A random love story! (KKB) Part 15

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Abhi with the help of police managed to track her and safely get back her to home. He got emotional after getting her back and what happens now? Let’s see….

She was amazed to see the caring nature of Abhi. She wasn’t expecting this side from him. Yes she does know he is caring towards his family members. Radha ma had mentioned about it. But she wasn’t expecting she will be experiencing that.

She was slightly weak due to dehydration. And Abhi was there to take care of her like as if she was a baby. He would serve her all meals. He makes sure he eats all of them. He also takes note of how much water she drinks in a day.

She could only see his love in all these gestures. He even warns her not to go out alone. So whenever Pragya wants to go for a walk, Abhi was there to walk with her.

She decided to tell that she loves him. She felt first she should tell about her love for him and then how she got to know him even before marriage.

Abhi returned from his studio. He felt extremely tired. He just wanted to sleep.

When he opened the door, he was surprised to see she was in a pink saree as if dressed up to go out. She was looking very pretty in her saree and the ornaments that enhance her beauty.

Abhi “Are you going out somewhere?”

She smiles and looks around the room.

Abhi “Don’t say you are starting your smiling session now.”

“You don’t like my smile?” She asked sadly.

Abhi “I didn’t mean that way. It’s just that when u smile it seems you are miles away from this world.”

“Do you mean I am daydreaming when I smile?” She asked in a furious tone.

Abhi chuckled and nodded his head as yes.

“Ridiculous! I think you are jealous of my sweet smile.” She says folding her arms.

Abhi “Me? Jealous? Oh come on! I got the sweetest smile in the whole world!”

She smiled hearing it. It was true that he have a the sweetest smile in the whole world. Whenever he smiles she smiles too. His smile is infectious.

Abhi “Chasmish!!!!” He yells making her back to senses.

She stopped smiling and looked at him in shock.

Abhi “I told you na….when u smile, u will travel to another world.”

“Ok I agree. But I have to tell you something important now before we start to talk more.” She says sounding serious.

Abhi “What’s that chasmish?” He asks as he sits down on the couch.

“How do I tell you?” She says in shyness which makes Abhi to give a weird expression.

Abhi “If you can’t tell then don’t tell. You shouldn’t strain yourself chasmish.” He said.

“No Baba….I have to tell you. You just listen and don’t interrupt….” She says to which he respond with a ok.

She started by saying “I have to tell you that you are a caring person. I mean thank you for taking care of me. I feel very blessed to be cared by you. It makes me feel like a princess whenever u serve me food and bring me for a walk.”

Abhi interrupted “Excuse me, I am not being a slave who serves the princess!”

“When did I say I consider you as a slave. If I am a princess then u are my prince. I am thinking you as my prince Rock star! I really do feel you are prince charming now.”

Abhi in shock “Does that mean you are in love with me?” She bit her lower lips in shyness. Abhi “But u know I never felt like love towards you. I think it was all attraction that makes me have the care and affection towards u.” She looks at him with a frown.

“This man never understands both my feelings & his feelings easily.” She thought as Abhi said “You know I think I don’t need love from u. I just need friendship from you.”

She gasped hearing it. “What do u mean just friendship? I can see it clearly that u love me. If not why did u kissed my forehead when I was sleeping?”

Abhi was taken aback but he manages by saying “That was a decent kiss just like how a father kisses his daughter’s forehead.”

“Does that mean you are my father?” She retorted.

Abhi “Chee! It’s not that way. I told that for an example. You know I just….”

“Please Rockstar, I know the difference in the kiss from a father and a man who is hiding his love from his love”. She says which makes him look away.

Abhi “Listen chasmish, I am sorry for that kiss.”

“Then what about the times you hold my waist and I have to tell that you are holding my waist and not letting me to move?” She added.

Abhi was getting embarrassed when she continues “Ok even if we take that as a friendly touch, then what the hell you were doing in the closet when I was wearing saree?”

Abhi was shocked hearing it. He didn’t know when she came in when he was trying to get one of his shirts. He wanted to go out as it is not right to be there. But don’t know what went inside his mind that he stood there in admiration of her beauty.

Abhi “I can explain that…I didn’t want to make a big fuss at that moment. And you were also busy wearing the saree. Didn’t want to spoil your mood.”

“Ya….and your mood was not spoilt by busily looking at me wearing saree!” She says looking fiercely.

Abhi “I’m sorry. I….” He was loss for words which make her say “I’m also sorry for pin pointing of what you had done. I had to tell as you said u want friendship from me. I would love to be your friend forever. There is no doubt in that but I don’t believe you are expecting friendship from me. If you had expected only friendship from me then you wouldn’t have worried a lot when I was being taken away by some unknown man, you wouldn’t have took care of me every single day, you wouldn’t have look at me in a way that shows your love and lust towards me.”

Abhi “Chasmish….you might be right but…”
“Well, if anything is bothering you then u can tell me as a friend. I am here to help you.” She says sitting beside him.

He immediately stands up making her shocked.

Abhi “There is nothing bothering me. I am very clear that I don’t want love from you.” He says firmly.

“Acha….then divorce me!” She replied.

Abhi “What is this chasmish? You want divorce when it’s just a few months of our marriage?”
He asks worriedly.

She standing in front of him says “I am very clear that I need love from this marriage. I want you to love me the same way I love you. Through this love we can live the friendship that you want. But if you are saying you don’t want love from me then I can only think of divorce Rock star.”

Abhi thinks for a while and she smiles inwardly thinking he will change his mind.

Abhi “Okay chasmish…”

“Okay for what?” She asks in doubt.

Abhi ” Ok for divorce…..” He says making her furious.

“Fine! Ok! Good decision!” She replied looking fiercely.

Abhi “Sorry….” He says innocently.

“That’s ok but will you let me go? You are holding my waist again.” She says making him embarrassed again.

Abhi sees her going inside the closet and closing the door with a loud bang sound.

Abhi, Damn! Why does my hand always hold her waist automatically? And I don’t even feel that I am holding her until she says to me.

Purab “Di….you don’t get angry for this. I can help you in this.”

“How stupid he is? He loves to be with me! He loves to touch me but he don’t mind letting me go!” She says.

Abhi gets upset hearing her call him as stupid.

Purab “No di….I think he is feeling low because of not having big hits. Maybe confused of himself.”

” Confusing idiot! Then why not he keep a distance from me. Instead he always come behind me.” She says.

Abhi hearing it, I can’t na….I try to be away from her….But don’t know why whenever I see her I go behind her. I think she have some magical power to attract me.

Purab “I don’t think he will divorce you di. So you don’t worry….”

“No Purab! Even if he doesn’t want, I think I will divorce him.” She says which makes both Purab and Abhi shocked.

Purab hears the reason for her to apply for divorce which makes him feel how fortunate is Abhi. Abhi hearing her reason gets emotional.

What’s the reason Pragya said for divorce? Will Abhi change knowing her reason to agree for divorce? What will happen next?

Back with this story and hope u all like reading it. Thank u everyone for once again reading, liking and commenting.

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