A Long Day

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So my mind currently fond of physics and chemistry and that is going to be clearly reflected in this drabble
Pragya returned home after a long day at college. Being a lecturer and the head of the department at the same time wasn’t easy. The college had organized a musical festival and abhi being the chief guest had put even more work load on her.
She entered the kitchen and took a bottle of water out of the fridge. She sat down on the kitchen slab and took a sip of water. Her mind floated back to an incident that had happened in college.
Fb shown
Abhi was the head of music department of the college. Both abhigya were the heads and met each other daily in the head of department meetings. Gradually they started to meet in person, well not like that but the fact that abhi had a crush on Pragya. He used to follow her around everywhere like a love sick puppy.

Abhi’s POV
The day I saw her teaching in class, I had felt attracted to her like a magnet. I used to spy on her at first but then I started to follow her openly. Her smile, the sparkle in her eyes, her dimples yeah she had does flawless dimples, her creased brows, he questioning look, the movement of her hand during lectures and everything had me falling for her even more. Now that I had started it I had to impress her cause she thought that I being a rockstar don’t know anything about chemistry, her favorite subject and the subject she teaches and so now I am going to go and get her
POV end

Pragya was walking down the corridor when she saw abhi standing at the end with a bouquet of roses. He spread out his arms in SRK style waiting for her. “barre barre desh mein aisy choti choti baatein to chalti rehti hein, the name is abhishek, naam tou suna hi hoga?”
She shook her head in disbelief on what abhi was doing and looking down moved past him.
This isn’t working, gotta go for plan B
Abhi moved out of his pose and quickly ran behind her.
“Wait!!” he shouted while Pragya kept on moving.
He increased his pace and pulled her back.
“Are you even listening?” he said as he jerked her behind.
“no!!” she shouted back.
“okay please just give me five minutes,” he said while Pragya gestured no.
“2 minutes? Please?” he pleaded.
“alright,” said Pragya as she folded her arms and stood there, tapping her foot impatiently.
“I love you,” he said with a low voice, trying to put all the emotion her could.
“I don’t think it would work out,” said Pragya
“why?” asked abhi
“because you are so destructive like an acid,” she said.
“that’s cool right?” he said
Pragya was shocked to see him talk like this.
“you’re my base,” he added.
“what?” said Pragya confused of his talks.
“I am acidic and you’re alkaline. We could make a neutral solution,” he said with a wink and Pragya walked away from there shocked and blushing.
These sessions of proposal continued.
Fb end

Pragya came back to reality as she saw him standing beside her.
“ermm,” she said, quite tired and frustrated after college.
“Hi,” said abhi
“how many times should I tell you not to talk to me?” said Pragya
“Why are you avoiding me as if we are electrons?” asked abhi.
“what?” questioned pragya in shock.
“like charges repel na,” said abhi
“You’re going that way. Fine, we are not like charges. We are unlike charges. You are negative charge and I am positive charge.” Said pragya
“It’s even more better. You made my job easy,” Said abhi
“What? I said we are different,” said pragya
“Positive charges and negative charges get attracted,” said pragya
“Then… *thinks* we are both protons and we repel.” Said pragya
“So you’re saying we are same?” said abhi
“Yes, we are same and we repel,” said pragya
“But like charges get attracted when they’re near. Don’t you know anything about short range forces? *gets closer*” said abhi
“Who are you?” asked pragya *takes up a knife*
“Whoa? What are you doing?” asked abhi as he moves back in fear
“I know you’re an impostor,” said pragya
“I am your husband,” said abhi in a defending tone
“He doesn’t know physics,” said pragya
“I read your lecture notes,” said abhi looking down as a child caught doing a bad act.
Pragya: You READ? Are you alright? *checks his forehead for temperature*
Abhi: I think I am feeling dizzy *thinks to use this opportunity to divert her anger*
Pragya: What? I told you not to get wet in rain yesterday. This is why… *sound fades into distance*
“plus you even have a concert tomorrow,” said pragya
“I don’t care about that concert if my wife is tired and not happy,” said abhi.
He pulled close and nuzzled her neck.
“Let me make you a hot chocolate and we can talk about your day in bed,” he said and they moved towards the rom.
Now that we are done with this drabble I’ll be moving to write another one. Do pen down your views.

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