a cursed college (kb) episode 5

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Hey guys!!! I m so sorry for my late update.I was busy working with my new story in Episode app but I will continue my stories here also so don’t think otherwise.If anyone missed previous epi I will keep link in the below. check it out.  Anyways let’s get into the story.


Epi begins..

In the night,

Abhi thinks about the mysterious girl and recollects about pragya’s words. Aaliya comes to his room but he didn’t notice her. she says bhai! what are you thinking so deeply that you didn’t even notice me? He faces her and says nothing. aaliya says there is something you are hiding from me. He shares about the incident that happened in library. Aaliya starts laughing at him. Abhi says stop it aaliya, I m serious. Aaliya says Are you crazy? Abhi says I think someone is following me but I dont know who is that and why they ae following me. Aaliya says relax bhai! there is nothing like that. You are over thinking about that. Have some sleep. Goodnight! she leaves from there. Abhi thinks I’m sure there is something and I should find whats that.

In the hostel,

Tanu recollects about pragya & abhi’s closeness. she gets irritated and makes up her mind to trouble pragya. She opens pragya’s rack and find pragya’s photo with her mother. She tears and throws it. Meanwhile niddhi comes there and finds it. She asks about that but tanu pretends as she didn’t do anything. Niddhi argues with her. Everyone gathers there and watches them. Tanu tries to slap her but pragya comes there and stops her. She asks niddhi about their fight. Niddhi fills her everything. Pragya finds the torn pieces of photo on floor and gets angry. She slaps tanu and warns her. Everyone start gossiping. She thinks to ruin pragya and leaves from there angrily. pragya left in tears seeing those torn pieces. Niddhi consoles her and both leaves for some fresh air.


Abhi thinks I have to do something now. I’ll call pragya and share this with her but how I forgot to take her number. I’ll go to her hostel so that I can talk to her personally. He leaves from there in disguise. He reaches hostel and notices security near the gate so he jumps the wall and reaches inside. He starts walking through corridor and sees that mysterious girl going other direction. He follows her and reaches to dark place. He tries to call her but she disappears suddenly. He looks around but doesn’t find anyone. Someone places hand on his shoulder. He turns back and gets panicked.

Epi ends..

I know guyz this epi is small but i m planning to post my other story also..so i m ending this epi here..plz do comment and share your opinions..bye guys…love you


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