A random love story! (KKB) Part 1

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Abhi “This always happens to me! Everything is a flop in my life!”

He groaned taking a seat. The waiter came over there and asked “What would you like to have sir?”

“Peace! Can I get that here?” He asked sarcastically.
“Oh yes sir. We have peace fries with peas!” waiter said with excitement.

“Peace fries??” Abhi asked doubtfully.

“Do you want to try?” The waiter asked.

Abhi “Alright, I will try. At least I can get peace in that.”

Waiter headed towards the kitchen & came back in 10 minutes.

Abhi was surprised to see being served within 10 minutes. He looked at the plate of peace fries. It looked delicious.

He tried it. He was taken to another heavenly world The more he taste it the more he wants it. He ordered one more plate. After finishing two plates he ordered the third one but in return the waiter came empty handed.

Abhi “Where is my peace fries?” waiter passed him a napkin. He said there is a message from the chef.

Abhi unfolded the napkin.

He started to read:

“I am very happy that you like peace fries a lot. But anything you take should have a limit. I don’t want my customers to fall sick by having excessive amounts of the food I prepared. For now this is enough. Hope to see you back again.”

“Your chef can simply say he is tired of cooking for me. You don’t have to pass this…” Abhi said by placing the napkin on the table.

“No sir…we are very concerned about our customers’ well being.” The waiter replied politely.

“Alright. I will come again on next Sunday. I have decided my Sundays will be with Peace Fries!! Tell your chef about it. And ya two plates is a must!!” He replied.

Waiter smiled and said he will inform the chef.

Abhi left from there paying the bill. He was feeling fully satisfied with a hearty meal.

Days passed and he always return to the restaurant to get his favourite peace fries.

Every Sunday he would be there. It was not more than 2 plates. Even if he wanted the chef will always send a napkin message.

Abhi finds the chef interesting as he also does the same thing to other customers.

“What a technique to attract customers in this way! This guy is showering concern and earning money from us.” He thought.

Then one day he came to the restaurant with full of frustration in his mind.

Abhi wants his peace fries to get peace.

“Waiter!!! Ask your chef to make as many plates of peace fries for me. Today no limits!!” He demanded.

“But sir…” Waiter hesitated.

“What but? And why are u still standing here? Faster go and get my peace fries!!” He said in a loud voice.

” Sir….chef is not working here anymore.” The waiter replied.

Abhi was shocked to hear it.

“What the hell? How can he not work here anymore!!” Abhi shouted.

Waiter was taken aback and was clueless of how to handle him. Later waiter realized he was drunk too. He called the manager to help him handle the situation.

Frustrated of not getting his peace fries Abhi broke things over there and the manager had to call Abhi’s friend whom he was familiar with.

Purab “Abhi, What chaos are you doing here? Why are you being frustrated for every single thing?”

He asked by attending to Abhi. Purab soon brought Abhi from there.

Purab, This Abhi is getting worse day by day. Now he is also going to be married soon. If he continues to be this way, everyone at home will worry a lot.

Abhi “What’s your name? I am sorry but my mind didn’t register your name.” She was about to tell her name when he got a phone call. Abhi “I will talk to you later. Don’t wait for me for lunch or dinner. Bye…” She looks sad as she had made his favourite peace fries which he never paid attention to.

Another random story from my side. Hope u all like it. Not a very long one I guess….thank u for the comments in the few shots. Thq for exam wishes too.

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