A random love story! (KKB) Part 12

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Abhi, This Purab also not attending my call! Where the hell did chasmish went without informing me.

After searching for her everywhere he could, he was getting tensed by every moment. He decided to file complaint in the nearby police station

At the police station….
Abhi followed the constable to see the police.
Abhi sitting opposite to the inspector said “I am here to file a complaint of my wife missing.” Police “Tell me her name, how she looks and when did this happened.” Abhi explains to the police and the police finds Abhi amusing for calling her wife as chasmish continuously.

Inspector “Actually Mr Abhi the Rock star, I can see how much you are worried for your wife missing. I can also see how much u love your wife to keep on call her by nickname.”

Abhi “Sir! I don’t need your evaluation of what I feel towards my wife. Is it possible to speed up and search for her?”

Inspector smirked asking him to turn around and take a look.

Abhi giving a puzzled look turned to see. He was shocked to see chasmish standing there.

Abhi immediately rushed to her and gave a bone crushing hug.

Abhi “Oye chasmish! Where did u go all of a sudden??? I was so scared of being alone there!!! If u don’t want to come with me, u could have told earlier na….why did u run away suddenly??”

She trying to break away from his hug said “Calm down….I need to talk to u…”

Abhi holding her hand “Ok chasmish let’s go!”

“Wait! Wait! We should thank inspector sir.” She said.

Abhi “Oh thank you sir!” He said hurriedly not even looking at the inspector. In response, inspector grinned of how impatient Abhi is to leave the police station.

In the car….
“I never expect you to be so emotional…” She said as she wear the seat belt.

Abhi “If not what do u expect? I was damn scared of losing you! Already I am a so called loser!”

She covered his mouth with her hand and said ” You are not a loser….”

Abhi taking her hand away “First tell me where did u go chasmish!!!”

“You went beside the tree to talk na…at that time a couple asked me directions to the nearby police station as they want to find their daughter who went missing along the way. They are new to this place. So I accompany them to the police station.” She replied.

Abhi “So you were doing social service at the cost of your husband to search for you like a mad dog!” He said in anger by looking straight.

“I called you many times after reaching the police station but your line was engaged….” She said in a low tone.

Abhi “I was calling you and Purab back to back. Both of you never picked up my call which made me very tensed. That’s why I came to the police station to seek their help.”

“Anyways all is fine now.” She replied.

Abhi sounding depressed “It’s not fine. Because of u, I missed an appointment with music company and they were going to sign a big deal with me. But now u see I missed it and become a loser again.”

“No way! You call them up! I will talk to them now!!” She said sternly.

Abhi said it’s pointless now as few hours had passed.

She pestered him to let her TRY once before he conclude it is as hopeless and pointless.

Abhi reluctantly dialled the number and gave her the phone to talk.

“Hi! This is Abhi’s wife here. I know it was an important appointment with your music company today….but he…” She said.

After listening to their side, she said “We were on the way but he saw a couple who was finding for their daughter. He was also helping them in finding her. That’s why he couldn’t make it today.”

Abhi widened his mouth in shock of she used the situation she faced earlier in favour of him.

“Ok sure! No problem sir. He will be there for sure! Once again sorry for the delay.” She said politely before ending up the call.

Abhi “Naughtish chasmish, how nicely you lied!!”

“When did I lied?” She asked in surprise.

Abhi “Don’t lie again. You lied that I helped the couple find their daughter na…”

“Technically it will be a lie if you don’t take any action now.” She said making him look confused.

“What do u mean ah?” He asked scratching his head.

“Rockstar is now going to find their daughter like I have told the in charge of music company!” She exclaimed.

“Are u mad? There is police to find her!!! Why me?? And what if they find her before me???” He shrieked.

“We can try na…what if we find before the police??” She asked in excitement.

Abhi “I am not a PI (Private Investigator) to work on this.”

“Oh…ok but you know she is your fan…I heard their parents saying she love your music and don’t even mind to listen to your music for the whole day….” She said looking away.

Abhi “Did they say like that?” He asked in surprise.

“Haan and she also wants to meet u from the time she fell in love with your music.” She added looking at Abhi’s expression changing. He was silent for a moment. She was hoping her plan would work.

Abhi “Let’s go chasmish! I will also make her fall in love with my heroic actions!!!”

“Are we going to find her??” She asked unable to believe.

Abhi speed his car saying “Yes!!! Now Rock star is ACTION STAR!!!!”

Abhi “mish..chas…why are u here? I asked u to stay outside na…”
“Sorry!!! excitement overloaded. Couldn’t hide there for very long but why are u calling me in some other language?” Abhi in a fraction of second closed her mouth with his so that others can’t hear.

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