Pakistani Model Veena Malik gets married

Veena Malik who was always talk of the town for bad reasons is married (finally)!

Veena Malik is another child of controversy. The sexy actress is always in news for a reason or two – mostly for her controversial acts off screen. However this time she is in news for some other reasons- for a change!


This notorious Pakistani actress cum model recently got married to a Dubai based businessman named Asad Bashir Khan Khattak. It is known that the couple had a registered marriage at Emirates court. Very soon they will perform the nikaah according to Islamic ritual. Veena was found happy about this new development in her life and she tweeted happily on her twitter account about the event. “I have found my Soul mate…. my Friend…my Partner!!!”, Veena tweets.


Veena Malik also tweeted a picture of hands of her husband and hers wearing wedding rings. Asad is said to be her father’s best friend son.


Off late Veena was seen mostly with a Norway based businessman named Umar Farooq. It was anticipated that the couple will tie a knot in 2015 and their marriage was on cards. The couple had been spotted at various places on various occasions regularly. However Umar is known as a quite shy guy. He never liked his relations with Veena to be a topic of public talk. He, hence preferred to keep his relations with Veena secret and private.


However Veena is quite ambitious and had arrived In India in order to make it big. Her first appearance in Indian entertainment industry was in a popular reality TV show Bigg Boss where she was seen romancing with Ashmit Patel. She then did some petty shows like ‘Supermodel’ on MTV and gave some B grade movies in Bollywood which didn’t succeed on box office. Her unsuccessful filmography includes films like ‘Zindagi 50-50’ and ‘Dirty Picture’ of South Indian version. However marriage was not in Veena’s mind until and unless she did something remarkable in Hindi films.


As a result Veena decided to delay her marriage as she still had some projects in hand which she wanted to finish before tying a knot. She got in contact with Umar through a mutual friend. For Umar it was not a love at first sight. But for Veena it was. Eventually after some meetings Umar also fall for her charm and simplicity (?).