A Cute Girl & A Funny Boy (KKB TS) shot 3 (final shot)

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Hiii dears… I just wrote whatever came into my mind.. so sry if I disappointed u.. I know am late.. so let’s get into the story..

As expected , pragya scored good marks in her 12th xams & cleared her medical entrance xam..!!her dream is to become a cardiologist& she really worked hard to get a medical seat..!! & then joined in her college & hostel as well..!! Purab have to do some part time job to balance his family’s economical situation.. though abhi offered money for pragya’s studies purab politely refused tat..!so, abhi asked his dad to give a part tym job so tat purab can manage it with sarala ma.. & tat really helped them..!! Wen purab is doing his work abhi’s only company is his music.. !! & he wrote some lyrics based on frndsip , love themes.. abhi will come to purab’s home wenever purab is there.. & yes ,he is missing his godzilla to the core more than purab & saralama.. Pragya will come to home once in two months.. if purab gets some tym then he will spent with bulbul also.. now,abhi & bulbul were became bro & sis in all means..!! They used to pull purab leg together,tease him, even bulbul asked pragya’s hand for her lovable bhaiyya abhi!! .. with no other option purab also said tat if pragya is okay..!! Then am okay..!! After all this idiot became my frnd because of her.. (note!!)..

For abhi & purab.. this is the final year.. abhi is trying hard to get an identity in music world.. he is practicing hard to his culturals..!! Because the cheif guest is a musician..! Pragya hardly hav tym to speak with all of them..!! Wen she comes to home , tat day will be like carnival to all.. spclly for our hero abhii.. they all busy in their own world… & the college day came.. abhi sung the song..

Adadaa adadaa adadaa ..
ennai yeatho seigiraal..
Adadaa adadaa adadaa …
En nenjai koikiraal..
Kanavil neeyum vanthaal…
En urakkam ketkiraai…
Ethiril neeyum vaanthaal..
En uyirai ketkiraai…
Adi un mugam kandaal en imai irandum kaigal thattuthey…

(Remembers the bus incident !!how pragya made all to hear her story!!)

Vaanavillaai.. neeyum vantha pothu..
Enthen karupu vellai kangal irandum kalaraai maruthadi..

(He reminisizing how pragya started to speak with him..!! Brother.. uncle & then idiot..!!)

Poovilaadum pattam pochi kooda ..
Neeyum nadathu kondu paranthu sellum alagai rasikuthadii..

(He remembers about how pragya used to tease him & ran away from him wenever he wants to catch her..!!)

Un seigai ovvondrum… en kaathal arthangal .. naal thoorum naan serkkum nyabaga chinnangal..

(He remembers her blush& first kiss on unexpected tym)
& the cheif guest was really impressed.. though the song was not rock song the lines were loved by all of them..!! the guest congratulated abhi for his effort.. & offered him a chance to sing in his troop..days passed & they successfully finished their semesters.. they all r in vacation now.. pragya returned to home.. now abhi is busy with his schedule in new album making.. purab now promoted as manager of mehras company not bcoz he is abhi’s frnd.. but his hard work & honesty.. abhi’s dad was impressed with purab’s new ideas & his perfection.. so, he didnot bother abt his experience & all.. bulbul & pragya will go shopping , theatre, abhi’s studio , purab’s work place accompained by abhi.. after tat kiss incident pragya used to be normal before abhi like nothing happened between them .. so as abhi also.. !!
As for abhi he didn’t know.. how to tell pragya abt his feelings.. he told everything to purab without any confusions.. after bulbul asked for pragya’s hand purab asked abhi abt his luv.
**Flash back**
Purab: is it all tru ?. Tat u love my princess?..(stern tone)
Abhi:(with a hesitation) yes purab.. i .. i..love her.. i want to tell u before.. but..
Purab: enough abhi.. i thought u were playing all these while.. for god’s shake.. she is ur frnd’s sister.. mind it.. u didn’t think about our frndsip na?. If u try to distract her, sure we are no more frnds..
Abhi: wat u r saying purab..! yes.. I love her.. for that u will broke our frndsip?.. is it possible to move on from me..?. I love her..,because she gave me a best frnd who is the one who understand me well.. I love her… because she gave me ma.. the love I was longing for the past 15 yrs..I love her.. because she gave me a sweet sister who will support me watever may be.. I love her..Because she showed me my talents.. because of her i started to write lyrics..! Because of her I started to sing the songs with full of my feelings..! she gave me everything I want.. she gave me without asking her anything, she gave me everything… U know wat purab.. she is the one first came into my life.. because of her I started to talk with u.. but.., i didn’t regret my act.. because wen we became frnds I truly consider u as my frnd.. not for pragya.. but for myself.. I love ur frndsip purab.. u took care of me without am asking to u.. & I know.. am the only one frnd whom u r taking to ur home.. tat much confidence in me na?.. & I don’t want to cheat u.. tat’s y.. I said tat i’l flirt with pragya& she is my luv & all.. the modulation may be like teasing her .. but I said all by my heart.. & yes.. i love her damit… i’ll continue it..

Purab was numb by hearing his confrontation..
Abhi: if it is not ur sister.. u will help me to mend my love na?..
Purab nodded his head in yes..
Abhi: then don’t consider her as ur sister..& help ur frnd to get his love na!! i want pragya.. !tat’s it purab.. Please yaar.. help me..

Purab was shocked to hear all this..
Purab: u r unbelievable abhi.. think abhi..i don’t think it will give u a good result.. think about ur status.. think about ur dad.. think about my ma..finally think about pragya..
Abhi: i love her& i want her.. there is nothing to think abt it.. status & all its not a matter.. dad..for him my happiness is his happiness.. ma.. i will convince her somehow with ur help.. finally pragya… i don’t know how to say this to her..my only fear is her reaction…
Purab: (somehow convinced) : if she is okay then am okay with it.. after all we became frnds because of her.. !!
Abhi: I know darling.. u will be my side.. but, am afraid of tat Godzilla..
Purab: abhiii.. don’t call her like tat(with a glare..)
Abhi: looking so cute wen u r anger..(by pinching his cheeks..)
Purab: don’t butter me.. u irritated her like hell.. & now u r saying tat u love her.. will she able to accept it?..
Abhi: come on purab.. who will reject this handsome guy.. !! more over I too know tat she likes me little bit..
Purab: ya.. she may be.. who knows.. who loves whom.. & wat’s tat person’s name..!! (yaaru manasula yaaru ..? avangalukku enna peru..!!) abhi just nodded his head smiling…
** end of flashback**

Now.. one eve abhi came to purab’s home & he knew tat purab is in office now.. he wanted to see sarala ma & his Godzilla also..but saralama was not there .. she went to temple.. only pragya is there in home..
Abhii: hii Godzilla..
Pragya: come idiot.. ! always don’t have sense..
Abhi: ya.. if u say tat.. it’s tru then..
Pragya:hmm.. tat’s gud.. sit.. ma went to temple she will come to home at any time.. bhaiyya will come in 10 mins..
Abhi: so there is no one at home..(with a romantic tone & naughty smile.. he came near to her.. little gap between them..)
Pragya(with a nervousness.. but she don’t want to show him tat she is nervous) can u see.. am here na.
Abhi’s breathe reaches her face.. she is closing her eyes with the closeness & with his hot breath…
Abhi: (with a mocking tone.. )am talking abt human.. not animals..
Pragya: idiot..!!(with disappointment & anger she open her eyes..)
“this guy knew how to make me to fall in his trap.. idiot” pragya thought..
Abhi just smiled because he irritated her & her annoyed face is worth to watch..
Clock strikes 7.. nothing changed.. she switched on tv.. & tuned the channel to her fav serial..
Abhi: don’t say tat u r going to watch tat same serial..
Pragya: yes ..i’m..
Abhi : uff!! It has been 3 years…Only u can watch the same eyelock, same hug,wenever the heroine slipped the hero will save her, the same plotting, planning, kidnap, trying to kill.. still the hero & heroine not in peace..!!
Pragy: whatever..i’l watch it.. man look at the hero.. !! how cute & hot he is..(ready to enjoy abhi’s jealous)
Abhi: wat did u just say?.. for this hero u r watching this serial this many years..
Pragya: yes ofcourse..

Abhi: have some shame on u.. u r talking about other guy with ur to be hubby..
Pragya not expected this from him.. her jaws opened & her eyes popped out.. ya.. he was teasing her like she is his love, flirt with her, said most flimy love dialogues to her but infront of her brother.. usually they were not be alone either purab or bulbul will be with them.. incase if they are alone , abhi will avoid her & do some random things & pragya will tired of tat will go to her room thinking tat he is really an idiot ..for the first time , wen they are alone, abhi said that he is her to be hubby.. the word he didn’t used till now.. & wen he said that he is her to be hubby , he really mean it.. his eyes shows the jealous & truth behind his word..
Abhi: (to ease the situation): y r u looking at me like this?.. r u comparing tat hero with me?..
Pragya: wat did u said?.. u .. u.. r u … my .. u.. to be.. hubby?.. (she stammered & blabbered .. )
Abhi(with a smile..): yes sweet heart.. !!
“God she is killing me by her nervousness.. she looks too cute wen she is framing the sentence while the words r not ready to come from her mouth!! ” thought abhi..
Pragya: r .. u.. joking?..

Abhi nodded his head in no & came near to her & pragya now shivers to the core..
Pragya: bhaiyya .. will… come now.. stay… away from.. me..(stammering)
Abhi:is it so..then, my work is easy.. tat he will know tat something something between us na..
Pragya: r u serious.. u know .. wat r u saying & doing?..
Abhi: I know.. wat am saying & doing.. !! u know na .. wat am trying to tell u..
Pragya with a shock nodded her head left to right & right to left as fast as she can.. abhi smiled at her shivering took her hand in his hands.. he started to caress her hands..
Abhi: My dear Godzilla.. I would like to marry u.. I would like to spent my entire life with u.. with our babies.. a small family.. u, me , & our children with purab ,bulbul & their children, my dad & ma.. it will be perfect na… ! I want u pragya.. & I LOVE U.. will u be my partner in crime?..
Pragya nodded her head in response & hugged him tight like there is no other tomorrow in this world..
Pragya: (without broking the hug): if bhaiyya came to know this , he will mad on us na?.. he will feel bad tat I cheated him on his back.. I don’t want to be a problem to ur frndsip.. tat’s y I didn’t told u earlier that..
Abhi: that?? Wat?.

Abhi: (smiled at her childish antics & patted her back) : I told him tat I love u & he too agreed tat if u r okay then he is also okay with this.. now i have to say this to ma..
Tat tym pragya’s master mind works..
Pragya: (broken the hug abruptly..): ma.. aap…!!
Abhi was taken back for a second & shivered tat ma saw him while hugging pragya.. wat she will think of him.. tat 2 secs gives him a life time fear..& saw sarla ma with a guilt filled face.. but.. there is no one in the entrance.. tat’s wen he knew tat , this was pragya’s prank.. & pragya started to ran ..because she knew, how will abhi punish her now.. ! he ran towards her & pragya didn’t ran as fast as abhi & abhi caught her by holding her waist by back & started to nuzzle her neck.. pragya is shivering now..
Abhi: again u will play like this?..(with a husky romantic voice..)
Pragya nodded her head in no with her closed eyes….abhi turned & her &now they are facing each other.. abhi placed a soft kiss in her forehead.. pragya was overwhelmed by his act..& opened her eyes..
Pragya: u know wat .. ma knew abt us..
Abhi: wat????.(with a shocked & surprised tone)
Pragya: after all she is my mom.. she can guess wat I’m upto by my face itself..
Abhi: wat she said.. ?.

Pragya: till now she said nothing about it & told me to concentrate on my studies .. there is a tym for all things.. don’t rush up.. at this age ,we will like & even start to love some things unconditionally.. we don’t know, wat’s our destiny is.. it may give whatever we want or it won’t.. stay strong to accept whatever it is.. ! if ur dream chattered down don’t cry.. I hope u know wat am saying.. ma advised me like this abhi.. & am sure she is referring u..
Abhi: mmm.. (with a smile..) don’t worry.. I’ll speak to ma.. & u study well & achieve ur goal.. I won’t leav u..okay..
Pragya nodded her head in agreement.. : abhi.. u know onething..
Abhi: wat?.
Pragya: I started to fall for u wen I saw u in the stage .. I thought it was a crush.. but, ur song was ringing in my ears as like it was written for me..
Abhi: wat stage u r talking about?.

Pragya: ur first year culturals.. I came there as my bhaiyya took me there because he got his merit award na!!
Abhi( eyes were popped out): u mean u knew me before I came to ur home & u heard my song also..
Pragya: tat’s wat am saying idiot..!!& I’m asking for u very often to my brother.. tat’s y he talked to u.. I literally begged him to bring u to home.. wen u came home u started to irritate me..
Abhi: so, it hurts ur ego & u stopped saying tat u r my fan gal??.. & started to fight with me..
Pragya: exactly!! & I told bhaiiyaa .. I don’t like u as u r annoying me.. & added to it.. bhaiyya said “u r the one who wanted him to come home.. but now u r saying like this..”& I said “I will bear tat idiot only for u bhaiiya.. moreover ma said he can come anytime na.. so I can’t refuse it”
Abhi: hmm.. gud madam..so tat purab had not told me tat u r the one who wanted to see me.. !!& u don’t like me now also?..
Pragya: ya.. because I love u na..!! if u like a flower u will pluck tat & give it to anyone spcl.. if u love a flower u won’t pluck it & admire it without disturbing it’s life in the plant..
Abhi: brainyyyy(arivuuu!!)& u know.. I sung the song for u only.. not only tat.. all my songs… tat all because of u.. ! thanx for coming into my life pragya.. if not I’ll miss my Godzilla..!!
Abhi then told her how he saw her first & all things after that.. they started to love eachother..
Purab & abhi told about their love to sarala ma.. sarala ma said focus on ur career now.. wen time comes we will talk about this.. & I too want my children happiness.. but, the time is yet to come.. ma indirectly gave her permission to them.. with tat satisfaction they continued to work hard.. after few years.. !! they got married & stayed happy.. !!

thanq for reading this.. !!i know this is lame one..but, wat to see ur views.. so, drop ur valuable comments.. keep smiling.. keep reading.. forgive me for my mistakes too.. stay blessed .. love u all.. tak care…


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