A random love story! (KKB) Part 10

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One more part!

Abhi sitting on his bed with strumming the guitar thinks about chasmish’s words.

Abhi stops playing guitar.

Abhi, Why do I feel she knows me even before marriage? Why do I feel I have interacted with her before? Is it just my imagination?

She enters the room with his dried clothes.

Abhi smiles at her before frowning.

“What is wrong with you?” She asks by folding the clothes.

Abhi “Tell me one thing chasmish….”

“I can tell you thousand things! I don’t mind at all!” She said in a teasing tone.

Abhi “I don’t have time to hear thousand things from u. Just tell me have u seen me before marriage? Like have u talk to me before?”

“Why are u asking this suddenly?” She asked in a shivering tone.

Abhi “Just felt like asking….” He said looking at her who was trying not to look at him.

“You are rockstar na I think I would have seen you at some concert or malls when you are surrounded by crowds.” She replied.

“You mean like a fan?” He asked with excitement.

“Nope! Just as a normal human being who was stuck at the crowd.” She said.

“Oh…so you are not a fan of me….” He said in a low tone.

“It’s not like that….I can be a fan of you too…” She answered to make him feel better.

“Don’t TRY to give hopes….I know nobody is a fan of mine…” Abhi replied by looking down.

She stopped what she was doing. She sat beside him.

Abhi was about to stand when she held his hand.

“Wait. I have to tell you one thing now.” She said.

Abhi “Do I need to sit for that? U just tell me. I can hear by standing.”

“Please sit down. I want to tell u as u sit beside me.” She said in a softer tone.

Abhi couldn’t say no so he sat beside her.

“You know it’s not about u having fans will make u a better musician or a popular person. You have to first love your musical works. I know u love it then it means automatically people hearing it will also love you by feeling the love u have for your work. And I don’t know the idea of fans. But I think u need to have lovers to love your music. Not only that u should even have people who don’t love music to love your music.”

Abhi looks speechless of her words. Her words are very inspirational to him.

She snaps her finger in front of him to get his attention.

Abhi “Wow….what have you been working chasmish? Your words flow as sweet as honey.”

She blushed to his compliment and said “Just a normal work that made me feel happy always.”

Abhi pulled her cheek and said “You are very cute!!!”

She widened her eyes seeing the sudden action of Abhi pulling her cheek.

“What is this? It was painful!!!” She shrieked rubbing her cheek.

Abhi “Sorry cute chasmish. I couldn’t control myself. You know very recently only I found your cheek cute. I am observing u when u talk na so I felt like pulling it to see how soft is your cheek.”

She breath heavily in anger. What was he thinking of her. Was she a toy for him to pull her cheek!!

Abhi “You don’t breath too much. When u do like that na I feel like doing something else too.”

“What now?? Push me down?” She asked in anger.

Abhi “No….” He said looking at her in a mischievous way.

“Tell me what’s running in your mind. If not I will tell your Ma that you are torturing me!” She said.

Abhi “Oye chasmish! If I tell you that u won’t be able to believe.”

“Just tell me now!” She said looking straight.

“Well I will tell now but be prepared for the shock.” He said.

She was about to scream to call his Ma when he closed her mouth and said ” I felt like feeling your lips when u breathe heavily.”

She was shell shocked as he walked away to the closet.

What? He is serious or kidding me??
She then smiled thinking of how would it be like being kissed by him.

Abhi from inside “Smiling session started??”
“I never smile at all!” She said sternly but was still smiling.

Abhi “Hard to believe….”

She smiles widely thinking of when will he know who she is.

Abhi searches for chasmish as she is missing from his car!

Abhi, where did she go? She left me alone at this deserted place. I brought her as she was like a bodyguard to me. Now I feel very scary…..

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