately as he wanted this from her too. Pragya on the other hand couldn’t ask for more. She was enjoying the moment until she realized it’s wrong to kiss him when he is not in love with her.

She breaks the kiss by moving away. She then looked at Abhi who was giving a blank expression. She could feel he was in shock of her action.

Pragya turned away. “Chee!! What have I done? What will he think of me now?” She thought feeling embarrassed of herself.

Abhi, I want more na….why did she stop it? I can’t ask her now too.

Pragya in a low tone “I’m sorry….”

Abhi didn’t reply anything. He looked innocently at her like a child not knowing what happened just now.
Pragya “I’m sorry again.” She says by leaving the room in tears.

Abhi, Oh no! She is crying because of the kiss! Now what can I do to make her feel better?

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Pragya, Stupid me! Why did I do like that? Don’t even feel like facing him now.

She continues to cry outside the room when he calls her “Chasmish!!! Chasmish!”

Pragya wiping her tears comes back to the room. She finds him looking for something.

Abhi “Did u see my file here?” Pragya “File?”
Abhi “Haan I have been searching that for very long inside the closet. You see I am sweating a lot after hours of search. I kept it there only….”

Pragya “For hours??” Abhi “Ya…where did you go by the way? Why your eyes are red?” He asked her.

Pragya couldn’t believe he wasn’t talking about their kiss. Did he forget about it or she was dreaming of it again?

Abhi “Chasmish!!! Are u here? Is anything wrong with you? Wait, you sit down & let me get water to drink.” He says by moving towards the fridge to get water for her.

Abhi, I hope she thinks all as a dream. I don’t want her to think it as a dream though but for now she have to think it as a dream.

Pragya keeps on sees him as he gives her water to drink. When he looks at her she closes her eyes thinking of the kiss.

Pragya, Why does the kiss feel very real but it’s not real at all? Maybe I don’t deserve to live my love in reality.

She opens her eyes to see Abhi looking at her caringly.

Pragya “Thank you….” Abhi “Don’t think too much chasmish. I will search for the file. First you go & sleep well.” Pragya smiles lightly as he pats her back.

Abhi with his eyebrows raised asks “What’s wrong chasmish? Why are you shivering?” Pragya “I don’t want to talk to you. Just go away!” Abhi smirks seeing her reaction. He grins more thinking of what he did earlier. Meanwhile, Pragya receives a call that makes her go outside the room by giving a secretive look.

Abhi, Who’s that calling chasmish now? Let me find out!

Thank you everyone for reading, liking and commenting. I am planning to end this ff by this week or as soon as possible. Will see how it goes.?

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