A random love story! (KKB) Part 14

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Abhi whispered “We have to be very careful chasmish….”

She came back to senses. It was still like a dream being kissed by him.

“What’s mish…chas…?” She asked.

Abhi “Reverse order of chasmish, I thought of telling it as your name shouldn’t be revealed to others na…”

“That’s not my name.” She said with a frown.

Abhi “I know…that’s why now I call u chasmish again.”

She smiled at him for his care & concern. He was being careful of her name not being aware to the kidnappers here. How sweet of him. He really do care for her.

Abhi “Ok I am now slightly opening the door to see what’s happening outside.”

She nodded her head as yes. Both managed to see what’s happening through a small gap of opening the cupboard door.

The two men who went out are back. The man who instructed them had also came down.

Man 2 “Sir, we heard that her parents have filed a police complaint with the help of a lady. This is the lady’s photo.”

He grinned evilly seeing her photo

Abhi “They got your photo!” He said to her which made her clutch his arm strongly.

Man 2 “I heard from some people that she and a man also entered the forest.”

“They entered the forest?” He asked in shock.

Man 2 “Yes sir but they are not police. I think they want to be adventurous.”

“Interesting….” He replied.

“Hope to see her soon….” He thought by still looking at her photo.

After an hour, all the men were shifting out of the house as the car had arrived. The girl was brought to the car too.

Abhi “All of them left chasmish, now u call the police”.

“Can we go out to talk? The signal is very weak inside this cupboard.”

Abhi “Ok…”

Both came out of the cupboard. The men were still outside the house. They haven’t left from there. This was not noticed by both as they thought they had left after hearing the car leaving sound. In reality, the car never left from there completely.

She called up the police & informed quickly of the situation. Meanwhile, Abhi went inside the room where the girl was kept in.

Abhi “Chasmish…come here…” He said waiting for her to come inside the room. But she was not coming which made him wonder what she is doing.

She was already being pulled out of the house when Abhi had entered the room.

“Leave that girl! Now we got another one who is much more worth it.” He said.

Abhi looked around to see where chasmish was. He then noticed she is being made unconscious by the men through one of the broken windows.

Abhi quickly ran out of the house to save his chasmish.

Before he could reach to save her, she was already brought inside the car. The girl kidnapped was left on the ground.

Abhi was looking lost of the turn of events.

After a few hours, at the police station…..

Inspector “What’s the need for both of u to be adventurous? Now u see Mr Abhi, they have kidnapped your wife!”

Abhi was looking tensed and worried. He was not in a state to reply the Inspector.

Purab “Sir…is there any information of her whereabouts now?”

Inspector “We are tracking. It’s good that Mr Abhi had noticed their car plate number. But unfortunately, it is not a legal one. They are very smart so that we are unable track them.”

Purab “How can u say like this sir?”

Inspector “Don’t worry we are trying our best. I don’t think they will be out of the town.”

Abhi suddenly remembered something.

Abhi “Her phone is with her! She ties it in her dupatta end.”

Inspector “Really? What’s her number? We can try tracking their location through her phone.”

Abhi passed her number & hoped his chasmish was safe.

Inspector left from there to the control room.

Purab “Nothing will happen to her…you just be positive….” Abhi “How can I Purab?? I am very nervous of how they are treating her!!”

Purab “Don’t think like that. We have to stay positive Abhi.”

Abhi “Hmm…” Purab “Did you inform Ma about this?” Abhi shook his head as no.

Purab “Okay…we shall inform her later. Hopefully they are able to track di’s location now.”

Inspector then came out of the control room saying “Let’s go! We have a hint of the location. I think they are planning to leave from a ship at the harbour. We have informed the officials at the harbour to delay their clearance process & by then we have to reach the location.”

Abhi, Purab together with the police officials all went to the location in the jeep.

Abhi was hoping that his chasmish is fine. He can’t bear to see her being hurt or tortured.

Meanwhile at the harbour,

She regained consciousness in the car. The man who had admired her photo was sitting beside her. She jerked seeing him & protested to leave her.

He holding her hand firmly “I have never seen a beauty like you before….” He said by touching her cheek seductively with his other hand. She felt disgusted of his touch.

“Mr whoever u are! Don’t try to touch me! I am married!” She screamed.

“So what? Is there any rule that I can’t touch a married woman. Anyways u look fresh to be tasted!” He said seductively which made her furious.

“Your furious eyes is hypnotizing me….” He said with his eyes closed.

“Idiot! Don’t u have senses of how to treat a married woman? I am not at all interested in being a prey to u!” She said firmly.

“You don’t have to be a prey to me…You can be my prayers….” He said looking at her.

She kept on protesting to leave her if not she would kill him.

He was laughing at her empty threats & asked her to stay inside as he need to check why is it taking too long for the officials to clear their entry into the ship.

She used that chance to contact Abhi. Abhi asked her to divert him in some ways as they need sometime to reach where she is.

“How can I divert him? I will never seduce him for sure!” She said.

Abhi “Seduce him? When did I say like that? Just think of something else. Like u want to go toilet something like that chasmish!”

“Oh…like that ah? Ok I will do it smartly… Oh no! He is coming! Bye Rock STAR! Sorry Action star! Bye!” She said hurriedly before ending the call.

Abhi smiled hearing her call him Action star. It does sound nice as compared to Rock star.

Purab “Is she fine? What did she say?” Abhi “You did heard na…she just regained consciousness. She is also clueless for what he had kidnapped her. I just asked her to divert him by saying some excuses until we reach the harbour site.”

The man came back with a wide smile. Man “I am back beauty!” He said by sitting beside her.

“I want to go toilet!” She said with her arms folded.
“Is it very urgent? Can u control it for a while?” He asked.

“I said I want to go toilet!” She said again in a fierce tone.
The man asked her to follow him. He was waiting outside for her while she was inside the toilet.

She again called Abhi & informed him that she is in the toilet. Abhi “Great! Stay safe. We are near the place already.”

She smiled thinking of her action star is coming for rescue.

Man “Are you coming out now?” He asked sounding impatient.

There was no response from her. He was getting impatient. He decided to enter the toilet to see her.

Just at that moment, he sensed someone touching his shoulder.

He turned back to see Abhi standing with an intense look.

Man “Who are you?” Abhi “Your enemy!!!” Man “What? Let go off your hand on me! I need to go in & check on her.” He said by shrugging of his hand from his shoulder. In return Abhi pulled him by his collar which made him shocked.

He handed him over to the police. Man “I will never spare you if you touch her!”

Abhi “What the hell!!! You are threatening me for touching my wife!”

Man “So you are her husband. Don’t think u are lucky enough to have her. She is mine if u never exist. Actually she is still mine as I don’t think u will exist forever.”

Abhi was about to slap him when Purab stopped him saying now it is important to go & see di. The police will handle him & his men.

Abhi rushed to the toilet after giving a deadly stare towards that man.

Abhi “Chasmish!!!” He saw her lying unconscious on the floor. He immediately carried her in his arms & rushed out from there.

At Mehra mansion….

She opened her eyes with struggle. She saw unclear visions of Abhi & Radha Ma.

She once again tried to see clearly & saw Abhi holding her hand & sitting by her side.

Abhi “Chasmish! Can u hear me?” He asked with concern.

“Hmm…” She said trying to wake up.

Abhi “Wait, let me help you.” He said by placing pillows behind her back to make her comfortable.

Radha ma “I don’t understand what made both of u to be so adventurous. What if anyone of u had been severely injured?”

Abhi “Ma…nothing happened na…” He said giving her a look as if asking why is she now worried so much.

Radha ma in tears “I heard everything from Purab. It was very scary to me. I don’t know from where u all get this much of guts to do all this.”

“Ma…we also never expect something like this would happen….we just wanted to find the girl.” She said in her weak voice.

Abhi “Yes & fortunately the girl is safe with her parents now.”

Radha ma “It’s still making me to panick…”
Abhi “Ma…why are u worrying for nothing now?”

Radha ma “You won’t understand my feelings. I will get food for u all to eat.” She said by wiping her tears & left the room.

Abhi looked at the direction she went. He turned to see chasmish. She too was looking at the same direction.

Abhi “How are u feeling?”
“I don’t know how did I faint….” She replied.
Abhi “You were dehydrated chasmish. Nothing more than that.”

“Oh…and how’s the girl?” She asked.

Abhi “Perfectly fine. She was admitted in hospital. Nothing serious was found & is now safe with her parents.”

“Then….what about him?” She asked looking nervous.

Abhi “The police arrested him. I am still angry at him for taking you away.”

She saw him gritting his teeth in anger & his face was filled with furiousness like never before.

“Calm down…now he is not here na…he is also arrested so stay calm…” She said by holding his hand.

Her gentle touch made him calmed down. He hugged her in return & was in tears.

She too reciprocated to his hug. Radha ma who returned with food for them smiled at their bonding. She didn’t want to disturb them so she left from there thinking it will be better to leave them alone.

Abhi “Does that mean you are in love with me?” She bit her lower lips in shyness. Abhi “But u know I never felt like love towards you. I think it was all attraction that makes me have affection towards u.” She looks at him with a frown.

“This man never understands both my feelings & his feelings easily.” She thought as Abhi said “You know I think I don’t need love from u. I just need…..”

To be continued….

Ok guys that’s all for now. You all have to wait two weeks later to know what will happen next as the upcoming week is for another ff. Thank u everyone for reading,liking and commenting.

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